Saint Brigid's Bones: A Celtic Adventure (Sister Deirdre Mysteries)

Saint Brigid's Bones: A Celtic Adventure (Sister Deirdre Mysteries)

by Philip Freeman

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Saint Brigid's Bones: A Celtic Adventure 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
DarkRavenDH More than 1 year ago
Book Review: Wednesday, July 8, 2015 Saint Brigid’s Bones by Philip Freeman Fans of the Sister Fidelma stories by Peter Tremayne would probably like this new series of Celtic Mysteries. Sister Deidre is a nun at the Abbey of St. Brigid at Kildare. She is also a Druid, and a Bard by training. In the time period in which her adventures take place, a Druidic Bard has tremendous clout. Even Kings dare not harm them, and they are paid graciously for their performances at feasts, weddings, and ceremonies. The stories take place around 500 AD. Mr. Freeman’s focus is more on the pagan religions of the time, as opposed to Peter Tremayne’s focus on the battle between the Irish Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches. The Christian church was just beginning to be established, and despite differences, Christians and Druids have a certain respect for each other. Of course there are fanatics on both sides that seek to destroy the others religion. At the Abbey of St. Brigid at Kildare, their most precious possession is the bones of St. Brigid herself. These holy relics bring in a lot of Pilgrims, and the Abbey depends on these visitor’s gifts of food and money to fund their charities. Now someone has done the unthinkable—the bones of St. Brigid are stolen from the altar at Kildare. Abbess Anna seeks out Sister Deidre, who is suspected of burning down a new church the order has built at Sleaty, and places her in charge of finding the bones. There are several major suspects including royalty and an Abbot from a rival Abbey who takes a very dim view of women participating in church ceremonies and worship. A famous thief is suspected, and Sister Deidre’s ex husband could have played a role in the whole mess. A newly crowned King name Cormac who desires Sister Deidre as a wife draws suspicion for being entirely too generous to the Abbey during this time of need and making no secret that he would like the Abbey relocated to his own kingdom. Mr. Freeman has obviously done great research into the ancient customs of Ireland. In fact when Cormac becomes King, there is a ritual preformed that I had to research myself to believe. It is genuine, and I think explains a few ancient sites in Britain. You’ll have to find out for yourself, I only intend to whet the appetite. With so many suspects and so many confessions of dark secrets, subterfuge, and politics, the finial reveal is certain to be a surprise. It is very like walking a trail to a famous natural attraction—you turn a corner and there it is in all of its majesty, making your journey worth the time spent. Mr. Freeman masterfully guides the reader’s journey to the truth until the same type of dawning reality takes place. I need to thank Katie McGuire and the good people at Pegasus Books for my copy of this Celtic Mystery. And be sure to also to check out the next volume in the series, Sacrifice. It is a fine read also. Quoth the Raven…
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written. Nice human geography lesson on ancient Ireland .