Sex and Other Shiny Objects

Sex and Other Shiny Objects

by Lauren Blakely

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Sex and Other Shiny Objects 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
JWright57 9 days ago
If you are looking for a book that will leave you smiling like a Cheshire Cat look no further than Lauren Blakely’s Sex and Other Shiny Objects book 2 in the Boyfriend Material Series. This is Peyton and Tristen’s story a couple we first met in Asking for a Friend and I’m sure like me you will be swooning all over the place because Tristan is the perfect book boyfriend. He and Peyton have been friends for many years in fact he is the guy she goes to for advice from breakups to what she is wearing so I guess he is her bestie, he is the one person she relies on and even a passionate kiss they shared a few years ago could not break their friendship. Time has moved on but what will it take for these best friends to take a leap of faith and move forward with the feelings they have both been hiding for so long...... This book ticked all my boxes, it has wonderful characters with sizzling chemistry, it’s about friendship and loyalty, it’s funny and entertaining and it’s full of witty banter. This is one of the best friends to lovers I have read and I highly recommend you one click this great read.
MaimeosAngelsEL 9 days ago
We first met Peyton and Tristan in book one Asking for a Friend and I was intrigued by both of them. They have been friends for over ten years and there is something that lies beneath the surface simmering, perhaps because of the hot as sin kiss they once shared. Peyton is looking to increase business at her lingerie shop and asks Tristan for a favour. Tristan has had feelings for Peyton for a long time but it was never the right time to act on it so he agrees to help her test out romantic scenes from a book for her editor friend. This was such a unique story that you couldn’t help but be drawn in to the story that Ms. Blakely weaves. The chemistry and tension build as the feelings that they have both kept hidden are unveiled. Will they risk the deep friendship they have for a chance at love and a happily ever after or will the fear become too much for them? This is a fun, hot spicy friends to lovers story about taking a leap of faith and of taking chances outside of ones comfort zones. The friendship and banter that arc between them had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions. Tristan and Peyton are meant to be together; he is swoon worthy and caring and I loved how much fun and sassy Peyton is.  
KaraS 2 days ago
This one was everything!! Oh my! I loved this story so hard - this group of people who become couples are such a delight to read!! I love this series and we're only on Book #2 although there are so many other connections - I love Lauren Blakely's world of books!! Tristan and Peyton have such a beautiful friendship! They are supportive of each other, have witty banter, and sexual tension that everyone can see, but they deny! I have to say I'm partial to friends who become lovers since I married a good friend! That makes for such a solid base in a relationship! The premise was laugh out loud when you saw it coming from Book 1 (you don't have to read that one first, but DO IT!). Trying out romantic scenes for their practicality was bound to create some hilarious moments. But of course, things go from PG to R and oh my! That was steamy. However, this scene was heartbreaking..."But life isn't like the movies. It's not like the books. That's what I learned this last week. After the door shuts, I let the tears rain down." So these two have to be brave enough to admit their feelings for each other - you'll be holding your breath to see if they do. Such an enjoyably fun read - all the stars!! I voluntarily requested and read an advance reader copy.
Arys 3 days ago
Sex and Other Shiny Objects by Lauren Blakely is another standalone novel in the Boyfriend Material series. Tristan and Peyton have been friends since college. Ones that have kept deeper feelings to themselves, both because the time wasn't right and also worrying that they would ruin their friendship. So when Peyton has a project she needs an assistant on, specifically one where she has to see if the over the top scenarios in romance novels actually work the same way in real life, Tristan is her man. As Peyton and Tristan explore these romance novel scenes we get to know them better and each as an individual character is dynamic and strong. Together they are even more. The friendship dynamic that they had, along with a lot of delayed gratification for their hidden feelings, makes for an amazing couple that is fun and hot, yet cozy and romantic. I very much enjoyed Sex and Other Shiny Objects by Lauren Blakely and recommend reading it as well as the other books in the Boyfriend Material series, both past and yet to come. (I voluntarily reviewed an advance review copy of this book I received for free in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)  
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 days ago
SEX AND OTHER SHINY OBJECTS is the second instalment in Lauren Blakely’s contemporary, adult BOYFIREND MATERIAL erotic, romance series focusing on a tight knit group of friends in New York City. This is twenty-nine year olds, restaurateur / bar owner Tristan, and lingerie shop owner / blogger Peyton Valencia’s story line. SEX AND OTHER SHINY OBJECTS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Told from dual first person perspectives (Tristan and Peyton) SEX AND OTHER SHINY OBJECTS focuses on the best friends to lovers relationship between is twenty-nine year olds, restaurateur / bar owner Tristan, and lingerie shop owner / blogger Peyton Valencia. Peyton Valencia has loved and lost having found her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Wearing sexy lingerie is the one thing that Peyton enjoys but when her friends asks her to apply the sexy scenes in a romance novel to real life, Peyton needs a volunteer to help with getting the job done. Enter best friend Tristan, and the man with whom Peyton will fall in love. What ensues is the friends to lovers relationship between Peyton and Tristan, and the potential fall-out as their time together, working out the sexy scenes, comes to a close. Tristan has been in love with his best friend since the first time they met in college but when the time came to reveal his feelings, Tristan discovered that Peyton had fallen in love with someone else, someone who was about to break her heart. Peyton Valencia fears losing her best friend if things fall-apart while ‘researching’ the sex scenes in her friend’s romance novel but Tristan insists that he is the only man for the job, a job that finds our couple falling in love. The relationship between Tristan and Peyton is a best friends to lovers romance wherein Peyton continues to focus on one kiss, ten years earlier, a kiss between our story line couple that Peyton has never forgotten, and uses to compare to all others. Peyton is determined to follow the book, endeavouring to replay the scenes, come h*ll or high water, blogging about her experiences to a captive audience. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are reintroduced to Linc and Amy (Asking for a Friend #1), and Amy and Peyton’s friend Lola; Tristan’s brother Barrett and his friend Rachel; Peyton’s mother, as well as several customers at Peyton’s shop-You Look Pretty Today. SEX AND OTHER SHINY OBJECTS is a story of friendship, family, romance and love; a story of best friends who struggle to cross the proverbial line, a line that once crossed from there is no going back. The premise is captivating ; the characters are sassy and sexy; the romance is provocative and fun. SEX AND OTHER SHINY OBJECTS is a spicy and inviting story you are sure to enjoy.
BookAngel_Emma 6 days ago
OHHH MY GOSH how perfect is Tristan, seriously the man is a walking swoon show. Tristan and Peyton have been friends since college, and only friends even though they did share a toe-curling kiss the universe had other plans for them at the time. Sadly, ten years pass without them (cough..Tristan) gaining the courage to confess their true feelings. Thus convincing each other friendship was the only deal on the table; can anyone say catch-22! Life happened in the ten years of friendship including other relationships, careers and family all of these things have created the people Tristan and Peyton are today including their insecurities. However, when Peyton is given the opportunity to expand her marketing and boost sales by re-enacting scenes from a romance novel, the only person she trusts to help her is Tristan. I think subconsciously both Tristan and Peyton were hoping it would be a springboard to aid them in being honest about their feelings. I completely loved the re-enactments of the love scenes and how reality is very different from fiction (although this is fiction you get what I mean). I always find Lauren Blakely has a tongue-in-cheek approach to romantic tropes and this is just one of the things I love best about her writing. I also totally adored the way in which Peyton viewed lingerie, I have the same thoughts myself. Lingerie should be worn for yourself, when you feel attractive you will be attractive to others; lingerie is incredibly empowering, giving confidence boosts when required – I call it power panties when I need an extra dose of confidence LOL Sex and Other Shiny Objects is not just about the romance, it is about different family units, having confidence in yourself to be yourself, female friendships and empowerment, plus having the courage to follow your heart
JackiesBookWorld 7 days ago
Have you ever wonder if the sexy scenes in romance books truly work in real life? Lauren Blakely had managed to deliver an entertaining story full of swoon worthy moments as the characters embark on a search project that will change their lives forever. Peyton Marie Valencia loves a good lingerie piece. Ever since her grandmother took her shopping for her first bra at 13, Peyton has always worn lace. But it became so much more meaningful when lace became her armor. It’s after her ex fiancé left her that lace helped her get over him as she loved how she felt and looked. As the owner of You Look Pretty Today, a lingerie boutique, it is her mission for women to love what they are wearing for them not just to be sexy for their men. But things start to get tough when a new store decides to take away some of her business. When her friend tells her about a new idea that she has for a book that she is helping publish, ideas fly and Peyton suddenly finds herself accepting to embark on Project Sexy Scenes Research. She will have to test out sexy scenes from the book and write if it actually works in real life or not. The only issue is that she doesn’t know who to test them with until her best friend from college, Tristan, agrees to be part of the research experiment. It was supposed to be a fun project until things began to get steamy and she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Now she has to figure out if pursuing a relationship with him is worth gambling their friendship if it doesn’t work out in the end. Tristan has worked really hard to run a successful business, it’s with his skills that he has been able to create a good social media presence for his restaurant. But it has taken him a lot of ups and downs to get to where he is. After losing his parents, he has become his little brother’s guardian and it has changed him in a lot of ways. Yet, the one person who has always been there for him is his best friend from college, Peyton. She was there when he needed her the most and when she asks him to be part of her search experiment, he agrees to help her. Having kissed her once before, he promised himself that he wasn’t going to fall for her again, but things quickly change when the scenes start to get all too real. Risking losing her is not an option, even if it means keeping her as his friend. I loved the story! Laurent Blakely knows how to deliver a great story full of romance and depth. The story was clever and the characters were relatable. I loved Peyton’s message, she truly wants women to feel beautiful and to not be afraid of asking for what they want in work, in love and in bed. Her friendship with Tristan was truly entertaining and later on swoon worthy! Tristan is sweet and kind. He is a good brother and friend. He cares about Peyton and it was nice seeing them work through their obstacles in order to be together. The ending will leave you wanting for more. I would highly recommend checking out this story, you will not be disappointed. :) **I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
FS_Meurinne 7 days ago
This is Peyton and Tristan's story, you get a first look at them from Asking for a Friend book. This is a best friends to lovers and kind of second chance. Peyton a successful business owner of a lingerie shop, to boost her sales she asks her best friend with some research. The humor, the romance, the chemistry is amazing as always with all Lauren Blakely books. This is another great book you should read, light, funny, romantic and with some steamy scenes.
Grandma_Tami 8 days ago
Tristan and Peyton have been best friends for a decade, has a moment in college that got lost because his dad dies. They end up in the friend zone with lost chances until Peyton asks Tristan to help her test out some sexy parts of books to see if they work, like riping panties off, sending buttons flying and so on. She trusts him to helper he's her safe place. Feelings surface for both that have always been there but how will they handle them since they are both afraid of using their best friend. This book has so many laugh out loud moments. It's well worth the read.
AmandaKozi 8 days ago
4.5☆ As soon as I knew the premise of this book I got so excited! Tristan and and Peyton test out scenes from a romance novel, all in the name of research and promotion right? These two make the perfect friends to lovers storyline. They both have a buried passion for each other and I loved seeing them wrestle with it. I adore Tristan who takes care of his younger brother and I love much he cares for people. I love Peyton and I really liked seeing her with her lingerie shop. She has such a passion for it and especially the people. Testing out scenes from romance novels is funny and sexy all wrapped in one. I just adored this read!
Diana Mena 8 days ago
Yet another spectacular book! Lauren never disappoints! Friends to Lovers done right from beginning to end!The chemistry was there from the beginning and the whole story just flowed. It was funny, cute, hot and informative . This is a must read by anyone who loves romance! Another note, I loved that Peyton was a small business owner. Made me want to go support a smaller shop than go to a big store! I received an ARC of this book and am willingly giving my honest review.
Rina_S 9 days ago
What an absolutely fun and entertaining steamy story this was! I loved so much about it! Peyton and Tristan have been best friends for ages and when Peyton offers Tristan an experience he can't say no to...let's just say they are in for a steamy ride. This story may make you hot under the collar!! Oh Yes!!!! Peyton's friends are a hoot and she's definitely someone you want as your friend! Especially Tristan!! This book had everything you could want in a story. Great friendships, witty banter, denial, sizzling moments and all combined to make this such a fantastic read! Definitely 1-click or you are missing out! An epic best friends to lovers book!!
gabby2846 9 days ago
What a fun, sweet and so very sexy friends to lovers of romance. Lauren Blakey has delivered another swoony worthy gem with Sex and Other Shiny Objects. I couldn't wait to read this book. After reading Asking for a Friend and experiencing the undeniable "vibe" between Tristan and Peyton, I knew their story was going to have the most explosive chemistry. *Whispers* I was right. I love these characters. Individually they're great. Peyton with her big heart and dedication to her customers. And Tristan who stepped up to raise his younger brother while successfully running his own restaurant. It's obvious, they're amazing people. But them out... it's pure magic. Testing out classic romance novel scenes the way they were takes a lot of trust and respect. It is 100 percent evident that they have it in one another. This is my favorite thing about this book. The love, care and the devotion. I wouldn't do this book any justice if I didn't talk about the sexual tension. I live for the longing in this book. The unspoken wants and desires between Tristan and Peyton. As the story went on and the experiments became steamier, I felt like I needed them together just as badly as they wanted to be. It was hot and bit heart achy. But it was oh so good. If you're looking for fun and steamy slow burning friends to lovers romance with Lauren Blakely typical brand of heart, heat and banter, you'll want Sex and Other Shiny Objects. Oh also Tristan has the most deliciously dirty mouth. It's standing ovation worthy. You don't want to miss it.
MomLovesToRead 9 days ago
Loved it! This friends to lovers storyline is sexy and witty with laugh out loud moments. The chemistry between Tristian and Peyton is sizzling hot. Their banter and friendship will pull you in and keep you hostage until the end. Another fantastic read in this series.
louvejita 9 days ago
Coming back from a broken engagement and with her business struggling, Peyton is trying to find the way to the woman she was before the relationship. She’s ready to start dating and explore other things including resuscitating her almost defunct blog. When her friend Amy has an idea about a companion book for a romance novel acting some of the sexy scenes, Peyton decides to volunteer and recruits her best friend Tristan to help her. The catch is that Peyton and Tristan shared a kiss back in college and they definitely have some unfinished business that might hinder their little experiments. This was another one sitting read for me. Fun, flirty and filled with the emotion of a couple in love but afraid to cross the friendship line and losing it all in the process. I enjoyed the plot and the characters both main and secondary. Peyton and Tristan are relatable and lovable individually and as a couple and the story is engaging enough to make it hard to put down. 5 succulent stars
bookbruin 9 days ago
Sometimes my heart just needs a sweet, low angst romcom. Sex and Other Shiny Objects was a great blend of friends to lovers, second chance romance, and even a little fake-ish relationship/forced proximity. I'm a sucker for the pining and longing of what could have been and when circumstances change to allow our hero and heroine to FINALLY have their chance. We met Tristan and Peyton in book 1 of this series, Asking for A Friend, but this can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone. I love a hero who is all in from the start, and Tristan was so incredibly swoony. He was considerate, kind hearted, and I loved the relationship he had with his brother. The cherry on top was the dirty side of him that came out to play when things started to heat up between him and Peyton. There is a little drama and back and forth as these two navigate these new waters, but I appreciated that they both resolve their conflicts and put themselves out there. There were some wonderful cameos from past characters and easter eggs sprinkled throughout and I always enjoy finding these in Lauren Blakely's books. This is such a fun series of interconnected standalones, and I'm looking forward to Lola's story next! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
CeeCeeHouston 10 days ago
Yet another winner from Lauren Blakely. I love to spend some time in Lauren’s head, it must be amazing fun in there. How can it be anything else when she keeps coming up with these brilliant, laugh out loud, sexy as sin stories. Add in the fantastic couples, plus their families and friends and you have the perfect recipe for a warm-hearted and well-written story that will leave you desperate for more. MORE, MORE, MORE. In Sex And Other Shiny Objects we meet Tristan and his younger brother. Tristan is raising his brother alone as their parents are both deceased, he’s a great guy, he runs his own bar and spends all of his spare time with his best friend, Peyton. Because he’s secretly in love with her, even though he tells himself he’s not. Peyton is also friends with characters from previous books and series that pop up and gives little snippets of their lives now. Oh, what a wonderful world Ms Blakely weaves, lol. Peyton owns a lingerie store she inherited from her grandmother, but this isn’t a run-of-the-mill ‘granny pants’ shop. This is where sexy undies come to live and be set free. Peyton loves her store almost as much as she loves the intimate apparel she sells there. But, times are hard and she needs more sales. Enter Amy and Lola from Asking For A Friend, the first book in this new series (Boyfriend Material). Amy needs Peyton's help. Now Peyton needs help too, and who better to ask than the one man she trusts more than life itself. But when the silk and lace are removed and only hearts and souls remain, can their burning hot attraction resist the temptation to fall deep and fast. Peyton and Tristan are the perfect combination, they know what they want, but are scared to voice their true feelings after past lost chances and recent hurts. But, when the ball is finally to the wall. It’s own up or shut up. Will they? One-Click this steamy, top of the heat-charts story and indulge all of your senses.
Theresa-Martin 10 days ago
Oh, Tristan! I’m in love with Peyton’s best guy friend. He’s the full package: successful business owner, bearded beauty, great big brother, selfless friend. When Peyton asks him to help her research sexy scenes popular in romance novels, he’s all in. They shared a hot, passionate kiss several years prior, but it wasn’t their time. This research project could be just the push they need. The experiments were smoking hot. Tristan and Peyton are great friends, their chemistry is off the charts, and they laugh so much together. To me, that’s a very sexy thing between couples. Both of them have their baggage, but it’s not a secret to either of them. I love when friends discover what they’ve been looking for has always been right in front of them. This story has the feels; a beautiful journey between two childhood friends. Lauren’s friends/best friends to lovers stories are some of my favorite. The supporting cast is wonderful. Jason Clarke and Andi Arndt make a great narrating team. There are a few special guests, but I won’t spoil it. This Boyfriend Material series is addictive, and I can’t wait for the next book!
TerriDlovestoread 10 days ago
Peyton brings happiness to both women and men. She runs a lingerie shop and works hard to make her customers feel their best. When a chain store opens close to her and offers half off she has to up her game to keep her business open. She comes up with a genius plan to not only help her store but also start her blog again and help out a friend. Tristan is working hard, raising his kid brother and living his best life. He has his best friend back and life is good. When his brother points out he needs to acknowledge his feelings for his bestie he starts to see things differently. When she ask him to help her with a special project he of course says yes, but it may be the hardest favor he has ever granted. This is a touching story on so many levels. We can all see the love that both Peyton and Tristan have for one another but they are both scared for different reasons to acknowledge that love. We also get to see the love between two brothers and see the sacrifice that Tristan makes for Barrett and how well adjusted he is. I also loved how they are taking a book inside this book and dissecting it for the steamy content to see if those hot scenes are possible. Loved that. I also loved how we get to catch up with the former characters, it always makes me happy to revisit with favorites from previous books. This was a win win for me. Loved everything about it and it made me want to purchase more lace. I received an early copy to read and review with my honest opinion. I loved it and highly recommend it. It's funny and sexy and sweet and full of all the good feels.
JenPH 10 days ago
First things first: I FLOVED Peyton's last name!!! I was thrilled when I saw it in the book, and ended up grinning like an idiot every time it was mentioned. Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, can I just say that I loved everything about the book, but there are three things that I really must mention as standout moments: first is Tristan's relationship with his younger brother, seventeen-year-old Barrett; second is that the author didn't drag out the complication that pops up; and third is Tristan and Peyton's "reconciliation" (I'm using this term extremely loosely since there wasn't any type of cutting of ties between them). These two main characters are driven by their respective careers as business owners, but they also have time for their families and friends, and who doesn't love well-rounded people in their books? The story was lighthearted and the characters easy-going, and there wasn't any unnecessary drama nor did anything feel out of place. Lauren Blakely truly has mastered the art of writing romantic comedies with a heart and heat you can't get enough of. Five-plus stars for Sex and Other Shiny Objects. ♥
StarStacy 10 days ago
I brake for shiny objects! 4 stars When I smiled reading the first few pages, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable ride of a book! I laughed throughout the book along with shedding a few tears because I was rooting for Peyton and Tristan. Peyton and Tristan’s story is a slow burn friends to lovers story. The timing was never right for them, but what happens when Peyton needs help from a male with an experiment and she asks Tristan? An enjoyable story of long buried feelings, sexy times, friendship, trust, loyalty and love that I am so glad I braked for and read! I received an advanced copy of this ebook from Candi Kane PR for my honest review.
Romance_Fan_Girl 10 days ago
Have you ever wondered if the steamy scenes in your romance novels are plausible? I do and interestingly enough the newest book by Lauren Blakely covers this topic…..hmmm? It’s wildly entertaining. Love Peyton and Tristan. Peyton owns a lingerie shop and loves lacey underthings. Tristan is Peyton’s best guy friend since they met in college. They shared a kiss 10 years ago and a variety of circumstances have kept them apart since. Peyton volunteers to help her best friends, Lola and Amy, complete a “how to” guide for steamy romance scenes and enlists Tristan to be her partner while testing out the scenes. Turns out that Peyton learns a thing or two about Tristan. He has a vulnerable side as well dirty-talking side that turns Peyton on quite well. These two have so much pent up chemistry that all their friends and relatives can practically see and feel it. Will Tristan and Peyton ever take that necessary step and tell the other how they truly feel and for how long they have felt that way? Tristan is a definite Blakely Boy-muscles everywhere, good-looking, will sacrifice his happiness for the ones he loves, loves with his whole heart, and is a pretty-darn good dirty-talker. S-E-X and Other Shiny Objects is a friends-to-lovers rom-com that has a few twists that I did not see coming. As always, Lauren’s characters are relatable, strong character, beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. For a fun escape to a world of fun, hilarious, adorable, and some pretty HOT scenes between the sheets then you need to read the newest release by Lauren Blakely. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Super easy to give this one five stars*****.
kandksmom5912 10 days ago
Another great book from Lauren Blakely. This is a friends to lovers’ romance which is one of my favorite tropes. This book will have you laughing and swooning and falling in love with the characters from page one. Peyton and Tristan shared a kiss in the past but it didn’t go anywhere. Now, Peyton is asking Tristan for help on some research and the feelings and attraction that they had for each other hits them full force. I loved the interactions they had with each other and the other characters in the story. I highly recommend this story. You are never disappointed when you pick up one of her books. Her stories stay with you long after you are done. This story is definitely worth a re-read. I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
LilleyLoohLah 10 days ago
Book 2 in the Boyfriend Material series and we have best friends Tristan and Peyton refusing to accept their feelings for each other. When they decide to test out various scenes in romance novels for Peyton’s blog you just know they’re going to stray from the friend zone, and yes, if your favourite trope is friends to lovers (it’s definitely one of mine), you’ll know that things go way beyond friendship, and that, right there, spells disaster. Can they come back from their discretion? Neither one wants it to be a one time deal, but neither one will admit to having feelings. I wanted to bash their heads together. Wonderful characters (as they always are in Lauren’s books). A cute, funny and sexy story (again aren’t they always). I just love Lauren’s writing, and this is another fun, flirty read that had me addicted throughout. Each book is a stand-alone following different couples in a friendship circle. I received an advanced copy of this book. this is my honest review.
Chloe Trivelpiece 10 days ago
Another fabulous, funny, and steamy read from the mind of Lauren Blakely This is the story of Peyton and Tristan, friends since college, but they always had this vibe together, unfortunately, timing was never on their side and friends they remained for years. When an amazing and fun opportunity falls into Peyton's lap, she looks to Tristian to help her with the process of recreating romantic tropes from books.  I absolutely loved this storyline and often wondered if popping buttons and bathtub hijinks were really feasible.  The way that Ms. Blakely presents it is fresh, funny and uncomfortably real! The chemistry and familiarity between Peyton and Tristan is fantastic and the steamy scenes were just wowza! I also enjoyed the secondary storyline with Tristan and his brother Barrett.  You have to really pay attention to the dialogue and then you get a heartwarming surprise at the end. I have yet to read a story by Ms. Blakely that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed and this story is right up there with the best!