by Amos Keppler


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ShadowWalk 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Grafelder More than 1 year ago
The first thought striking me when I’m reading ShadowWalk by Amos Keppler is how great it will be as a film, if the story is followed closely. Its visuals are truly amazing. Then tons of other thoughts strike me. I’ve rarely read a novel so rich in detail and content. This is a book about witches, about the hidden depths of the world, still here, even in this age of indifference and inch-deep culture. It isn’t just that Keppler write about alternative lives in one specific area. He does it in all areas, presenting us all with riddles of mystery and empowerment. His stories are like a looking glass into a different, but very real realm of existence. Strong-willed women and people loving strong-willed women will definitely love Keppler's books. There are few «typical, civilized, conditioned, overcautious human female characters» in his books. He doesn’t insult the readers that way either. Any Keppler is an entry into the unknown world of humanity and ShadowWalk is one of his best. It’s also the first in the series The Janus Clan. At least I read that one first and it worked fine. So far four books have been published and they are all intense beyond words. While reading them you are venturing into the real world, not the fantasy most present day people immerse themselves in. The Defenseless is another starting point, the book that is «officially» the first book and it’s certainly the start of the story chronologically. The main characters are merely early teenagers at this point, taking their first nascent steps on their path of vast discovery and endless growth, but life’s cruelty is with them already, as it always is and will be. If you want to read a pleasant goodnight story for children, stay away from this one. If you seek a story filled with brutal realism and one that doesn’t insult the reader, go for it with all your heart. ShadowWalk, The Defenseless, The Slaves and Birds Flying in the Dark are all novels written for those having a strong need to experience everything life has to offer, both within and outside made up stories.
lucidglow More than 1 year ago
This is a book for those deep of thought and action, people pondering existence in all its shapes and forms. I love how I can read almost any paragraph and get something exciting from it, how I can relate to everything in the story. We follow the life of nebulous witches as they arrive in the New England town of Northfield. Right from the start we are thrown into a maelstroem of variety and lives different from the norm. These are not your mother in law witches and they wouldn't want to be. They learn, both their craft and about life, and they take all of it beyond most of what most people would dare to imagine. In the words of that famous hollywood producer: "It starts off with a volcanic eruption and works its way up from there". The book is long, about 300 000 words, filled with detail and images painted with words. My advice to everybody is to not deny yourself this treat.