She Had No Business: A real life tale of faith, courage, and beating the odds.

She Had No Business: A real life tale of faith, courage, and beating the odds.

by Jessica Varian Carroll


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Anonymous 10 days ago
The power of this book lies in the transformation and perseverance of it's author. In the face of challenges, adversity and the many twists and turns of her journey, Jessica Varian Carroll shines a light on the most significant aspects of her success, . . strength, boldness, and an ever- evolving spirit. Through an easy-to-read conversational tone, this striver and survivor shares her stories with raw honesty, authenticity and natural humor. Readers and Leaders alike will realize, she had EVERY business to make this happen ! Get your copy today!
BOConnor 12 days ago
Most people have a story to tell. Jessica’s however, is told in such a way that almost from page one you feel like listening to a friend, and being sad for her hardships and cheering her triumphs! Not only is she telling her own story, but encouraging you to seek your successes as well. Jessica doesn’t sound like she knows it all or Is preaching, but like a friend sharing tips that have worked for her. I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of exploring new avenues, but doesn’t have the confidence to take the leap. Jessica’s can do attitude is sure to give you the push to take the first step.
ChristineSchmitt 3 months ago
Jessica is such an inspiration and possesses such an incredibly kind heart. I am in awe of her drive and determination. While showing how down to earth she is, her book will resonate with so many women who, too, just want the best life has to offer. Jessica has risen up on her own and has created an amazing legacy for her children. Bravo!
BrickTeacherLady 4 months ago
If you need something to read that will lift you up and inspire you "She Had No Business" is the book for you. Once I finished reading this book I literally felt like I could conquer the world. You will instantly fall in love with Jessica and will enjoy reading about how she beat the odds.
Stacey Rose 5 months ago
With a raw openness, Jessica Varian Carroll shares her story of courage, faith, and hope despite numerous challenges presented to her. I laughed out loud at times and found myself carrying the book with me to 'see what happened next'. I would highly recommend anyone who needs or wants a dose of inspiration to pick up her book today and don't put it down until you finish!
JoannaJoanna 6 months ago
This book in unlike any self help book I have read and I might have been a self help book junkie at one (not so distant) time in life. What is refreshing, is that the author doesn't preach nor does she pretend to know everything. Reading this book was like a conversation with a wonderful friend. A humble one. Jessica's life story is full of struggles but as you read it, all you are able to take away are the beautiful parts and lessons learned. This book if full of powerful lessons of love, friendship, resilience and faith. Most of all it is a strong demonstration on what women are able to accomplish when they come together with love and respect. This will one of these books that I will re-read whenever I need an affirmation to trust and follow my gut.