Sirenz Back in Fashion

Sirenz Back in Fashion

by Charlotte Bennardo, Natalie Zaman


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Sirenz Back in Fashion 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
AboutToRead on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sirenz Back in Fashion was cute, funny, and a massive improvement from Sirenz (book 1 in the Sirenz series). Once again Shar and Meg unwittingly make a deal with Hades that has them begging for mercy. The premise is exactly the same as Sirenz, but there were several plot elements that made the story much more enjoyable.First and foremost, instead of a bunch of failed attempts to send someone Meg and Char do not care about and have never really interacted with to the Underworld, Meg must deal with her conflicting emotions over Paulina. Sending Paulina to Hades is the only way to save Shar, but Meg isn¿t so sure that Paulina is a bad person.We also delve deeper into classical mythology (with a refreshing twist of course). Shar is stuck in the Underworld with Hades until Meg completes her assignment, and gets to explore the Underworld. The descriptions of the Underworld were incredible¿so different from any other depictions I¿ve come across. Shar meets so many interesting people, including Ben Franklin and an attractive boy who has also been trapped by Hades.Mythology, complicated situations, and fashion-conscious characters combined with a touch of romance make for a delightful, fun read. Sirenz Back in Fashion is perfect for mythology fans and offers a light escape to two very different, but exciting, worlds¿New York City and the Underworld.
hrose2931 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Shar and Meg have just gotten back to normalcy after having to serve Hades as sirens in the previous book after being tricked by him. They decide to go on a little shopping spree and oops, at the bottom of Shar's purse is a Tiffany's box. She knows there is a five carat, flawless, emerald cut diamond set in platinum because Hades gave it to her in the last book. She never really accepted it because well, it kind of looks like an engagement ring and Persephone has one just like it. And she kind of forgot about it. But that little blue box is just too tempting to shop-a-holic, accessory obsessed, perfectly dressed Shar especially when Meg eggs her on to try it. So she does and guess who appears? Yep, with some hooey about contractual clause etc. Shar ends up in the Underworld in a polka dot bikini and those red heels from the last book that started all this trouble and Meg is given the task of making Paulina Swanson wear the Golden Fleece which has the power to send her to the Underworld. But unlike last time, Meg has no idea what Paulina did to deserve this punishment and when pushed, Hades tells her to just do her job. Paulina becomes her roommate and makes it almost impossible for her to dislike her. Meanwhile Shar is stuck in the Underworld in bikini's and sheer dresses picked out by Hades with no sign of Persephone, as it's Spring. His advances are getting increasingly harder to ignore and avoid, except for a delicious fellow captive named Caz. Together they explore the underworld from Ancient Greece to current day NYC. And Shar has to play hostess for Hades planning the W'Underworld Ball! Except for being in the Underworld, she really is in her element, there.Of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds, just like last time and though there are no chicken toes or feathers, there is some humiliation on Meg's part, like talking to a window of chocolate confections when she and Shar get five minutes a week to talk. Other uncomfortable things occur and getting Paulina to put the fleece on, though it sounds simple, just isn't easy for Meg to do. Shar gets upset when Meg doesn't succeed faster than she should and the girls start to suspect each other of liking where they are. Divide and conquer anyone?There were some truly funny scenes in this one and the girls really had to use their wits to get out of this one. Shar may have made a deal with the real devil himself. And you just know at the end that this isn't over, mainly because of Caz and Paulina. And the surprises. And what Hades tells them.Some favorite lines from the novel:"Ooh, this was so not going to be good: I just knew it all the way down to my You-Can-Never-Be-Too-Pink toenail polish.(p.19)Shar talks to herself a lot in the Underworld so the italicized are her retorts to Hades-"Yes, Mr. Megalo-maniac, I think we all get the pic." I faked a girly squeal and jumped away from both the tree and him. ...Bad things happen to girls in gardens with snakes.(p.130)"...pulled me so close I felt like I was sharing his pants."( p.230)I guess by now you've figured out that Shar is the one with the witty comebacks and sharp retorts whether spoken aloud or just in her thoughts. I'd like to have her mind. Snark is her middle name.If only Hades could read her mind.....Anyway, this is an absolutely must for the Summer! If you haven't read the first novel, you really should to know what the references are about. They are both great summertime reads! Clean and wholesome, though there are quite a few references to what Hades wants from Shar and it's not the pleasure of her company. And before you think gross, his picture is on the back of the book and he is sinfully yummy!
autum67AM More than 1 year ago
i luv it 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Readergirl_Revus More than 1 year ago
Shar and Meg are back for more adventures in this second installment to the Sirenz series. One of the things that makes these books work so well is the relationship between these two unlikely friends. Shar and Meg developed their close connection in the first book, and it continues in book two. But I would have liked to have seen them be together a little bit more in this book. Although they are connected, much of the book takes place with them physically apart, as Shar is trapped in the Underworld with Hades. Although this does present some opportunities for some great conflict, a part of me really missed the special chemistry when these two are together. Some of the great comedy that made the first book so special was missing due to their time apart. Shar continues to battle against Hades' unwanted attentions, which does provide some great comedic moments. The most interesting spot in this story was the introduction of Shar's new "friend" in the Underworld, and Meg's new "friend" back at school. I don't want to say any more than that for fear of ruining the story for those who haven't read it. But these two new characters introduce some new conflict and make the story a lot more interesting. The high point of this series is the sparkling writing by the two authors. This is such a fun, light-hearted and hysterical series. It's perfect when you need to just have fun with what you're reading. These two know how to do some awesome situational comedy in their stories, and they definitely know how to end a book in a way that makes you yearn for more. I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment in this series.
EverAfterEsther More than 1 year ago
Sirenz is one of those light fluffy book that you just absolutely devour with its quirky characters and clever lines that make you giggle - and some days that's EXACTLY the type of book you need to read! I really enjoyed reading Sirenz so I lept at the chance to review its sequel and take part in the blog tour. And much like the first book, Sirenz 2 is a super fun and quick read that is easily enjoyed. Reasons to Read: 1.A very close friendship between Meg & Shar: One of my favourite things about these books is how well they portray a friendship between two vastly different girls; and I love that the story didn't end with Sirenz 1 where they only just become friends after looking past their differences because so many stories just finish with that. But here we get to see the difficulties they encounter as they try to figure out if they can overcome their differences, even while apart. It's a huge strain on their relationship, but I love that the friendship the two share is more important than any boy or villain or vengeful goddess! 2.Hades is a villain you just love to hate: I have to say, I'm a fan of this trend that seems to be growing where we have those sexy bad guys who are actually the antagonists/villains of the story... but you can't help but love them at the same time. Hades is a PERFECT example of this- he's totally flawed, and can be jerk, but there are times when he's refreshingly sweet and unlike the other love interests. I have a soft spot for him, like I think most other Sirenz readers do, and I'm REALLY curious about what will end up happening with him. 3.Shar gets a guy!: I don't know about you, but when I heard there was a potential guy for Shar thrown into the mix that was reason enough for me to read this sequel. I just really like Shar, and I felt so badly with how things turned out for her at the end of Sirenz! She feels underrated to me, so I liked that we got to see a LOT more of her in terms of development and good things happening :) You won't find anything earth-shattering with these books, but they are lighthearted and fun - they're positive and uplifting, and just all-around enjoyable! Review copy received from authors/publisher
Icecream18JA More than 1 year ago
Shar and Meg return in this second novel of the series. Though the two will make the reader laugh, they might come off as a little annoying at times. The authors really captured the "teen" spirit and channelled it throughout the book. The pair are up to their antics yet again when Shar decides she simply must try on a certain ring...ending with them doing errands for Hades once again. The reader will see more of Persephone in this book as Shar prepares a ball for her. Meg is stuck finding another resistant soul. The work may not be pleasant, but it sure is funny! The reader will be laughing through this novel as he/she surely did through the last. The authors provide plenty of detail, enough so the reader can picture the scenes and character in his/her head. Meg and Shar may be hard to relate to at first, but the reader will warm up to them by the middle of the book. They may remind the reader of a classmate or friend. The other characters will interest the reader in a variety of ways. The seductive Hades is back on the scene with his none-too-pleased wife Persephone. The plot itself moves quickly, the dialogue helps push it along. Overall, this book is perfect for young adults/teens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The stakes are higher and the laughs are bigger in this sequel to Sirenz. Meg and Shar thought they were done with Hades and could get back to the business of being ordinary teenage girls, but they underestimated the power of the sexy lord of the Underworld. When Shar gets whisked off to Hades's underworld palace, it falls to her best friend, Meg to come to her rescue. This story is a wonderful mix of of classic Greek mythology, modern teenage drama, fashion and laugh out loud humor.