Solving for Ex

Solving for Ex

by Leigh Ann Kopans

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Solving for Ex 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
JenLBW More than 1 year ago
Solving for Ex is such an adorable book. I love LeighAnn Kopans writing style and the book pacing was perfect. I don’t know if I can say enough good things about it. I loved Ashley to death. I wanted to crawl into the book and punch anyone that was mean to her. I thought it was so cute that she was crushing on Brendan and trying to figure out how to tell him. It made sense that she didn’t ruin their friendship if he didn’t feel the same at the end. She was just so completely adorable through the whole book and I think that she was so dependant on Brendan that she didn’t even realize she is a tough chick on her own. I loved her reactions and how she handled things. Especially at the end, I wanted to stand up and clap and yell you go girl! I loved when vincent starts pursuing Ashley.  I didn’t want to like him and I was suspicious of him, especially since his twin was out for Brendan. I liked how he brought Ashley a little more out of her shell. Her whole life was revolving around Brendan as her only friend. I liked that Vince was able to get her to try doing different things. Even though they didn’t work out as planned and it wasn’t going to change who she was it was like he took her out of her comfort zone. Even though Brendan was a great support to her during her emotional trauma he shouldn’t be the only support. The situation with the twins and him were almost making her stand on her own more. I felt like she needed that. It made me happy seeing her character develop. Brendan is adorkable of course but I wanted to slap that boy so many times. What are you doing! Why are you so clueless. Hello in there. Which really I think that he was in the same boat as Ashley. Didn’t want to ruin their friendship. He still acted like a total guy though. With Sofia, well let’s just say she was the chick that I was most ready to roll up my sleeves and rumble with.  Another huge thing about the book that I really enjoyed was the relationship Ashley has with her Aunt Kristen. I like how they are actually super close and Kristen is really supportive. They might be home every second of every day but they are supportive and expect her to be back in her own bed every night. She’s not frolicking around town with no supervision. It’s just nice to see a strong grown up figure in a book every once in a while. So I loved Solving for Ex book. I consider this one of my favorite contemporaries because it just felt so different and unique to me. If you are looking for something fun and not super heavy. Then definitely read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
4 stars - Not perfect but a very enjoyable read. First Impression... Um...really?  My bachelor's degree is in mathematics and I teach middle school math.  Needless to say I love math.  I also really love it when girls love math.  The higher I went in math, the less girls there were around.  So I was really excited to read this one.  So much so that I posted it as my book I reading for my students to see!  This is outside my classroom door.  All the teachers post what they are reading for the students to see. The Characters... I've never read Mansfield Park so I was guessing at the twins.  I could tell Sofia was a B but the question was Vincent.  He made me nervous and I didn't trust him.  I wanted to like him and I wanted to trust him.  Won't tell you if he's trustworthy or not but I will say that I always knew he wasn't right for Ashley. Ashley and Brandon are the best friends that can't figure out how to be a couple.  She wants to tell him but she's afraid.  Then the twins arrive and it's too late.  She looses him to Sofia and gains Vincent.  What was interesting about Ashley and Brandon, though, was that they are total geeks who are made for each other.  It was nice to see that in a book.  Those teens exist and these two did a great job of being math geeks.   The Story... This was a great YA book that I hope to share with my students.  There's some great themes about bullying and standing up for what's right mixed in with a great best friend story.  I loved the premise and enjoyed how it played out through the story.   The Writing... I have this knack for finding plot errors.  There were a few in this book though I did enjoy the writing style.   Could I Put it Down... I read it pretty fast.  It's 300 pages but I read it in a few hours.  I did put it down overnight but only because I had to.  I think at least part of why I enjoyed it so much was that it encompassed so many of my interests - math, school, math competitions (I actually coach one of the Math teams described in the book) and bullying.  It may not appeal to everyone as much as it did to me because of that.   What Didn't Work... The plot errors.  I got hung up on them.  Not huge things but things like who was driving Ashley to school.  It was always Brandon but then one time she had her own car.  Only later she was asking her aunt for a ride.  I was confused and it stopped me.  I don't like that.  There was a time in a restaurant where Ashley and someone else were fighting only to have the setting change without mention of their movement.  Little things like that that I just notice.  Not sure everyone would but it bugs me.   In the End... I think this is a great book for YA, especially geeky YAs.  I'm not sure it's one all adults who read YA will enjoy but I did.  It's a great story told in a great way.  If that appeals to you, then give this one a try. 
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
Confession time: I've never read Mansfield Park. I don't even know what it's about... or I didn't until I read Solving for Ex, which, apparently, is a retelling of the classic Jane Austen story. All that said, I don't care if it's a retelling or not, it was adorable and charming and it was a great break from some of the sexier new adult titles I've been reading as of late. If you've read Mansfield Park, you know what happens... more or less. If you're like me and you haven't read it, you'll enjoy the characters, the drama, the friendship and the sweet romance. There aren't nearly enough books with super smart boys and girls, so that's what drew me to this book most. Ashley and Brendan were both intelligent in life and school, but dumb in love. That's what charmed me so much. It was realistic. I also loved that being smart, in their school, didn't make them outcasts, but the exact opposite. They were popular. Being a southwestern Pennsylvania girl with a love of photography myself, I loved that this book was set in Pittsburgh and that one of Ashley's other hobbies was photography. I found it easy to relate to her and I loved the glimpses of the city through the characters' eyes.  Solving for Ex was a fun book. I was completely charmed by Ashley and Brendan, their friendship and the conflicts that occurred as they both started dating other people and tried to understand what they were feeling for each other. I enjoyed LeighAnn's writing style and the math notes and jokes that peppered the book gave me big, geeky smiles.  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
So sweet and fun and absolutely adorable! Solving for Ex was a lovely re-imagining of Mansfield Park. I loved this book. It was a fun and truly enjoyable read.  Ashley was a lovely heroine. She was kind and very likable. She started off the book a bit timid and wary, because of what happened at her previous school. But, she found her strength over the course of the book and became a totally wonderful character. If you've read Mansfield Park, you know the roles everyone is going to take, but I'll still try not to spoil anything. Victor was first. He seemed so sweet and rather adorable. Of course, then he goes and ruins it at the end, but I still thought his character was well done. We see less of Sofia than Victor, but I also liked the way her character was done. Sweet on the surface, but an utter troll underneath. Brendan was a sweetie. He was a truly nice guy who only ever had the best of intentions. He as blind to what was in front of him, yes, but he was adorable. The romance was cute. I liked how, despite any confusion, Ashley always knew who she wanted, but wasn't going to wait on his whim. The romance was so sweet, the kind that just makes you smile from the utter cuteness. The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. I loved the math humor throughout the book, especially those cute notes at the end of the chapters that had some really cute/nerdy math flirting. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was super sweet. Solving for Ex was a fantastic YA romance. It was sweet, fun, and just brilliant. YA romance lovers, this book is a must read. *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
itsraymarie More than 1 year ago
If you haven't already seen me flailing about this book, well, I don't know where you've been. I absolutely love this book. I love main characters who are nerds, so that was all I needed to know that I had to read this book. And I was not disappointed. (I have not read Mansfield Park. Or, um, any Jane Austen novel. So if this mirrored that, which supposedly it does...then cool. I wouldn't know.)  Ashley has moved in with her aunt and uncle after being bulled in her old school. Brendan has been there for her since she moved, and Ashley realizes she has fallen in love with him. She decides this is going to be her year, to tell Brendan how she feels, and get on the Mathletes team. Until Sofia, that is.  I definitely loved the characters in this one. Ashley was a main character that you could relate to. We all know how terrible high school can be. Usually, I have issues with female main character's because they annoy the heck out of me. Of course, Ashley had her stupid moments, just like any other teenage girl. But for the most part, she was sensible and fun to read about.  Brendan. Oh Brendan. I wanted to smack him upside the head a few times. He is definitely your cute, sweet, nerdy boy but he could be quite dense. Then again, so are all teenage boys. I can understand some of his feelings and the actions that went with them, since Ashley had never told him she liked him and he had no way to know (he's a guy after all). He with all his faults and stupid decisions, he is still probably one of my favorite swoony boys. Sofia. There isn't much to say except that she was your perfect, stereotypical preppy girl. I can only say that, even being part of the nerd crowd in high school, there were never really any girls like this that I had to deal with. Or if there were, they left us alone. I can't say I hated her or anything, but she did have plenty of really unlikable moments. Although there is a love triangle, it was done very well. Usually I hate them, but not this time. I think it's also more because Ashley herself was never sure with Vincent. Wasn't sure whether to like him, to trust him, or to be suspicious of him. I wasn't ever sure what to think of him myself. I just didn't trust him either. He was just way too good to be true, which was Ashley's problem as well. I also loved the setting, how normal everyday school activities were shown. Most of the time, books just gloss over that, unless it's lunch or talking in the hallway etc. It wasn't in a mundane way, but instead showcasing how teens really do act. I suppose the book being centered around mathletes helped with that. I also loved how the interaction with Ashley's aunt and uncle, who were actually a part of her life and not absent parents.  The writing was very well-done. The book kept me intrigued and interested all the way through. Even though what happens at the end is pretty predictable, it was still very well executed. I'm not really a romance person, but I absolutely loved this book, which is definitely saying something. The little math notes throughout the book were so cute and just added to the overall effect of the story. (And I could figure most of them out! yay!) So...yeah. If you haven't already realized, I love this book. So, so much. And I think every one of you should read it too. (Hey, it would make a great Valentine's Day read.) I also can't wait for the companion novel about Sofia, First World Problems. Definitely sounds like it's going to be amazing too.
Ambur More than 1 year ago
As soon as I heard about Solving for Ex, I couldn't wait to read it! I loved Leigh Ann Kopans's book One, so I was definitely eager to see her tackle contemporary...and she did it soooo well! :D Solving for Ex was an adorable contemporary that definitely reminds you just how dramatic high school can be. :) I think my favourite part of Solving for Ex was the fact that the characters are totally geeky. Ashley and Brendan are both major math geeks, and I loved that! I don't really do any sort of math at all anymore, but I used to love it so much! I remember honestly having fun doing equations, so I can totally relate to Brendan and Ashley...and they actually made me miss math! haha Along with the awesome geekiness in the story, I loved Ashley and Brendan's least at the beginning of the book. Once Sofia and Vincent came along, everything kind of got a lot less awesome between Ashley and Brendan. I definitely loved all of the moments where we saw them fit back into the groove of their relationship though, and I totally loved Ashley. While I wished she stood up for herself more, I also understood why she didn't. Before she came to Mansfield Park Prep, Ashley had a seriously rough time, and anyone would be feeling just as insecure as she was in the same situation. In that respect, I thought that Leigh Ann Kopans did an amazing job with the whole bullying side of the story. We don't see Ashley being bullied much anymore, but we do see just how seriously being bullied can affect someone, and I thought it was fantastic to see that in YA. It was a subtle way to increase awareness, and I really appreciated it...I wish more books that mention bullying handled it that way because it's not something that should just be brushed over. Bullying may not be the central part of Solving for Ex, but I definitely feel like its purpose in the story was very effective and handled well. Ashley definitely continues to be affected by her past, but she also moves past it, and it was amazing to see her grow, and finally learn to stand up for herself. I loved Solving for Ex...and my only frustration was with the characters when they were just being dense. :P Like most teenagers, Ashley and Brendan were just totally blind to what was right in from of them. If they'd just spoken up sooner, they could've solved so many problems. I loved when they finally started to communicate better, and I just have to say that the ending of this's a good one! It left me so super duper happy! I wish we'd gotten even more at the end, but at the same time, it was perfect! :D Overall, I loved Solving for Ex. I thought it was a funny, sweet, and truly wonderful story. I'd recommend it to contemporary fans, especially if you like your main characters a little geeky, and if you enjoy when main characters learn to stand up for themselves. ;) * I was provided with an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. * This review also appears on my blog, and on other social media sites.
ROLaughlin More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed Leigh Ann Kopans' debut, ONE, and it's sequel, TWO. They reminded me of X-Men and my huge Sci-Fi phase when I was a kid, and the plot was complicated, sinister, and perfectly executed. Naturally, I wanted to read Leigh Ann’s next book, but…it was a contemporary romance. I typically don’t even touch romance unless the book is a few hundred years old and at least one characters dies. I tentatively requested the ARC, secretly afraid I might not finish it…like most contemporaries I’ve picked up. Unsuspecting, I started into it. I could go on and on about this woman's writing, the way she has of placing you in a scene and making you hear and smell and see everything. But before I’d even made it two chapters, Ashley’s VOICE grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I know it will sound weird, but this is the first Young Adult novel I’ve read where I actually related to the emotions of the protagonist on a deep level. Brendan is just the kind of guy I liked in my early teens, but how do you tell a guy you like him if he’s the only real friend you have? Of course you’d be afraid of ruining it. Anyone would be. See, this, this how I remember romance as a teenager feeling. The silence between Ashley and Brendan is deafening. I know that feel by heart. Vincent, on the other hand, is all smooth and doing everything showy — at first — but Ashley has a gut feeling about him that keeps her from getting in too deep too fast. She’s not perfect by any means, and neither is Brendan. (Oh, gosh, no. He’s not perfect at all. But that’s why he felt so real. Like someone I’m sure I knew.) Mathletes is everything to Ashley. For her, it’s the only place she gets to be accomplished, admired, and completely in the moment with Brendan. Until Sofia shows up and starts hitting on Brendan and ruins everything. Gahh, Brendan is so blind. Just like many a teenage boy. I can’t stop going on about how freaking true to life these people are. You just have to read this book. The ending wasn’t what I expected, but that’s all I can say without spoiling it. I had to buy a few copies of the paperback so I have some to give away, and one for my favorites shelf, obvi, because this is definitely one I’ll be re-reading until it’s dog-eared. I don’t know if there is another contemporary that will pull me in so thoroughly and make me skip meals like this one did, but I have to thank Leigh Ann a million times for making me love something from a genre I formerly didn't care for.
Disquietus More than 1 year ago
I don't often use the term hate when talking about books, but guys I really, really, REALLY hated this book. It's been five months and I still can't think about it without becoming filled with rage. While the writing itself wasn't terrible by any means, the characters were just so utterly dislikable that it made it impossible for me to enjoy the positive aspects of the book such as its occasional adorable fluffiness (like the flirty math-jokes at the end of each chapter) or the funny moments. I couldn't even laugh at the terribleness of the melodramatic plot, like I normally would, I was so enraged by the characters. Ashley was the worst kind of MC. She's not-so-secretly madly in love with her bff/neighbor Brendan and spends 90% of the book going on and on about it. She doesn't actually try to do anything about it, other than date new-kid Vincent, partly as a half-hearted attempt to forget about Brendan and partly to make him jealous. She also does my least favorite thing ever and directs a whole lot of hate towards Sofia for no other reason that Brendan seems interested in her. Sure, Sofia turns out to be a pretty terrible person but still, don't be that girl. Another huge issue I had with the book is how mental illness/depression was portrayed. To sum it up, Ashley is suffering from depression after being horrifically bullied at her old school and being forced to move in with her Aunt & Uncle and switch schools. It's implied on multiple occasions that Brendan "saved" her from her depression and is the only reason she can get out of bed and if she doesn't have him then her life is empty and blah blah blah. No. Just no. Character development was pretty much non-existence in this book. All of the characters were fairly one-dimensional and while I could see why some readers might relate to them, I just wanted to punch all of them in the face for one reason or another. Brendan was the only one who was even slightly tolerable. Most frustrating of all was that these characters go through a lot of events in this book that you would expect to change them slightly, but nope. Not a single one of them changes from start to finish. The plot was also extremely contrived and predictable. I'm sure this was to be expected because it's supposed to be a retelling of Mansfield Park but still. SOME SURPRISES WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. The ending was also problematic. It was rushed, messily tying up the plot threads and completely unfulfilling. In a nutshell, I found Solving For Ex to be juvenile and offensive on every level and I probably wouldn't recommend it to anybody unless I hated them.