Stark After Dark: A Stark Ever After Anthology

Stark After Dark: A Stark Ever After Anthology

by J. Kenner


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Stark After Dark: Take Me, Have Me, Play My Game, Seduce Me 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
DebiDG More than 1 year ago
Take Me Teasingly delicious. Damien and Nikki are crazy busy with work and 'play.' Both intensely private people, will they be able to catch a break from the paparazzi? Have Me Nikki and Damien are still trying to lay their past ghosts to rest. Will their honeymoon be everything and more? Will they finally get a happy ever after? Play My Game Hot, hot, hot. Nikki and Damien are still insatiable when it comes to steamy sexy time. Damien has a Valentines surprise for Nikki? Will he be able to pull it off? Is Nikki in danger? Will they ever be free of the press? Seduce Me Oh yeah, Vegas baby! Nikki and her friend, decide to have a girls weekend in Vegas. Naturally, Damien can't stay away from his beautiful wife so he and Ryan surprise the girls. So...let the games begin. Seductive is the name but will there be role playing involved? Hands down, the Stark After Dark anthology has steamy, sexy scenes that bring out the protector in Damien. J. Kenner has given each book a peek into the complexities that Nikki and Damien must face and every one is a fantastic read.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--- TAKE ME: TAKE ME is a welcome storyline-one that is lighter in tone than the previous instalments but not without some controversy of its’ own. J. Kenner writes a storyline that is edgy, sensual and erotic, without any of the over-the-top angst of regret or what ifs and whys. Nikki will come into her own and take command when the time comes and I think every woman, may at one time or another, felt the same way that our heroine felt, when pushed one too many times. ¬¬¬¬¬____ HAVE ME: J. Kenner pulls the reader into a fast paced, erotic storyline that builds towards the next installment in a series where the leading couple continues to find themselves the center of negative attention and unwanted publicity. Saying that, there is a bit of a cliff hanger, so to speak, in that several issues have not been addressed or resolved, and therefore are most likely introductory plot points for future storylines. The majority of the novella focuses on Damien and Nikki’s sex life; on sexual situations and erotic imagery-the storyline lacks any real substance or depth; real life takes a back seat to the numerous sex scenes and situations. ____ PLAY MY GAME: PLAY MY GAME is a romantic, intriguing and enticing addition to J. Kenner’s Stark series of novels and spinoffs. What began with a portrait and a million dollar offer in RELEASE ME book 1 has now blossomed into an erotic romance series where anyone with a close connection to our couple finds themselves with a story of their own. One can only hope that we all find a Damien Stark to call our own. We will be introduced to the infamous architect Jackson Steele- a man whose own story will be told in J. Kenner’s upcoming Stark International Trilogy but a man who refuses to give in to Damien Stark’s wishes and demands _____ SEDUCE ME: SEDUCE ME is a Stark Ever After novella originally released in the limited-release Sweet Seduction Anthology. SEDUCE ME follows Nikki Fairchild –Stark and her best friend / actress Jamie as they venture to Vegas for Jamie’s latest audition. When Damien Stark arrives, he is a man possessed, and begins an anonymous pursuit of the woman he loves. SEDUCE ME finds Damien Stark seducing his wife for a flirty, sexy, romantic giveaway wherein our couple, once again profess their undying love for one another. The $ex scenes and language are graphic; there is a short secondary storyline building behind the scenes as Nikki makes an attempt to aid a young woman whose life is spiraling out of control. If you are a fan of J. Kenner’s STARK SERIES then SEDUCE ME is adds a little bit of color, flavor, and sexual tease for your reading enjoyment.
Faerie-bookworm More than 1 year ago
I read all these separately not too long ago. I'm so glad they put them in an anthology. Take Me The wedding! As usual nothing goes as planned but still ends up perfect! Have Me Not sure how I missed this one but I'm glad I read it. I forgot how much I loved Damien and Nikki. This was a nice little taste of their honeymoon. Play My Game Such a cute story full of romance and adventure. If you haven't met Nikki and Damien yet then I suggest you do. Seduce Me This was really cute! I love the role playing that Nikki and Damien did. I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review