Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes

by Jenn Bennett


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Starry Eyes 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always, Jenn creates some deep characters that I enjoyed watching fall in love!
Take_Me_AwayPH More than 1 year ago
When I found out about this book I could hardly contain my excitement. My original review consists of a string of letters that don't make any words saying how excited I was about this. And just like her other novels, I had good reason to be! Zorie's mom convinces her to go on a "glamping" trip with the people she calls friends. But along the way, things don't go as Zorie planned and she ends up stuck in the woods with one of the people she mosts hates: Lennon. They must hash out their differences so they can move on and move through the woods. And that's exactly what they do. This forces them to realize they had many more secrets than they thought. Jenn Bennett has a way of making her characters feel so fleshed out and real. All of them carried so much emotion and they all had a back story, and it made them feel so real. From the three books I've read by her, the characters all become my favorite part of the book.This one was no different. I was also glad for the beautiful setting this Bennett created as well. I wondered for awhile whether or not she had done this trip or hiked in any of these places. Whatever she used to develop the setting for this one was amazing! Then there was the love story. OMG I LOVED it. I LOVED Lennon and even though Jack is still my favorite, Lennon and Alex are not far behind. But I think the best part of this romance was the fact that not only were they fascinating characters on their own, but they BOTH multiplied each other together. They both brought something to their relationship and that's hard to come by in YA nowadays. If it wasn't obvious before, I will read whatever and whenever Bennett writes something. Her storytelling, her characters, and her romance will most definitely make you swoon and will pull you under and won't let you go until you've turned the last page.
Ashton Smith More than 1 year ago
This book is the perfect summer read. Romance? Check. Camping? Check. Comedy? Check! I love reading books about travel and road trips in the summer, but I had never read a book about backpacking until I was sent this book in my Uppercase Box. (Shameless shout out to them. Their boxes and book picks are always top notch.) I’ve not had a ton of experience camping, so I really enjoyed being able to read about it in this story. (Unless you count camping in a camper, but my mom, grandma, and I weren’t exactly “roughing it.”) First of all, I love a romance with funny banter. If I had a dollar for every time this book made me laugh out loud, I would be SO RICH. While the big heartfelt moments are what is most important to the plot development, I loved the transition scenes that had quick wit, cute interactions, and descriptions of Zorie and Lennon’s surroundings and experiences. I believe that the big scenes aren’t what make a book great, it’s the little moments that end up shining. I love books that feature unique main characters, and this book is no exception. Zorie is a girl living outside of California who is aware of her introverted personality and loves astronomy. She is funny, smart, and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. While I haven’t ever gotten the chance to learn as much about astronomy as I would like to, I did get a little bit of knowledge by reading about a girl who is well-versed in the subject. In a roundabout way, I could connect to Zorie and her interest in astronomy through my desire to learn about it rather than actually knowing about the topic. Another thing I loved about this book was Zorie’s self-awareness. Every once in a while, she would do something or react in a way that conflicted her own interests. She wanted her relationship with Lennon to be like it was before the homecoming dance (I don’t want to give any more away. Spoilers.), but she didn’t want to get hurt again. Throughout the book, she was continually trying to find a solution for this predicament and was aware of both of these feelings. This awareness of herself was what made this book more realistic and believable. Without it, I think this story would have felt a little ridiculous. This book is excellent for any time of the summer, whether you read it in the car or on the beach, it is sure to satisfy all those travel and adventure desires.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
Starry eyes weaves the story of Zorie and Lennon. Two ex best friends who decided to take their relationship to the next level. Sounds pretty simple, right? It should be but family drama, miscommunication, and teenage emotions cause Zorie and Lennon’s relationship to shift from young love to not speaking. When the two of them get stranded camping they find their way out of the wilderness and back into each others hearts. I read very few teen romances but this story was very well done and I was intrigued by all of the different aspects of these characters. Zorie and Lennon were as unique as their names and Jenn Bennett’s Starry Eyes an intelligently written vehicle for their story. This was my first Jenn Bennett novel and was rather surprised by the adult subject matter. Lennon has been raised by two moms who own an adult sex shop. As wild and crazy as that may sound the scenes in the shop were subtle yet filled with humor. Most of the early emotional drama came from Zorie’s father who hates Lennon and his parents. As the novel goes on we are clued into the why’s and wherefore’s but in the beginning this hatred seems filled with bigotry. Zorie’s emotional growth is displayed by the way she deals with her father and his irrational anger and marital problems with her step mother. Also, I feel I should give a warning, the teens in this book are all sexually active which I guess is not uncommon today but I found myself trying to double check their ages a couple of times. At times I forgot I was reading a YA novel, so if you have kids, be aware of the adult content. Lennon was a perfect blend of nerdy cool. He had two moms, worked in a snake shop and had a b-level rock star for a father. What’s not to like? Even though the novel was written from Zorie’s perspective you could feel Lennon’s emotions and really identify with his character. I can totally see YA readers being easily captivated by him. I really enjoyed this novel in large part because of all of the surprises revealed through the story, but also because of the unique setting. Most of the novel takes place while Zorie and Lennon are hiking through the wilderness. Seeing nature and the night’s sky through their Starry Eyes almost made me want to pack a bag and a book and go on a hike. Almost.
TheThoughtSpot More than 1 year ago
Starry Eyes is a charming, fun, mature realistic fiction for young adults. Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett! Zorie and Lennon are neighbors at home and work. They also used to be best friends until family problems and drama got in the way. A teen group camping trip, which is supposed to be fun and not exactly “roughing it “, turns out dangerous with Lennon and Zorie stranded. Luckily, they’re both smart enough to help each other and work together to try to make it back to civilization. The two teenagers finally get the opportunity they need to talk and work out their relationship. Humor lightens the drama and Lennon and Zorie have interesting personalities that make Starry Eyes a charming, fun, mature realistic fiction for young adults. 5 stars! * I received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration.
Bayy2455 More than 1 year ago
As always, Jenn Bennett has done it again. She is indeed the queen of YA contemporary. I absolutely loved this one and the issues it tackles. Young Adult doesn't deal enough with actual family issues and I think that's what teens need to see. It's reassuring for older reads like me as well. It's nice to know that you're not alone and that someone, even if they are fictional, has faced the same things as you. I absolutely loved Zoira. She was an absolute delight and I loved that her anxiety issues were talked about on page. In the end, there is no end all be all cure for her anxiety but she makes some life changes and keeps other parts of her life around. The whole plot of this novel was very realistic to me. I can definitely see the wine stealing fiasco, the horrible not really friend betrayal, and them being left in the woods. People can be really petty and I can name plenty of people I know of that would do something like this. The backpacking trip was filled with drama but realistic and serious drama, not so much anymore of the he said, she said, gossipy kind of drama. I was hooked from the start with this one and I can't wait for the next Jenn Bennett masterpiece. All of her books deal with hard hitting issues with the backdrop of a swoon worthy, realistic romance. I like the sexual content as well. It's not uncommon for teenagers to have sex and instead of completely skirting around the issue, we get frank thoughts and feelings about it. Her characters also always have safe sex and only safe sex which I definitely admire. Abstinence only is proven not to work so why should we skate around it in the media marketed towards teens as well? She uses her books to set a good example for real teens and I admire it so much.
BookPrincessReviews More than 1 year ago
Okay, this is one of the easiest favorites that I've ever had. It was adorable, feely, and just so much fun. It actually got tears welling up in my eyes (which my cred as a soulless heartless book princess just died in a corner), and I just had so much fun. It was so heartwarming, and now I don't know what to do with myself because I'm off being a total pile of goo. Where do I even begin with this? I knew I wanted to read this the moment I heard about. Even though I will never go camping a day in my life (bugs, bugs, and more bugs = nooooooooooooooooooooo for Mandy), I have this weird obsession with outdoorsy camping books. Did I expect that it was going to end up on the favorites shelf so easy and quickly? No, but I'm in such love. The charactersssssssssssssssssss. I absolutely loved Zorie and Lennon. They had such unique voices and dynamic voices. They were SO easy to root for, and I FELT for them. Omigosh, I felt their pain, joy, and I AM JUST A MESS FOR THEM OKAY. They are so realistic, and they were aognreianerantilewatn. I HAVE NO WORDS OKAY. STILL A PILE OF GOO. I also LOVED Joy. Joy is Zorie's stepmom, and they had one of the best parental relationships that I've ever seen in YA. There was no dreaded evil stepmom, which was SO refreshing, and the deep way they cared for each other GOT me. MY EMOTIONS ARE IN A BLENDER AND THINKING ABOUT THEM IS JUST LIKE HITTING TRIPLE SPEED. AM I GOING TO END EACH PARAGRAPH WITH ALL CAPS PROCLAMATIONS? PROBABLY BECAUSE FEELS. And the romanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *screaming* I'm a princess of swoon and hearts and feels, but to be honest, YA hasn't bringing the feels for me lately. I haven't had many ships that were sailing for me, and I wasn't sure what was up. Was my King Triton nonsense turning into evil villain status where I couldn't feel the love tonight? NO. BECAUSE MY HEART WAS SAVING UP ALLLLLLLLLLL THE ROOM FOR THESE TWO. It was hate-to-love, which can go sometimes sideways for me, but it was just the right amount for this one. They progressed so naturally and organically, and I rooted for them the moment they wandered on the page. They were just adorable and feely and I'm just done in for them. The plot was super interesting as well. At times, I felt like it could have gotten boring, but things just kept being interesting (lol, imagine that, Mandy, books staying interesting the entire time? Isn't that a book's job????). Anyway, I loved the adventure and all the little plot twists along the way. I mean, it is focused a lot on characterization, but it still had a lot of action going on. The writing was fantastic as well. I'm totally going to be reading everything Jenn Bennett writes in the future, since I was so her easy, breezy writing. I liked her descriptions and style and flow. Overall, this was such a delightful read. I found myself dying internally over how fantastic it was - from the characters, romance, plot, and writing. I just couldn't stop binge reading it, and I just want to sum up all the feels in words but my brain will not work. Just read it. Please. If you're looking for something adorable and fluffy and fun and swoony. PLEASE THANK YOU. 5 crowns, and the princess train is finallllllllllllllly back (omg, the first of the year???????): Rapunzel for the swoons and Aurora for it being a contemporary classic for moi!
ahyperboliclife More than 1 year ago
“Don’t be cautious. Be careful.” I wanted to read this because I thing hiking and camping are fun and haven’t really seen that in a YA story before that wasn’t an epic fantasy journey. I have to say, Starry Eyes was a fun time. I laughed a lot and couldn’t put the book down! Things I Liked This book definitely wasn’t short on the tropey contemporary elements I love. We have feuding families (a la Romeo and Juliet), and we have the incredible mashup of friends-to-enemies-to lovers. It made the book incredibly easy to read and I just devoured it. I really liked Lennon and thought her was a great love interest. He’s snarky and blunt, but also caring and genuinely a good person who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable or emotional. I also enjoyed the romance in the story, which is pretty important because it’s a major plot. The flirting and banter hooked me and drew me into Lennon and Zorie’s relationship. Things I Didn’t Like I didn’t really like or connect with most of the characters besides Lennon, including MC Zorie. We just didn’t have that spark, but I did love her love of astronomy. Even though there is obviously excessive and exaggerated drama, I still found parts of the story to be unbelievable, and that pulled me out. Even though I wasn’t as invested as wanted to be but it was sufficiently cute and addicting, so I had an enjoyable time overall.
book_junkee More than 1 year ago
I’m a sucker for anything that hints at R+J or BFF to more, but to have both AND it comes with Jenn Bennett’s name attached to it? Yeah, I’m sold. Love love love Zorie and Lennon. She’s addicted to planning and organization and loves the stars. He’s snarky and maybe a bit sullen and loves hiking. Together there’s a lot of history and hurt and feeeeeeeeelings between them and I absolutely loved reading them figure it all out. There are some others characters, but it quickly becomes the two of them and that’s when the magic happens. Plot wise, it’s quite interesting because it’s a setting that I wouldn’t normally be interested {I’m much like Zorie in the beginning and believe the outdoors can be avoided}, but I was captivated at how the scenery was described. There is a fair share of drama, but it’s tempered with positive and present parents, sweet swoons, and kissing. Not to mention the fact that Zorie and Lennon talk talk talk and there are some very sex positive scenes. Overall, I loved these characters and this story and basically want to read Jenn’s words forever. **Huge thanks to Simon Pulse for providing the arc free of charge**
RamblingReader1 More than 1 year ago
Extraordinary things can happen when the best-laid plans go awry... Jenn Bennett’s Starry Eyes is everything that I love about Young Adult literature. It’s heartwarming, funny, and doesn’t hide from big issues. Starry Eyes is about Zorie Everheart, the dictionary definition of an “A-Type” personality. I’m pretty compulsive, and Zorie puts me to shame. Her life is planned, organized, and even color coded. Unfortunately for Zorie, the sad reality of life is that we have no control over the things we most want to control- like, for instance, the canyon of silence that’s grown between her ex-best friend (and ex-potential soulmate), Lennon, she’s accidentally discovered her dad’s an adulterous jerk, and her body’s trademark reaction to spontaneous stress? Violent hives. Needless to say, Zorie’s got a lot going on. So, even though she’s not one for camping, and certainly didn’t have it color-coded into her vacation plans, she’s now going glamping (glamour camping) with Reagan, a friend who Zorie’s not-so-closely friendly with anymore. Of course, by the rule of Murphy’s Law, guess who’s coming glamping too? After an explosive argument, Zorie winds up stranded off the beaten path with Lennon as her survival guide. Obviously, hijinks of the best kind ensue from there. Zorie and Lennon are wonderfully balanced; Bennett’s created two characters who are the perfect foils for each other, and the chemistry feels real. The two have inside jokes, and a real history that they start to learn can’t just be buried under some silence and snarky banter. I genuinely liked both characters. Even though I’m twenty-seven and would hope to have my life under control by now, I could empathize so much with Zorie. She’s every teen (and adult) who’s just doing the best they can to swim in a tide that’s seriously pushing against them. She’s stuck in a really tough place, and it’s easy to root for her and hope that her life gets straightened out. She’s funny and smart, and I love that Bennett created a teen protagonist who wants to be an astrophysicist (how awesome!). I want to see more of these teen characters with big, brainy dreams. Not to forget, her eye glasses game is totally on point (I’m jealous). Lennon is snarky and sweet, my personal favorite combination. Like Zorie, he’s a little off-beat, but Lennon seems to manage the social stratosphere more easily, getting the “rebel reputation” whether he wants it or not. He’s a teen with two moms and an ex-musician for a father; he wasn’t made to blend in, and he owns his differences. I think that’s one of the things I liked most about Lennon- he has a strong sense of self, and he’s not just a filler character to further plot development. I loved the artwork that went with the parts of the book as well as the maps, especially once I learned why the maps were significant (that made my heart happy). I’d never read one of Jenn Bennett’s YA novels before; I’d only ever read (and loved) the Arcadia Bell series, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m so glad that I took the time to read Starry Eyes. It even strikes me as the kind of book that would translate well to film, and I’d totally go watch that too! It flashed me back to being twelve years old, reading my first Sarah Dessen book and discovering that YA/Teen lit could be meaningful and beautiful in its humor and awkward romance. Thank you, Jenn Bennett :)