Strange Alchemy

Strange Alchemy

by Gwenda Bond


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Strange Alchemy 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SchizanthusNerd More than 1 year ago
I admit it. I'm not a history buff. I first heard of the lost colony of Roanoke and the word 'Croatoan' while watching one of the later series of Haven, which is loosely based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid. I became fascinated by the mystery behind the disappearance of over 100 people. It was this fascination that led me to want to read Strange Alchemy. Before I started this novel I read some more about the history and the theories surrounding the lost colony. I loved the first half of the book and enjoyed the alternating chapters showing Miranda and Grant's points of view. Sometimes I find books with different points of view fragmented but felt the story flowed well from chapter to chapter. I liked both of the main characters who, for different reasons, long to be normal and not be defined by their reputations. Almost exactly at the halfway mark the story seemed to fall apart for me. There was a lot happening to keep my attention and I still wanted to keep reading until the end but the explanations fell flat for me. I spent a lot of time questioning the characters' choices and the series of events. I don't understand, if Grant hearing the voices of the spirits is supposed to be a gift, why he spends most of the book trying to push them into the background. I waited patiently for the author's explanation of the word 'Croatoan' being carved on a post and it never came. I didn't mind that some people had to die at the end but was it really necessary to hurt adorable Sidekick? Thank you very much to NetGalley and Capstone for the opportunity to read this book. I think young teenagers who are interested in starting to get their teeth into books that have a supernatural element will enjoy this book.
TheThoughtSpot More than 1 year ago
Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone for the opportunity to read and review Strange Alchemy by Gwenda Bond. Miranda and Grant both have a special connection to Roanoke Island and when over one hundred citizens come up missing, Miranda and Grant feel like they are destined to help solve the mass disappearance. The two of them do not share a happy past and their resolve is tested over and over while trying to help each other. The further they dig into the mystery, the stranger things become. They discover supernatural forces controlling people and spirits from the past. Throughout their struggles, Grant and Miranda only have each other to count on. 4 stars for a historical fiction read with a paranormal twist! *I received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration.
NovelKnight More than 1 year ago
I have mixed feelings about Bond’s work. My previous experiences with it had me loving one book (Girl on a Wire) and disliking the next (Girl in the Shadows) so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Strange Alchemy, especially as it’s listed as a revised version of her first book. I’ll say this for it: this book is certainly different from the usual YAs I’ve read. I liked that it included paranormal elements without falling into the cliches I see in a lot of urban fantasies. The lost colony of Roanoke is a part of history that I never learned a lot about beyond mentions in history class but I found myself looking more into it after starting this book. This brings the legend into the modern day with another population disappearing, curses, and all sorts of mystery abounding. The writing wasn’t as clean as the other books I’ve read by her but the story was fairly interesting. Though I’m not big on thrillers and I wouldn’t necessarily classify this book as such, there was a feel to it that gave me horror movie vibes at times as the tension continued to build. And then… I’m not sure what happened. The pace slowed as details were flung out left and right, breaking down a lot of that previous tension and causing me to lose interest. There were also a few questions I had throughout the story that were never really addressed and that took away from the experience. I really am not a fan of stories that leave me with too many questions and not enough answers (side-eyes the ReMade serial…). Miranda and Grant were alright protagonists. Miranda’s tough (and cursed) while Grant as some interesting abilities, but neither jumped off the page for me. I felt like they served more for the plot’s purpose, that it was the primary driver, than the characters. Which is fine. I tend to find I enjoy character-driven stories more, personally, and didn’t really feel much for either of these two, but it wasn’t badly done. Though the little romance subplot wasn’t working for me. Strange Alchemy had a little bit of everything in it and I both liked and disliked that. There’s a decent amount going on and, at times, I had to backtrack because I thought I missed something (and sometimes there was nothing to miss and the plot just lacked the details to support a particular point). If you don’t mind having a few questions at the end of a novel, and enjoy an interesting take on a historical mystery brought into a new light, then I’d recommend Strange Alchemy to you. It was missing a few things for me but was, overall, an interesting read.