Sworn To Justice: Courtlight #12

Sworn To Justice: Courtlight #12

by Terah Edun

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Sworn To Justice: Courtlight #12 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Terah takes you on an emotional rollercoaster of excitement, adventure, heartbreak, and hope in this new addition to this amazing series. Definitely worth the wait!
mcweems 5 months ago
This book was an amazing and fast paced adrenaline rush, I could not put it down until the last page! The whole series has been riveting from the beginning and Sworn to Justice definitely did not disappoint! Tera Edun is an amazing author!
Rmhjlhp 20 days ago
I am so very late posting my input on this book but Oh My Goddess!!!!! I am the BIGGESTfan of 'The Courtlight Series'!! That being said, looking forward to seeing the Beautiful cover art for 'Sworn To Justice' was also a bittersweet feeling. You See, Ms. Edun had originally slated this book, #12 to end the series. Buuuut. . . . Terah Edun writes in such a way that, we as readers are no longer simply seeing words and turning pages. We become so invested in the characters, that you see what they see, celebrate their wins, suffer their losses, and can swear you feel the same sand beneath your feet. Thankfully Ms. Edun is also as moved by and eager to; Nope not eager to; SWORN TO give Ciardis, Sebastian and Thanar the full and completely perfect ending. Therefore, Book 12 is NOT THE END!!! •••••Totally Jumping Up &Down!!••••• The Dynamic of The Triumvirate is wholly at play although drastically changed when we get started. Amani is proving to be a formidable opponent still, keeping the trio and others among the troops on their toes. (And a nerve or two). Watching movies that keep me on the edge of my seat, or holding my breath without realizing it until you exhale, those are the best. This series has done that in every volume! These books are not encyclopedic length, requiring months to read. In fact, I have been known to leave a comment or ten with Miss Terah, expressing my desire for her to add an extra few hundred pages to the next book! One last little tidbit of praise: I have read the works of many, many Authors in my 40ish plus years. I can however, count on one hand the number of those with whom I have and I can actually have a conversation with personally. To me that is extremely important, because Terah Edun is human. She stays hungry for feedback from her readers. She cares about what we feel and how we feel. I found an Awesome Artist, Brilliant Author and I simply Cannot Wait for Book 13!!!! *I should also mention that these books are each so affordable and will keep you engaged from page one!! Where book 1 ends, book 2 jumps right up, no crazy gaps.* Please pick up this book and learn how to"SHATTER AN EMPIRE!" Thank You For Another Great One Terah!! Jacqui W. rmhjlhp@hotmail.com & rmhjlhp@gmail.com
Anonymous 4 months ago
Again this book has left me wanting more and I can wait to find out what happens to Ciardis, Thanar, and Sebastian!!
13835877 4 months ago
This is one of my favorites fantasy series and while I am happy we are getting more books in the series, I also wanted to get some of my questions answered and I wanted to see more Sebastian in this one. The triumvirate is spectacular when they are together and Sebastian's presence was missed by me. But then again I am #TeamSebastian, even though Thanar does hold a special place in my heart. As always, I really enjoyed the story and Ms. Edun's magical skills at writing action scenes. I flew through this book and devoured every word. That cliffhanger had me screaming because it can't be true! I can't wait to get my hands on book 13! I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
shwetaberiwal 5 months ago
The much awaited ending to this series is thankfully not going to be the last book. Kiardis & her friends are back with lots of more adventures and mysteries. This was the 1st Terah Edun series that I had read and let me tell this sequel doesn't disappoint me at all. With loads of twists & turns, wit & sarcasm, there is never a dull moment in this book. I'm so glad that this series is not ending. Terah Edun you're the best!!!
R_Delo9 5 months ago
Cliffhanging off my Seat!! Wow!!! Terah Edun you have done it again!! The story starts right where book 11 ended and there’s action, comedy, suspense and of course the wonderful relationship from the triumvirate! But ..... that cliffhanger, literally cried out that it was left like that and now I have to wait for 13! Terah you better be writing like mad as you have lots of avid readers desperate to find out what happens next!! Amazing!!
Anonymous 5 months ago
I loved how Sworn to Justice picked right back up where the previous book left off. This next chapter in the Courtlight Series has it all - action, adventure, and romance! I loved every moment of it! Thank you for creating an exciting world for us to escape to!