Take Me Harder

Take Me Harder

by Jackie Ashenden

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Take Me Harder 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great read with plenty of action and lots of Hard edged Romance and sex. If you’re looking for something to really grab your attention this is the book for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the douche Rush. He got his act together & the book was good.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Another great read by Jackie Ashenden! I love the characters she creates- the women are strong, feisty, & independent. And the men- hot, sexy, & smart alphas! Take me Harder is the 3rd book in the Texas Bounty series but I read them out of order & each can be read as a stand alone. The characters in previous (and future stories) make an appearance. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Rush & Ava are so entertaining & how they met is pretty unique. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was hesitant to buy this book because of the less than positive reviews, but I took a risk on it. Which was great because I wasn't disappointed in the least. The story really has multiple underlying plots and themes as well as obvious ones. One, the neglected relationship¿ between Rush and his two brothers. Two, the hurting relationship between Ava and her father. Another issue is the impact jail had on Rush in every aspect of his life, really. The book was great and if you like novels that make you laugh from sexy bantering and feel whole from siblings coming together as a family then I would definitely recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Didnt like this book as well as the others. A twenty two year old virgin??? Pulleze some of the timelines didnt fit. The story was ok but the deliverence a little rocky.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ive loved her books but this one dragged on, repeating itself and wanting to put it down, unlike her other books where i couldnt stop reading until the last page
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
If you've seen any of my reviews for Jackie Ashenden titles, you'll know that I'm a big fan of hers for mixing super sexy scenes, interesting and complex characters and intensely suspenseful plots into wholly entertaining stories. That's definitely what we get here. Rush and Ava are such interesting opposites! While they have that tentative childhood connection, Rush has clearly put those days behind him and is not the same (no surprise after 8 years in prison). Yet Ava is able to draw out glimpses of that kind and generous young man. While Ava on the surface appears to be a bit naive, she makes up for it with her determination and confidence. She'll do whatever is necessary to catch the killer and Rush is quick to admit to himself that the young girl he knew is all grown up. Their interactions are fraught with sexual tension and it's a slow burn until things ignite mid way through the story in some steamy scenes. Along with the suspenseful plot and sexy romance, Rush's relationship with his brothers is a key part of the story. Having grown up together with an alcoholic father, they each had their own way of coping, none of which kept them very close. With Rush's stint in prison, and few visits from his brothers, their fractured relationship will need a lot of work to heal. Ava is able to make Rush consider what things are like from Quinn and Zane's perspectives, and also to realize that if he wants to become friends with his brothers, he has to take the first step. I liked seeing the brothers work through some of their issues, leading to a happy ending not just for Ava and Rush, but also Rush's family. The setting is well described and shows the seedier side of life in this area of Texas, with strip clubs and bar hangouts the norm. There are some interesting secondary characters, in particular Rhys, who works for another bounty hunter agency and becomes a friend of sorts to Rush. His story is next, and I'm very much looking forward to it! If you like gritty, sexy stories, you need to put Jackie Ashenden on your to-read list.
micharch More than 1 year ago
Rush and Ava have a complicated past. Rush was there as a friend to Ava after her mother died and their father's bonded of the loss of their wives and becoming widows. Ava really had no one but Rush and was able to unload her sense of loss and devastation onto him since her father walled himself off to any emotions. Rush then goes into the army and then does an 8-year prison stint for a crime he didn't commit but instead covered for his father and brother. When Rush gets out of prison he has a chip on his shoulder and projects an I don't give an eff about anything attitude to everyone. Rush has been burned by his family and Ava, who he told not to visit him in prison, let him down when she didn't bother to come see him when he got out of prison. Rush has a parole condition of working for his family's bounty hunter business for a year. As far as Rush is concerned that year can't be up soon enough. All of the Redmond siblings have issues a mile wide and Rush was no different. It was interesting to see him try to come to grips with their dynamic. Ava receives a tip that her mother's murder wasn't totally solved and the person who ordered this hit is still walking free. She tries to enlist Rush's help with apprehending the person responsible but goes about it the wrong way at first. Ava was hard to like for some of this book. Although I understood her emotions had been stunted by the death of her mother and her father's general lack of emotion, but she really did need to grow up at points in this book. She was a cop, obtained her dream and thought she was well adjusted. She was not. She did feel guilty for not contacting Rush upon his release, but her reasons were selfish. When she needed help from Rush she used her badge to try and get what she wanted out of him. I didn't blame him for not giving her a second thought. She was a crappy friend to him when he was in prison and was no better to him when he got out until she needed to call in a favor. Going to the strip club to find him and then flashing her badge around was grating. Rush finally decides to help Ava in her scheme to find out if the what the tipster said was true. Ava decides to overstep her bounds and wants in on the action. Rush has an ulterior motive in wanting to find out about this man also. When Rush discovers a secret that devastates him, Ava tried to be there for him, but it was just platitudes in the end. Ava, again was selfish and ran when she figured out that she loved Rush and didn't want to not be enough for him since she wasn't enough for anyone else. Her father basically abandoned her and she felt Rush was incapable of finding her to be enough. It was juvenile and her behavior, especially in light of what she knew Rush was feeling and dealing with was not acceptable to me. I could not wrap my head around her being such a selfish person and lashing out at him. She could have lashed out at her father at any point, yet directed her rage at Rush. Not a fan at all of that. When Rush tries to go back to his old ways, he brother, Zane, sets him on the right path. I did like how Zane helped him to put his life into perspective and to fight for what would make him happy. Ava did own her appalling behavior and I was glad to see that. Overall, the ending was nicely done for this couple. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.
belllla More than 1 year ago
Take me harder is for me till now the best book from these series. I absolutely loved the style of writing- that inner voice was sooo good put in their thinking, I mean really good. And the story It was funny, intense with some hot bedroom/car scenes. I loved both Rush and Ava, they are likable have unique characters and communication between them funny hot and intense. It is so good to see how their story develops, the true feelings are revealed for them, how both of them are afraid to love and be loved. But in the end, you know what read it, it is beautiful. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
PennieM More than 1 year ago
Rush Redmond is home after spending 8 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He has never killed anyone. He is home and has a bad attitude. Ava St. George has had a crush on Rush since she was a young girl and he would feed her cookies and milk when her father, the sheriff, would drink with Rush's dad. Rush was there for her after her mother died and helped her through her grief. Now she is a police officer and she is hunting her mother's killer and looks for help from Rush. This does not go over good since Rush does everything to keep her at bay (did I mention the bad attitude) but they are hunting the same man and he is extremely dangerous. Will they work together and will that bring them together? Only time will tell... This one can be read alone but this is a great series and I recommend all of them, although I enjoyed #2 the best so far. **Received an ARC copy for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for an easy , fluffy storyline, this one is not for you. BUT…. if you are looking for a complex book filled with an ex-con, a cop, a history of painful emotional turmoils, dysfunctional families, felons, romance, etc , well this one is worth your time. I have read the previous stories, and loved them. I was hesitant about the ex-con storyline but knowing it was written by Ms Ashenden , and part of the Texas Bounty series, I gave it a try. Glad I did. The story centers around Rush Redmond, an ex-con that served 8 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and Ava St George, who is now a cop but is a girl he has known most of her life. While he now is a hard man , and she is a cop, their connection has always been there. He felt protective towards her ,when she lost her mother at a young age, and her father closed up his emotions. While , Ava saw Rush as her best friend and had a terrible crush on him. Their relationship starts, but neither wants or expects much from it. While there is lots of action, bad guys, and strippers, there is much more to the story. It’s a story about how our experiences as a child or an adolescent, as well throughout our lives mold us . If we felt unloved, betrayed , unsupported, then that is going to be our expectation as an adult. Do we mask our true self and feelings in order to create a shell around our heart due to fear, or do we take a step , and put ourselves in the firing line of more hurt? But what if we discover that trust and loving someone just makes us stronger? It’s a book that is not only well written but also thought provoking. Looking forward to the next book in the series. I received this book from Netgalley. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--TAKE ME HARDER is the third installment in Jackie Ashenden’s contemporary, adult TEXAS BOUNTY erotic, romance series. This is former inmate and reluctant bounty hunter Rush Redmond, and police officer Ava St. George’s story line. TAKE ME HARDER can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Some background: Rush, Quinn and Zane Redmond are the current owners of LONE STAR BOUNTY since the death of their father months before. Lone Star Bounty is a struggling business but a business that brings the brothers closer together. Told from dual third person perspectives (Rush and Ava) TAKE ME HARDER looks at the friends to lovers romance between Rush Redmond, a former inmate who served eight years for a crime he did not commit; and naïve rookie cop Ava St. George-a woman determine to uncover the truth about her mother’s demise. When Ava receives a anonymous tip about the death of her beloved mother-a police officer killed in the line of duty- Ava knows that to dig deeper she will need a list of contacts she knows only one man will have. Enter Rush Redmond, recently release from jail, and the man that has always called to Ava’s heart. What ensues is the tempestuous relationship between Ava and Rush; Ava’s need to uncover the truth; and Rush’s journey to discover the who and what of his past, and the heartbreaking rejection by his brother and dad. Ava has always believed her mother, Lauren St. George, was killed by a drug dealer but a recent phone call from an unknown source revealed that the wrong man was arrested for her mother’s shooting. Rush Redmond was the only person with the available means to ferret out the information and contacts that Ava required but the man she loved was no longer the man she remembered years before. Ava has been in love with Rush Redmond since she was a little girl but eight years behind bars hardened Rush Redmond into someone she no longer knew. Rush Redmond is an angry man; a former member of the armed forces, a military man who upon his return three years later began working in the family’s LONE STAR BOUNTY business only to take the fall when a shooting goes horribly wrong. Ava’s request of Rush is met with derision , harassment and too much anger but our heroine is determined to take down the man who destroyed her mother’s life –with or without Rush Redmond’s help. The relationship between Ava and Rush is acrimonious. Rush will direct his anger at the woman who calls to his heart; his treatment of Ava is reprehensible, rude and vulgar. Rush is nothing short of a pr*ck and an a$$hole; his demons ride very close to the surface. Ava is so desperate for information that she is willing to submit to Rush’s demands believing the man she once knew hides behind the cold and rough hewn exterior. The $ex scenes are erotic and intense. Some readers may take offense to Rush’s treatment of the story line heroine. Most of the previous story line couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles including Rush’s brother Zane, and the love of his life Iris Callahan (Take Me Deeper #1) , as well as Nora Sutcliffe of Duchess Bail Bonds (Make It Hurt #2). Quinn Redmond may or may not have an attraction to Duchess Bail Bonds owner Lily ‘Duchess’ Hammond. The Redmond brothers are a little rough around the edges and continue to push one another’s buttons; I am hoping the author reveals more of the family history
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved this!! This is Rush Redmond's story. He's a character that has you hating him and loving him at the same time. After spending 8 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit he's back in town with a bad attitude and determined not to care about anything or anyone. The only person that seems to be able to get through to him is the one woman he should want no part of. Rush remembers Ava St. George as the little girl he befriended when they were younger but she's not that little girl anymore. Now sweet sheriff's daughter is all grown up and a deputy working for her father. When she starts poking her nose into some very dangerous territory Rush knows he has to help her. And while he doesn't think she should be anywhere near the dangerous people she's hunting, these same people hold some answers that Rush needs as well. Will spending so much time with Ava be Rush's undoing?? This is the third in the series but each of these books can be read on their own. I definitely recommend this one.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
The biggest draw for me with this book was the pairing of an ex-con and a cop. I love when unlikely pairs are matched in books and they usually end up being very entertaining for me. I read and loved book 2 in this series so I was excited to dive right in for Rush and Ava's story. With book 3 we have the same town, same characters and a smooth flow from book 2 to 3 with the focus switched to Rush and Ava. As much as I loved book 2, this book was a bit of a struggle for me. The jerk Hero's are not my favorite but can still be a good read for me as long as they treat the heroine right. Unfortunately, we don't get that with Rush. He was rightfully angry with the world. He took the fall for his dad and brother for a manslaughter charge and spent 8 years in prison. When Rush was finally released, he lashed out at everyone, including Ava. I think what made his treatment of her worse for me was that she was young, naive and had the memories of a man that was the only one that had been there for her growing up. You wonder how a cop can be naive? She has only been on the force for one year and you learn how she never got to bond with anyone in the academy because her father was the sheriff. You realize how isolated she was and always has been. He knew she had no one but him before he went to prison and her life wasn't easy. I actually really liked how she handled Rush in the beginning. He justified his jerk behavior trying to get her to leave him alone and her reaction to him kept throwing him off. There was no game playing with Ava. You got what you saw with her and if he had just treated her even a little bit better, I would have enjoyed this story so much more. ARC provided by NetGalley.