Test Your Dog: The Dog IQ Test

Test Your Dog: The Dog IQ Test



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JanetC More than 1 year ago
We found this book on the bargain table and it is a great book. This is a fun little book with good questions to ascertain how intelligent the family dog is (or isn't). The questions are easy to understand and provide good answer choices. The "hands on" activities at the end to further rate your dog's intelligence are also good and easy to administer. The book confirmed that playfulness is a sign of intelligence in pets just as in children. Our young pit bull/heeler mix is above average intelligence. He is active and playful and has a sense of humor. I swear he smiles sometimes. Our old cocker spaniel is on the low end of intelligence, but since she was a rescue dog who had a horrible life for many years, I cut her some slack. With some effort and daily work she might have turned out to be a fairly well trained and intelligent dog.