Thandi's Love: A Novel

Thandi's Love: A Novel

by Angel Strong


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Thandi's Love: A Novel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up what I assume was Angel Strong’s debut novel, Thandi’s Love. In short, it doesn’t read like a debut novel, and I’ve had never read anything remotely historical fiction. This is a wonderful story set in mid-1800’s on the plantations of the south about family, friendship, and passionate love. I couldn’t stop turning pages. Strong has an economy to her writing style that doesn’t bore the reader with long descriptions but gives you details, action, and dialogue all woven into powerful phrases. It’s cinematic. You can see scenes come off the pages and feel the emotions of the well-developed characters as they interact with each other. Strong knows how to make protagonist, Thandi beautiful, and I mean absolutely gorgeous, and she doesn’t have to go on about it. Strong picks her shots. Check it out. “The former tomboy, pig-tailed girl from his childhood had surprisingly morphed into a beautiful goddess.” And, “Her sleek brows furrowed inquisitively above her wide eyes.” Notice the action there. Strong also doesn’t bog you down with backstory but instead weaves it into the intricate plot strategically. She kicks off the tension in the opening pages giving the reader both the good and bad of Anna and her conflict with Tom. Yikes! “Without question, she [Anna] was a very beautiful woman, but the foulness within her profoundly diminished her outward beauty.” She paints a beautiful and honest picture of the south during that period. Her dialogue and dialect both feel authentic. Finally, Strong masterfully wields an omniscient third-person narrative (something not easy to do) to deliver this robust tale from different points of view. Thandi’s Love is filled with twists and turns and a surprising reveal toward the end. Highly recommended.
ReadersFavorite 5 months ago
Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite Thandi's Love by Angel Strong is set in the deep South in the 1800s, in the Lexington plantation. When the narrative opens, Tom Lexington, a slave owner who still preserves his humanity and treats his slaves with some decency, is thankful to God for a good harvest. But his marriage is in tatters. He is married to Anna, the vile daughter of his business partner, Daniel Stafford. As the harvest is bountiful, Tom has Thandi and her brother Isaac on loan from his aunt to help in the harvest. The two mulatto siblings have grown up with Tom. Their arrival at the plantation is about to change things. It starts with the preferential and brotherly treatment Tom gives them, and then the connection that quickly develops between Tom and Thandi. It is not long before things get out of hand, with Anna becoming mean. Will Tom remain steadfast with a newly discovered love or be won over by the conventions of the time? The love between Tom and Thandi faces new challenges, but the worst is still to come with very dark secrets about to surface. Thandi’s Love is well written in language that is beautiful and a style that is evocative of a historic era characterized by man’s inhumanity to man. In this environment, forbidden love burgeons and blossoms and readers want to see what happens with the lovers. Angel Strong’s characters are well-developed and the themes of love, friendship, and slavery are so masterly handled that readers feel the realism and humanity infused in the story. I fell in love with Tom Lexington, a slave master who is different from the others, but a man whose humanity is put to a difficult test.
Merryj More than 1 year ago
This is a story that is well worth reading. It gives a description of slavery in the south where blacks were subject to abject cruelty but also a time when the voice of reason was coming to a head about keeping slaves. Tom is in a marriage where his wife is a mean spirited woman who treated him badly his love for Thandi withstood the test of time and they endured a lot. This story captivates inspires and has you cheering for Tom and Thandi when in a place and time it was forbidden to even think along the lines of love between the races!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago