The Chaos of Standing Still

The Chaos of Standing Still

by Jessica Brody


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The Chaos of Standing Still 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
I_Alvarez More than 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of Jessica Brody's books because they contain heart, are well plotted, and overall, her stories are engaging. This one started the same. It takes place when Ryn gets stranded at the Denver airport over the holiday. And instead of getting a fleeting romance when she meets Xander (whose identity is mysterious when they first meet after haphazardly swapping their cell phones), it's a story about grief, friendship and family, and learning to move forward when you can't get rid of the past. The story is self-contained as a raging blizzard pummels Denver and Ryn is trapped over a 24-hour period. The airport -- and all its quirky employees and travelers -- also become a character in the book and helped with the book's pacing. Although there were a lot of flashbacks, other than the beginning, I didn't mind them because it did add to the overall story of the loss of her friend and her path to healing. It truly made me come to like her more as the story progressed. I felt the same with the character Xander. I thought he was a sweet, complex character and complemented Ryn really well. And as he follows Ryn on this interesting conspiracy theory quest throughout the airport, including dealing with his own issues when it comes to his parents, the story felt really fresh and cute. Not to mention, Chaos was a funnier than I expected. Jessica Brody, time and time again, shows us that she's a wonderful author and although this one wasn't one of my favorites of hers, I can't wait for her upcoming titles. As always, happy reading!
Take_Me_AwayPH More than 1 year ago
What drew me to this was the author. I have read and loved many of the books that Brody has written. But after finally reading this one, I have to say, I can definitely see the growth and changes in her writing. This is my favorite one yet! Ryn's best friend died and it's all she can think about. But on the anniversary of her friend's death, Ryn finds herself trapped in an airport overnight. This is where she meets Xander. They swap phones on accident and things suddenly turn into a whirlwind that spins out of Ryn's control. Can she keep it together while still trying to cling to her best friend's memory? First off, I really liked the characters. Ryn was overcome by grief and she was so well written that sometimes it made me feel just as sad and lost as she did. I really felt for her and I sometimes frlt like I had to turn off the audio before I got too upset. And then there was Xander. I loved that he was the comedic relief. It made the story so much better and helped bring me out of the moods that Ryn put me in. I also really liked the way the book was only set over 24 hours. It was so engrossing I didn't notice that it was only 24hours until the end. I loved the setting of snow and the busy airport with the cranky passengers and the holiday season. Having been in that situation before, I could definitely feel the panic that Ryn was experiencing, and it made me feel IN the story. With this book being set in the snow gave me a nice break from the hot Houston sun, I fell into this book just as quickly as the timeline. I was late to this one, but I'm glad I finally read it. This is one I'm glad I didn't miss.
Pebble_Cafe More than 1 year ago
I had a love-not-so-much-like relationship with THE CHAOS OF STANDING STILL. Definitely a roller coaster. I was vested from the beginning, the middle fell flat, and then picked up speed again. Ryn is a realistic and likable enough although her actions/reactions were frustrating at times. I enjoyed getting to know more about Ryn told through flashbacks of her and Lottie’s friendship. It helped me connect with her even though I didn’t feel connected to Lottie. I actually didn’t like her all that much. I wonder if that was done on purpose. I don’t want to give too much away. This is one of those times that you have to let the story unfold (and not be too impatient like me) to fully appreciate Ryn’s growth. Overall, a good read. This is also one of those stories with fun and interesting side characters, especially Siri and Genius Boy. And Muppet Boy wasn’t so bad either! ebook courtesy of NetGalley, Simon & Schuster
book_junkee More than 1 year ago
I looooooove 24 hour time frame books. They’re frustrating and fantastic and I was beyond excited to see that Jessica’s book was all about one day. And it didn’t disappoint. Love love love Ryn and Xander. She’s so deep in grief, it’s almost like she’s drowning. Xander is fun and flirty. Together they’re both going through stuff and it was captivating to see how they worked it out. Of course there were some sweet swoons and laughs and they’re sprinkled through at the best moments. Plot wise, it was perfection. I loved seeing the small flashbacks with Lottie and the way it’s shared truly shows how Ryn felt so alone. The location of an airport sets up so many fun things and this cast of characters is one I could read forever. Overall, it was hopeful and heartbreaking and hilarious with an ending that made me hug the book when I was done. **Huge thanks to Simon Pulse for providing the arc free of charge**