The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled

The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled

by Jonathan Cahn


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The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
Anonymous 5 days ago
This is the most amazing book you'll ever read! Loads of history and Biblical truths!
Anonymous 16 days ago
this book sounds more fiction than truth if you like a fiction book this is it
maurfaith 26 days ago
This is the most amazing book you will ever read! If for nothing else the facts alone are informative and just mind blowing! I highly recommend this book, especially to our Jewish brothers and sisters!
Anonymous 30 days ago
Complete fiction! There is noting biblical about this book except the Bible verses used as reference that the author did not alter. This is not the Word of God!, that can only be found in the Holy Bible. Don’t be fooled by this false prophet trying to take your money for his guesswork about end times prophecies. Only the Father knows the truth. Just because some events could possibly fill some end times prophecies does NOT make it true!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Intriguing! I need more to read before I can give a rating!
Granville_Alley 4 months ago
The Oracle carefully outlines the history of Israel in both modern and ancient times. It lays out the patterns of Biblical Prophecy and the World History that fulfills it using the construct of Jubilee. I would take away some of the profound impact of the book by offering too many details, however the weaving of the History of modern day Israel, from before its conception, to the first inklings of a modern Jewish State, to its Miraculous Birth, Survival against long odds and restoration of Jerusalem as its Capitol are compelling. The interweaving of a long list, of historical events and personages that match up with Prophecies, Texts and Verses from both the Torah and the Bible is presented using the Jubilee (50 Year Periods of Restoration) as both a guide and as a proof. Tying in the Ancient Destruction of the First Temple and Jerusalem, the exile of the Jewish People and its and their restoration under the grant of the Persian Emperor Cyrus as foretold 400 Years earlier even to the name of the then unborn Cyrus, Emperor of a Kingdom that was yet to exist. The book also ties in the Roman Occupation, the destruction of the 2nd Temple and the 2nd driving of the Jewish People from the land with its modern restoration. I will leave the details to the author and your reading pleasure. But I will as a teaser say that the Author manages to bring unlikely historical figures like Mark Twain to the story in a compelling way. The final chapters offer a substantive and profound tie to modern Faith and personalize the story for those readers open to be convinced. Overall the Oracle is an excellent read that smartly sets out the fulfillment of Prophecy from both the Torah and the Bible.
Nathan_Enterprises 4 months ago
This is a must read especially for the times in which we live. Nothing is happening by chance. To gain an understanding of the master blueprint, get this book. It will change your perspective and your life.
Tmac2 4 months ago
Jonathan has opened the seven doors and blew my mind. This is a spellbinding book it is really hard to put down. It starts slow and then builds so fast. I am learning so many things and details I never knew. It is thorough and connects so many "dots". If you want to know the why things are happening in this crazy world, read this book. I will read this one again and maybe again.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Do you ever feel that your life and the world around you is spinning like a Merry-go-round going faster and faster, ready to fly off of its center? Well Jonathan Cahn reminds us in his incredible new book that God has EVERY SINGLE detail in His capable hands. He is in all things working them out. The Oracle will teach you to see the fingerprints of God, walking you through signs, markers, and witnesses in this world that show you in great and unimaginable detail the purpose behind everything. History, life and our very existence is all part of a His plan, not just a wild merry-go-round ride ready to fling into oblivion! The ultimate picture that emerges out of this book is HOPE, HOPE and more HOPE. I could feel the very Presence of God leaping off the pages as I took the journey to learn about the Jubilean Mysteries, “a mystery made up of a multitude of other mysteries, a mystery of mysteries.” Discover how God has had things under control since the beginning of time and still does with the world, as well as with me and you! The Oracle will make a great gift for family and friends at any stage/season of life. It is a deeper blessing to those currently walking with God and will, by the power of the Holy Spirit, be a revelation of ABUNDANT LIFE to those who are still searching. Happy Reading and HOPE finding!
Ruthiemorris 4 months ago
With each of Jonathan Cahn's books, it is always preceded by the same promotion: "for the FIRST time in 2000 years, God is revealing MYSTERIES through this one guy who pastors a church in New Jersey when he isn't traveling around the country promoting his latest book." A little background first, before I get to The Oracle. When he wrote The Harbinger, his first book, Cahn took two years to write it as a non-fiction then felt GOD was impressing on him to put it in a narrative form to appeal to more people. I don't like fiction. I just want the facts. Instead of reading the book, I initially watched the Isaiah 9:10 Judgment on DVD, which is The Harbinger boiled down into two hours. It was so intriguing I took lots of notes to share with others. I then discovered The Harbinger Study Guide. It contained everything I had written in my notes! Later I read the book. Lost in the story of the stranger who shows up wherever and the clay seals signifying basically nothing was the story of Israel's destruction and the ominous foretelling of what America is facing, playing out before our very eyes. Then came Mystery of the Shemitah. Same promotion. However I really loved this book. Next was the Book of Mysteries. Cahn said he had to really edit all of these mysteries down to one page each but he could easily write several pages on each mystery. OK. I was on the Advance Review team on this book and gave it a glowing review in spite of him being brazen enough to think GOD is revealing all the mysteries of the universe to him only! The fourth book, Paradigm, left me dumbfounded. Again, on the Advance Review team, I was speechless . I just didn't like having to read a book that repeats everything. Without the repeat, the book would have been too short for publication. Now, we come to The Oracle. My problem with this book is the same as with The Harbinger. I like non-fiction. I just want the facts. During the first few chapters, I don't even know who is talking and to who they are talking. I guess it doesn't matter. I found myself reading pages over and over trying to figure out what was going on then I realized it didn't matter what was going on. It was just fantasy. The visions are fabricated to appeal to lovers of fiction. I read half of the book out loud to a friend who didn't like it any more than me but we kept reading, waiting for the punchline. What does matter to me is that buried in this book of gobbledygook, I finally uncovered some wonderful truths about GOD and how everything, and I mean everything HE does and says is HIS MASTER PLAN!! Hebrew scholars have been studying these things for years, but now we have someone connecting the dots, jots and tittles. Perhaps I need to wait for the Study Guide to come out, if there is one, so I can have a book of just the facts and not the superfluous nonsense. I cannot recommend this book. As for the author, I have met him on several occasions, both here in the Pacific Northwest and also when I joined him and 670 more people on his 2018 Super Tour to Israel. I returned home extremely ill. He reached out to me and we exchanged emails through most of last year. Perhaps I put him on too high a pedestal but after the tour, he fell off that pedestal and that is a good thing. I find it irritating that he hypes everything he preaches as ancient mysteries revealed through ONLY him for the first time in thousands of years.
Acturage 4 months ago
I have been honored by being one of 200 individuals who received an advanced copy of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s newest masterpiece “The Oracle.” I have read it and it is an amazing read. Jonathan has captured an intricate, finely woven tapestry of time, people, world events, history, and Biblical mysteries within this new book. Only One could speak to create the timing of such major events so precisely and perfectly. Only One could weave into such a fine tuned plan that shapes the world we know; the physical and spiritual world. Only One could involve so many people without them knowing they are taking part in history of His chosen nation and its people. He brought us the Jubilee celebrated every 50 years not only in Israel but within the entire world. Each Jubilee represents restoration and return. Only One could provide for each one of us the only real thing we need within our lifetime. You will find it in this book. You really need to have it before the end but that’s your choice.
Margaret-Cecile7 4 months ago
I love it. A fabulous, marvelous, beautiful book! A very exciting, excellent adventure into the past, present and future. Prepare to be thoroughly amazed, captivated, enthralled and blown away by this incredible book. Jonathan Cahn shines a light on the 'Book of Jubilees' mysteries, and presents a glorious tapestry woven through with rich beautiful colors of history, glittering golden threads of scriptural prophecies, real historical people and much more than amazing coincidences. Prophecies have been and still are mysteriously unfolding and even now affecting all our lives. You'll never think of Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens the same again, and many others. God is very powerful and so good and extremely alive! There is restoration, hope, joy and revelation. Blanks are filled in that have been left blank too long! Dots are connected and the bigger picture emerges. One feels lifted up to see the forest from the trees! All of Mr. Cahn's books are informative, inspired reading, but this one may very well be his best yet. A fantastic journey into visions within mystical visions, with seven doors and seven keys, to seek truth from a mystic called The Oracle in a mountainous desert. Scripture comes alive. The ending is so great and that's just the beginning! It may make you cry tears of joy. Worth reading more than once. I plan on reading it again and have bought several copies to give away. It is that good! A must read! Get it, read it, and rejoice!
CowboyTacos 4 months ago
In The Oracle, Pastor and New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Cahn shares a prophetic message concerning Israel, the end-times, The Jubilee, and how all these things are linked together. Like The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries, two of Cahn’s other books, The Oracle is written as a narrative. In this case, over the course of 63 short chapters, the main character meets a mysterious man known as “The Oracle” who proceeds to reveal a series of revelations known as “The Jubilean Mysteries”. I highly recommend this book and every other book by Cahn. I received an advance reading copy of this book from Charisma House.
LindaKing 4 months ago
Remarkable Awesomeness! I’m excited! The Oracle! Wow! It’s powerful message is contagious! I love to read books that amaze, don’t you?! I had previously read Jonathan Cahn’s impressive books The Harbinger and The Paradigm! What an honor to have had the opportunity to read an advance copy of The Oracle! I’m very grateful. I so appreciate Jonathan Cahn for his work on The Oracle which is Over The Top Overwhelming! Brilliant! Interesting! Encouraging! Challenging and Hopeful! He is a Bold and Courageous Leader! His insight of ancient stories found in the Bible and how they relate to current events makes me excited to read my Bible more and expectant about the future. His work is not just his imagination. In my opinion, his research of the scriptures and math proves that God is real! He is Alive! God is a God of order and restoration! In The Oracle, Jonathan Cahn’s knowledge about Jewish History, Israel, and Jerusalem inspires me to learn more about Jubilee. I was touched deeply by the astounding part that describes the events that lead to The United States Government’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel! Believe it or not, God is The God of Everything! This proves that God can use anyone to fulfill His purpose whether they know it or not! I highly recommend this book as Jonathan Cahn challenges the reader to recognize and think about the world as it continues to decline..we need to be rescued! How and when will life get better?! What will happen next? What can I do? The Oracle directs our attention away from the troubles of the world to Encouragement, Hope and The True Answer!
A_Molien 4 months ago
Jonathan Cahn writes yet another masterpiece! In The Oracle, Cahn reveals the Jubilean mysteries of ancient times. This book was written for the believer, the unbeliever, the skeptical, the agnostic, for everyone in general. As Cahn says “the mystery applies to the entire earth, to believer and unbeliever alike” (Chapter 13). The entire book reveals “the fingerprints of God” (Chapter 20) and how God’s hand has always been present in fulfilling His promises. It is ancient and modern at the same time. Eschatological in nature and timely needed to establish the craftiness of the hand of God from the beginning to the very end. The Oracle simply expresses the faithfulness of God towards His people. Cahn explains in Chapter 6 - “In the year of Jubilee you get it all back. In the year of Jubilee that which was lost is restored. As it was written in the Jubilean ordinance: Each of you shall return to his possession and each of you shall return to his family.” The Jubilean mystery is an “ancient mystery that manifests on a global scale, on the stage of world history, moving through all events, obscure and overt, the lives of individuals, the courses of nations, a world war, the rise and fall of empires” (Chapter 23). Cahn masterfully reveals this ancient mystery by using narrative in a form of a conversation that immediately draws you in and continues to invite you until the end. Cahn skillfully teaches us how the “Bible is filled with patterns and templates” (Chapter 22) and how “the word of God is such that on Scripture can hold several levels of meaning and application, and God can work and act in modern times according to biblical patterns and templates” (Chapter 21). This mystery, says Chan, began thousands of years ago and yet moving through the modern world, guiding all human events, directing the courses of nations and of world history itself to bring about its appointed purpose” (Chapter 1). It only takes but a few chapters and Google search to take the most skeptical unbeliever to recognize these patterns and confirm that there is an undeniable blueprint left from God in the Bible. This blueprint not only involves the ancient Israel and its history, but the history of all humankind. If we want to learn what’s in the future for us as a race, we need to look to Israel and its history. Every major global event has proven to have its roots in the people of Israel and the promise from God that they will return to their land and get it all back. This book breaks it down for us in a simple yet profound way. I absolutely recommend this book for everyone to become acquainted with the history of Israel in ancient times and modern times. Also, to witness how the puzzle pieces come together in this large book called the Bible. It will ignite your biblical knowledge and passion for the word of God. It will take you over modern history and show you how everything has unfolded perfectly and timely under our eyes without realizing it. If you like hunting, dig for treasures or even solve mysteries, this book is for you. In fact, this book is for everyone. It will blow your mind.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Johnathan Cahn has written another fascinating, revelatory book. Your faith and trust in God will be enhanced as you read about the Jubileen Mysteries come to pass. This is a must read book by your family and friends. This book will be a great gift for someone who needs to be introduced to a sovereign God.
bamabev7 4 months ago
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has woven a richly colored tapestry of seemingly unrelated historical events and cycles across the canvas of time to tell a fascinating and mind-blowing story through allegorical conversations, revealing long-hidden mysteries that are relevant to our lives today. He is a master craftsman used by “the” Master Craftsman Himself to speak encouragement in these tumultuous days of our ever-changing culture. Every believer should read this incredible work and rejoice in God’s personal involvement in our daily lives.
Anonymous 4 months ago
- [ ] This is the most amazing book I have ever read. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. Rabbi Cahn has an incite into the Word of God that few people have, studying and searching out every word in the Bible. The book is filled with prophecies of old that show at God’s appointed time His will is done. You will be amazed how a man named Mark Twain, a skeptic, was used to fulfill a prophecy given by Moses in the book of Deuteronomy. And how God used President Truman at the appointed time to declare the birth of Israel during the year of Jubilee. How the six day war was fought and won at the time appointed by God. This book is filled with many more mysteries that will blow you away. God makes no mistakes and is an on time God. I hope you will read and enjoy this book as much as I did. It will put a spark in your soul to study the Word of God and find many other nuggets of gold for yourself.
Anonymous 4 months ago
The Oracle is not your usual story-telling book, although at first, it seems to be a cross between science-fiction and fantasy. Not being familiar with Jonathan Cahn's writings, I was surprised to read of actual historical occurrences that seemed to have their beginnings in ancient biblical history. Reading further, I was no longer surprised. I was dumb-struck!!! The further I read, the lower my jaw dropped. Every revelation and there are many, is recorded with references in case you want to fact-check. This book reveals the Jubilean mysteries with exact precision. No one but God could design such "coincidences", from the time of Moses to the present with such intricacies that not only the event but the year, month, day and in some cases, the hour, are all in sync.
PirateQueen1784 4 months ago
What if I told you of a mystery that began thousands of years ago and yet moving through the modern world, guiding all human events, directing the courses of nations and the world history itself… to bring about its appointed purposes? This book just blow me a way… its a must read Its another amazing book by Rabbi Cahn. This time we meet the Oracle as we learn the answers behind ancient Middle Eastern mysteries. I always enjoy Rabbi Cahn’s books because you learn so much about Biblical history and Jewish roots and this books doesn't disappoint. I love how he shows that all these tiny unimportant events though out time are all part of Gods bigger plan. Wow! I also highly recommended The Book Of Mysteries by Rabbi Cahn. Thank you Charisma House for the ARC.
ACCuddy 4 months ago
From the back cover - ‘To know what the future holds, know what the past is hiding.” ”This book will open your eyes to groundbreaking mysteries that will impact not only how you understand the past, but also how you can be ready for the future.” The Oracle, by Jonathan Cahn unveils and opens up the Jubilean Mysteries to reveal times and events that have and do lie behind everything from the rise and fall of nations and empires (America), to current events of our day, the future and onward to end-times prophecies. In this book, Rabbi Cahn uses the Scriptures themselves to reveal ancient prophecies and ordinances spoken thousands of years ago and how they relate to our day and time. Who are the famous people and politicians linked to these events? Do these ancient prophecies pinpoint the manifestation events of our times? Could these manifestations have altered-and now be altering-the course of world events? Rabbi Cahn takes the reader on a journey to find the Oracle. This Oracle begins to reveal and explain each of the Jubilean mysteries that have been given in a vision of the seeker. The Oracle uncovers the mysteries. The mysteries of The Stranger, The Lost City, The Man With the Measuring Line, The Land of Seven Wells, and so many more. As the journey of ancient discovery opens, the Seeker goes on a journey to learn what his visions are about. We, the reader, have the privilege of “tagging along” on that journey as we are allowed to sit at the feet of the Oracle and learn the ancient secrets. On this journey, you will learn about the ancient scrolls that contain the appointed language that has determined world history from the start of modern times. The Oracle ultimately reveals the secret lie behind end-time prophecy and the mystery of the end of the age. This is a story that will grab you from page one and leave you wanting to know more and dig deeper. Prepare to be blown away. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
lcollierstu 4 months ago
It is a great book. Cahn uses a fictional story to tell a true story and true mysteries for the reader. I have had a hard time with loss and losing. The book helped me see what I lost was God's original plan for us and myself. Loss and heartache is what we have to endure until we see Him and realize that Christ and the family of God is what we have been looking for and what humanity lost. In the end the mystery of the Oracle and the Jublilees is this.
Babs52 4 months ago
Once again Rabbi Cahn draws the reader into the world of the Prophetic through a journey of discovery. The traveler begins his search looking for answers to visions he is having, answers that must come from a mysterious Oracle. The search for the Oracle itself becomes a journey unto itself. If you are a lover or follower of Rabbi Cahn's former books, you will be drawn into this one and be awed at the accuracy of the Prophecies. Each mystery draws one deeper into book, and shows how a deep connection of past events and how through time it weaves into the present day. It connects present day World events to the past, and how from the beginning we are all tied together into this marvelous woven tapestry. A very touching and revealing book , one which once the reader starts is hard pressed to put down until the book is completed. The best of Jonathan Cahn's books ,The Oracle is a must read .
JDA60 4 months ago
Book Review: The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn I have no doubt that this book is yet another Best Seller for Rabbi Cahn. The Oracle grabs your attention and holds it all the way through the 283 pages and 63 chapters! You will be challenged. You will be checking your Bible as you run through a variety of emotions. You will be saying Wow! and Can this be true? You will be touched, and your theology will be contested. But you will not be able to put this one down until it is finished! I enjoyed this book for the history analysis of the Jewish people. You will too. I was given a complimentary copy for my review. I will be purchasing a copy for my library. I highly recommend that you do as well.