The Right Kind of Trouble

The Right Kind of Trouble

by Shiloh Walker

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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The Right Kind of Trouble 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Gideon Marshall is the police chief of McKay’s Treasure. Bad things have been happening to the one of the most influential families, the McKays. He’s hitting his head against the wall as more and more danger keeps happening to them. When Moira McKay is attacked when he’s out of town, he feels responsible. The only problem is that Moira is the woman who long ago shattered his heart and he never quite got over her. He just doesn’t know how much longer he can be around her. Moira knows that Gideon is about done with her, but her brush with death has her finally getting over her self-imposed life of loneliness and misery. Now she just hopes it’s not too late as everything she and her siblings have worked hard for get destroyed. As with the other two books in this series, I absolutely loved it. After reading the other two books,I couldn’t wait to see how it finished and I wasn’t disappointed. My heart seemed to break over and over for Gideon and Moira. I was happy that Moira was able to get over her guilt so she can try to find happiness before it’s too late. I highly recommend this book and this entire series. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Paded in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She sat waiting patieny with her tail curld around her paws
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Needed a lot better proofing. Many errors.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
The Right Kind of Trouble is the satisfying ending to the McKay series and tells the story of oldest sister Moira McKay and Gideon Marshall. The story opens twenty years in the past with Moira learning that her parents have died, after a big fight about her relationship with Gideon. She decides to step up and take over the family business and raise her little brother and sister. She and Gideon break up and he joins the Army, leaving her alone for the foreseeable future. In the Meantime, Moira marries, divorces and decides to give up on romance all together. Gideon returns to McKay's Treasure to serve as it's sheriff and renew ties to Moira. She rejects him over and over again and he decides to move on. She changes her mind when she has a brush with death and must persuade Gideon to give her another chance. Will Moira get her happy ending? I am a sucker for a second chance romance, but I was frustrated by how stubborn Moira was through the series. I loved Gideon and was very happy with how things worked out. If you like a sexy southern romance combined with a intriguing suspense, this is the book for you! This can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend that it be read as the third of the series. It makes the ending much more satisfying. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE is the third and final? instalment in Shiloh Walker’s contemporary, adult THE McKAYS romantic, suspense series focusing on the McKay siblings of McKay’s Treasure. This is police chief Gideon Marshall, and Moira McKay’s story line. THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the books in order as there is a continuing story line running throughout the series. Told from several third person points of view THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE focuses on the search for the person(s) responsible for the ongoing attacks against the McKay family, and the rebuilding of the relationship between Gideon Marshall, McKay’s Treasure police chief, and Moira McKay-the woman he has loved for most of his life. Eighteen years earlier Moira pushed way the only man that she would ever love following the death of her parents when Moira began both mother and father to her younger siblings, and in the ensuing years Gideon has struggled with his love for a woman who is unable to let go of the past. The push and pull, back and forth between our leading couple is a battle of the heart and the mind. Gideon is unaware of the reasons for Moira’s continuous cold shoulder, and our hero is ready to move on with someone else. When Moira is attacked by an unknown assailant the search is on for the person(s) hoping to destroy the entire McKay family. The relationship between Gideon and Moira is one of second chances. Moira’s acerbic personality does very little to endear this reader to her treatment of the man she claims to love. At every opportunity Moira’s bitterness and anger is directed at Gideon, and when our hero is willing to walk away leaving Moira to get on with her life, Moira’s jealousy begins to cast doubts on her true feelings for the man she continues to push away. Moira’s past is shrouded in heartbreak and pain, and she is having difficulty keeping her emotions in check. The $ex scenes are intimate and seductive. THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE has a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including all of the previous story line couples; the local police department personnel, Moira’s ex husband, and a number of towns people questioned about the attacks against the McKay family. We are also introduced to dog breeder Zeke, a friend of police chief Gideon Marshall, and a man whose hatred for the McKay’s leads our heroine to start an investigation into her family history with long time residents of McKay’s Treasure. The world building continues to look at the investigation into the attacks against the McKay siblings. For one hundred and fifty years, the McKay family has worked and owned most of the town, and in the ensuing years rumors have spread about a buried treasure that seems to attract the ‘crazies’ and everyone who believes they have been wronged by the McKays. Sometime the least likely suspect is someone very close. THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE is a fast paced story of mystery, suspense, romance and second chances. The premise is engaging and thrilling; the romance is passionate but challenging; the colourful characters are an eclectic mix of small town people, family and friendships. THE RIGHT KIND OF TROUBLE is a wonderful story about family; a fateful story about love; a passionate tale about how far some people will go when driven to desperation.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Argh! Why doesn't NetGalley make it clear(er) when a book is part of a series? I picked this up and had no idea that it was the third in a series. Obviously I read it as a stand-alone but I would say this was quite difficult to read as a stand-alone, I would view it as the final part of a trilogy and there was a lot that I didn't really understand as a consequence. Moira McKay is the eldest of three siblings. Their family has been the leading family in McKay's Treasure (yep, that's the name of the town) for generations and they live in a big house called McKay's Ferry. Moira runs the multi-million dollar McKay business. Her brother Brannon is engaged to Hannah, a paramedic who is also expecting their baby. Her younger sister Neve is engaged to a Scot called Ian. Their parents died in a gruesome car accident when Moira was a teenager, Neve was in the car with them. Moira subsequently brought up her siblings with the help of the family retainer Ella Sue. The novel opens at McKay's Ferry at the party celebrating the two engagements. Moira is in the kitchen washing up and Gideon Marshall, local police chief, is talking to her. Apparently he has been in love with her for over 20 years but she has consistently pushed him away. Now Gideon has started dating one of the County Sheriff's deputies. Just as Gideon starts to try to move on with his life, Moira realises she has made a mistake by pushing Gideon away, but is it too late? This part of the novel didn't really work for me, or perhaps it is more accurate to say this didn't develop the way I was expecting from the blurb. Even when Moira explains why she pushed Gideon away it didn't really make much sense to me - maybe I missed something. Both Hannah and Neve have been targeted/attacked in the previous books, everyone thought the perpetrator had been discovered and was dead, but it seems he may have only been responsible for some of the things that happened. Someone seems to have a grudge against the McKays, in succession Moira is attacked and buildings they own are set on fire. It seems the attacker is looking for some buried treasure which he believes is rightfully his. I didn't really understand the interactions between the various historical characters and what actually happened - maybe this story was developed in one of the earlier books? Overall, I enjoyed the thriller aspect of this, there were a couple of potential suspects for the attacker and I thought Shiloh Walker did well to confuse matters enough to keep me guessing. I would recommend that readers read the previous books before this one as I felt I missed some of the nuances of the story.
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
I've enjoyed the first 2 books in The McKays series but will admit I'd wanted Moira and Gideon's story from the moment I met them both in the first book. I absolutely adore Shiloh Walker's romantic suspense novels and have to say she did a wonderful job with all 3 books in The McKay's series. I love a good second change romance story. I will say it pissed me off at how long Moira had pushed Gideon away, especially when it was obvious to everyone who knew them how much they loved each other. I get she felt guilty about her argument with her mom the night her parents died, but I didn't like she punished both herself and Gideon for so many years because of guilt. I loved that Moira and Gideon's chemistry had never really gone away, and once they were back as a couple, they had a hard time keeping their hands off each other. I adored the fact that we got to spend time with the other McKay siblings and their significant others in The Right Kind of Trouble. Yes I felt like the romance between Moira and Gideon was center stage overall, but without including Moira's siblings in the story, I don't feel like it would have been as strong. The mystery that started out in Headed for Trouble came to a head in The Right Kind of Trouble. I had my suspicions as to who was behind everything, and I was correct. However, I was completely off in my guess as to why this person was behind everything. I seriously love how Ms. Walker's mind works when it comes to the romantic suspense genre. She seems to always keep me guessing as to the reason, even when I've already figured out the bad guy. The Right Kind of Trouble was the perfect wrap up to The McKay's series. I really don't feel like The Right Kind of Trouble should be read as a stand-alone story, as to get the full effect of the story, you need to read the first 2 books in the series first. Ms. Walker gives her readers a beautiful second chance romance with a strong suspenseful mystery. Review copy provided by publisher
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
I do wish I had known this was the third book is the series and yes it can be read as a standalone, but I think I would have appreciated the story and plotline so much more having read the first two books. I do plan on going back and reading them. Without going into the backstory too much and staying with the two MC's Gideon and Moira who have had a long term, (huge understatement) they have a 20 year history with each other. Gideon is about done waiting for Moira. While Moira has been busy raising her siblings after their parents were killed, she now runs the family business. Their feelings for each other run long and deep. It's only when Gideon decides to try and move along a little bit, Moira wakes up and realizes that she really does want him and the story unfolds from there. I loved Gideon, he's steamy yet level headed. I liked Moira too, despite wanting to boot her at one point. The twist in here also is that the lives of both she and her sister are threatened and Gideon is determined to protect them at all costs. This was a well written book, the characters were fully fleshed out, the storyline was great, even though I hadn't read the others, I could surmise some of the backstory, but you do miss the subtleties not having read the other books. The balance between the suspense, love story and the family was perfect. The twists were spot on and the book was a smooth yet gripping read. Shiloh Walker wrote a great story here. **arc from NetGalley and St Martins Press Publisher** in exchange for an honest review
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the McKay series. Gideon has been in love with Moira McKay for years and has finally decided to give up and move on. Someone is out to get the McKay family and Gideon plans to protect Moira until she is safe. The connection between Gideon and Moira is amazing. The story really takes hold and has you spellbound. This is a fast paced read with plenty of suspense as well. This was a great series and this an excellent read.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Finally we get the full story of Moira and Gideon! This is the third book in the series and I guess it could be read standalone but you may be left with a few questions. Gideon has loved Moira for almost 20 years and he hasn't kept it a secret. Although she has feelings for him as well she has kept him at arms length after a vicious attack leaves her distrusting all men. Gideon has finally decided enough is enough and has decided to leave McKay's Treasure. This causes Moira to reevaluate her feelings and the way she's been treating Gideon. Is she too late?? When it appears that Moira and her family are once again the target of attacks, Gideon knows he can't walk away until he knows Moira is safe. Definitely a book I would recommend but I do think you should read this entire series in order.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This is the final installment in this series and it fills in the blanks that left us with questions after the first two books. Moira and Gideon have been in love since they were teenagers but spent the past 20 years pushing each other away. Finally Gideon has had enough and is going to leave once all the trouble and mystery is solved. This finally is the wake up call Moira needs to pull Gideon back into her life. That and she is attacked which sends Gideon over the edge and right to her side. Is there a treasure? What is the treasure? Who is causing chaos? **Received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**