The Rookie

The Rookie

by Abigail Owen

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The Rookie 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
sandy4lee 16 days ago
Aidan is the newest member of the dragon shifter team who work as enforcers under the guise of firefighters. He’s worked and fought hard for his position as the first orphan reject to earn this honor. Many of his species, as well as a few on his team, still don’t approve of him. Sera, a human woman in their community has the rare privilege of knowing the dragon shifter team’s secrets, since her closest friend became mated to their leader. Now she’s showing dragon sign also. Finding Sera’s true mate becomes a power struggle that not only puts her life in danger but that of her young son. Aidan may not feel worthy to have Sera for his own, but he’ll do anything it takes to protect her and her child. I cannot wait to read the next story about these awesome and diverse dragons!!!
Anonymous 18 days ago
etoile1996 4 months ago
book 3 in the fire's edge series, the rookie, has rookie firefighter/orphaned dragon shifter aiden finding his soulmate where he least expects it. he'd thought the dreams he had of sera were a product of his overactive imagination and desire for her. little did he know that she had shared the visions too. in the daylight hours, he does his best to stay away from her, not realizing how hurtful and confusing she finds it because she is as drawn to him as he is to her. and when her fire brand is revealed, it's clear why. he is meant to be hers, even though her brand is three families entwined, she knows from his reaction, from the depths of her very soul that she is meant to be his. but the mating process for dragon shifters has become dangerous and highly politicized. and the fire's edge team has already broken more than a few rules. soon it will be all out war, and the rookie takes up that intensity. i can't wait to see where the next book in the series takes us. hopefully, it's drake's turn to find love. he's running on borrowed time at this point. **the rookie will publish on april 22, 2019. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (amara) in exchange for my honest review.
DoxieParadise 4 months ago
Loved it! Couldn't read it fast enough.
Bookishly_Nerdy 4 months ago
I’ve read shifter books before. They were anything between Teens and YA and Erotica. Those books were always really gratuitous and made it super obvious that they were about shifters. The books had mentioned how different the shifters were from “regular” humans. Those other books ALWAYS made it seem extremely obvious they were about shifters. Not so the case here. It was sort of accepted that there were shifters around. That might have been due to the fact that it is the third book in the series, but it certainly didn’t feel like that. It was done extremely well. The fact that they were dragons seemed as a bit of an afterthought. Or maybe more of an extra detail. The romance between Sera and Aidan and creating a family with Sera’s son Blake seemed to be at the forefront. Aidan, from the beginning, showed a connection with Sera that no one else did. So much so that all the other characters were just waiting for them to accept it. The villains in this story were not the ones I thought they were going to be. And the changes in POV make it so interesting to read. It was honestly a very well built world and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
Deb_from_Oz 4 months ago
Another great book in this wonderful series where the dragons actually work as fire fighter whimsy any one. In this story Sera has decided to move away from the dragons she no longer wants to live near their influence and she definitely wants to get her son Blake away from them as he is starting to copy their ways Aiden a dragon shifter just wants to be a member of his clan and prove himself He is deeply attracted to Sera but he laso suffers from self doubt When danger stalks Sera and Blake as the truth about them comes out will he be able to keep them self and in so doing prove himself to be the perfect mate for her. Be prepared for some super hot scenes and plenty of suspense in this great story
SherryF 4 months ago
Woo Hoo! Back with the smoking hot dragons and I am ready for some romance. I loved The Boss and met Sera. She became a character I wanted to know better and Abigail Owen made it happen. She has a secret, one even she doesn’t know and I aim to learn it. I may know some of what’s coming, but I can’t wait to learn al the details. The Rookie is high in suspense with a slow BURNING romance. At times Abigail Owen had me doubting it would happen. Now that’s some great writing, making me question what I know. Even in the dragon world there is politics and betrayal. WOW…keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to see where Abigail Owen will take me next. Keep ’em coming…please. I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Rookie by Abigail Owen.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy. What an action packed dramatic romance! The action was non-stop as Sera and Adrian had to first admit that they were attracted to each other. There were times that I wanted to knock some sense into Adrian as he didn't feel worthy to have a mate. You are also kept guessing as who the other dragon is that thinks Sera is his mate and who is obviously having some strange dreams that really is not Sera. I kind of guessed and then was sad to see how it ended for him. Kind of funny that the bad dragon, Rune, is the one that helps Sera escape from the Alliance and was right about what was going to happen. I loved the showdown with Adrian, Sera, and the other dragon - I loved when Sera shifted for the first time but poor Adrian really got the worst of that encounter. Another little surprise which I don't want to spoil but was such a cute part and happy for Sera's sake, also. i am really hoping that Drake will find his feisty mate so he won't waste away, he is kind of a little on the grumpy side but seemed like a teddy bear on the inside - so hoping for his book next!!
Sandrathereader 5 months ago
The Rookie, book 2 in the Fire’s Edge series by Abigail Owen was a page turner. We definitely get more of the history of these dragon shifters/firefighters, but this is the story of Aidan and Sera and their bumpy ride to their happily ever after. Sera is a single mother, who’s main concern is the safety of her son Blake, feels an intense attraction to Aidan, but believes he has no interest in her. Aidan is the rookie of their group and also has this extreme need for her but being raised as an orphan made him feel not good enough so he tries to stay away. It takes many twists and turns for them to finally believe they are meant to be with each other, and once they believe, its explosive. As to the danger involved, there were many times I was so surprised and the story definitely kept me on my toes. I had a difficult time trying to figure out who the bad guy was. Once they were revealed, the consequences was definitely jaw dropping. (Lets just say never mess with a mama protecting their young). And I do have to say little Blake was just adorable. All in all a great read.
DiiFL 5 months ago
Grab the asbestos gloves, because Abigail Owen is about to scorch your senses with some sexy dragon shifters and some sizzling romance in the THE ROOKIE. Only a very special few are destined to be dragon mates and the last thing Sera needed was to have very hot dreams about Aidan, she has loved and lost and fears ever loving again. Little does she know, Aidan has some pretty intense feelings for her, too, but his past and his struggle to belong in his clan make him feel less than worthy of finding his mate. As their feelings grow, so do their internal struggles, but when the Alliance Council steps in upon discovering who and what Sera is, they risk the chance of never knowing what they could have been to each other, because Sera could die if she mates with the wrong dragon. Can Aidan convince her he is the one for her or will he have to resort to desperate measures? Can you say, lots of angst, lots of heat and passions that run full steam ahead? From the sexy dragon shifters to an adorable little boy, this cast feels so close, so real, that you WILL believe in dragons and how hot-blooded they can be! Step right up and get your paranormal romance while it's hot! Love these dragon shifters! I received a complimentary ARC edition from Entangled Amara and Abigail Owen!
Evampire9 5 months ago
Aidan Paytah has had to prove himself worthy every second of every day and has fought with everything he had to earn his precarious place on the Huracán team of dragon shifter enforcers. After having lost her parents and husband, single mother Sera Morrison runs her family winery alone but nothing could have prepared her for the discovery that she is a dragon mate. With the Alliance Council wanting to use Sera as a political pawn, Aidan has no choice but to kidnap her even though mating with him could end being a far worse fate for Sera. This dragon shifter romance is very intense and full of thrilling suspense, scorching passion, and a romance that rocks the dragon world. Aidan and Sera are two strong, convincing characters that readers can easily relate to and really want to get to know. The chemistry sizzles with vivid intensity that readers can practically feel from every page but with an unexpected twist, this romance has some seriously impossible seeming obstacles that makes the hair stand up on readers’ necks with all the possibilities of where things could go. This keeps the romance part of this story is constant turmoil right alongside all the emotional turmoil that Aidan and Sera experience due to the possible mating. This story is fast paced and flows from one thrilling suspenseful moment to the next with a quickness that ensures that readers never experience a dull moment. Surprising twists, rogue dragons and a manipulative agenda keeps the excitement building throughout the story as readers wonder just how this couple could possibly reach for their HEA. In a stunning and moving conclusion, someone decides their own fate and surprises others with their fates, making this one edgy and exhilarating read that readers can’t possible put down.
JewelsBookPages 5 months ago
Holy smokes! The Boss was a great read, but The Rookie was flipping fantastic! Always an underdog it seems, Aidan had so much working against him from the start and I couldn’t resist cheering every time something good came his way. Sera was a perfect match with her nurturing tendencies and fiery personality and her son, Blake was like mini-Aidan the way he tried emulating him. Because of Aidan’s background, I was already rooting for him as the only choice to be Sera’s match over the rest. What can I say? I’m biased! Seeing his interactions with Blake solidified it, but man, the journey was one heck of a rocky road! Secrets and betrayals come to light, some good, some bad, and heavy decisions are made. Book two of the Fire’s Edge series, The Rookie was an engaging read! Dragon shifters working as firemen is novelty enough. Add great characterization and an engaging plot and I’m sold! I love the emotional connections, the steamy romance, and the verbal banter between the characters. With his charming antics, Blake was a show stealer, but Sera and Aidan’s romance was an absolute heart stealer. So far, this is my favorite of the series-although Drake may surprise me-and I’m hoping there’s many more stories to come! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. -jewlsbookblog
onemused 5 months ago
"The Rookie" is a fun paranormal romance that follows dragon shifters. In this world, dragon shifters are divided by colors with kings and legislative bodies ruling their lives. Groups of dragons made up of different colors work together on teams to fight any supernatural fires set by rogue dragons. The Rookie, Aidan, is one such dragon, working on the same team which was featured in the first book. Dragons are almost entirely male, and the few females that exist are sterile. Most dragons would potentially mate with a human woman who has the ability to be a dragon mate, which shows up in unusual abilities, such as the woman inadvertently starting fires. The mating process is brutal if the dragon is not matched with an actual mate, and the woman dies. If they are actually mates, then the woman becomes a dragon also with the matched lifespan to the dragon and many other abilities that we are just beginning to learn about. Sera runs a winery near where Aidan and his team work. She lives with her son, Blake, from a previous marriage (she is a widow). She keeps having dreams about and feeling pulled towards Aidan, but he seems a bit apart. However, as we know from the dual points-of-view, he is also feeling very much the same way. When Sera begins to show signs of being a dragon mate, the same issues that arose in the first book appear again- with so few women showing signs of being a dragon mate, the legislative body who oversees the mating process is full of opinions that are not always correct/politically motivated and there are plenty of rogue dragons who would try to take her away and mate her. In a fast-paced plot, this book quickly follows Sera and Aidan to romance. The plot mostly is filled with all the action as lots of things are happening. The relationship building is mentioned but not always detailed. However, I found this ideal and easy to follow with some extra spice from the danger and the steamy romance. I still wish there was more world-building in terms of the complex culture of the dragons. We get a little more in this book, but I still feel like we have so much left to learn about the dragons, their culture, and their oversight. I am hopeful we will keep building upon that in future books. Regardless, that information is not needed to enjoy this romance. I highly recommend for people who like fast-paced paranormal romance/fantasy novels. This series is a lot of fun, and I can't wait for the next installment! Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.