The Sun Down Motel

The Sun Down Motel

by Simone St. James


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Customer Reviews

The Sun Down Motel 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 44 reviews.
Davids3 11 days ago
The Sundown Motel is a great myster story, and I recommend it highly. As one of the blurbs says, 'deliciously creepy', is really an apt discription. Ghosty without being gory, is how i like such tales. And good detective work well told so that we are there as things develop, none of those hidden things that are so irritating (if i had known that at page 3, i would have solved this then). It is a bit hard to follow at times beause of the alternating times of aunt and neice, but you get used to it and it becomes fun to see how the pieces fit together. Good corono quarantine read.
5539034 13 days ago
No one does ghosts like this author, and strong, likeable heroines.
ABookAWeekES 2 days ago
It has been a while since I truly could not wait to get my hands on a book. I think back to the days of waiting for the next Harry Potter novel to publish, grabbing up a copy at midnight, and breathlessly reading into the early morning. That's the level of anticipation with which I approached Simone St. James' latest novel The Sun Down Motel. You see, The Broken Girls, her previous release, was THE book of 2018 for me. Something about combining a cold case mystery with a dash of supernatural horror entranced me to no end. Even as I write this review, I can't escape the spell that novel cast upon me. Seriously, read The Broken Girls! Anyway, I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this novel pretty much since finishing her last. I was fortunate enough to be provided with an advanced copy of the novel from the publisher (I sought out this review copy, something I rarely do!) and am pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book too. The small town of Fell, NY is beyond the place that would be considered "off the beaten path". It is the kind of place that only the locals seem to truly be aware of. Aside from the local college, there isn't really anything else to draw someone to stay. As such, the local Sun Down Motel has seen better days. The year is 1982, and the motel is only drawing drifters and locals who are up to no good. Despite the ramshackle appearance and questionable occupants, Viv Delaney sees the motel as the ideal stepping stone to her future aspirations. If she can just hold down a job as a night clerk for a few months, she'll have enough saved to make the big move to NYC. In the present day, the old motel is still standing and operating, a little more run-down than before, but a fixture of the town nonetheless. Looking for a reason to escape her life, especially after her mother succumbed to cancer, Carly decides to follow in the footsteps of her aunt Vivian and move out to Fell. Decades ago, Viv disappeared without a trace. The mystery of her vanishing has haunted Carly's family ever since. Determined to retrace Viv's steps, Carly takes on the same job as a night clerk and does some amateur detective work of her own. Like The Broken Girls, The Sun Down Motel finds great success in immersing the reader in its sense of place. The titular motel is presented in such detail that I could feel myself getting lost in its decaying surroundings. St. James writes alternating chapters of past and present day, the two taking on a mirror-like quality as Carly retraces the journey of Viv all those years ago. At times, I did find myself jumping back to the beginning of the chapters to remind myself which time period/perspective I was in. The two girls' stories are so similar that it did get a bit tedious to keep track of who I was reading about. Still, I eagerly raced through each page to see what would happen next. Ultimately, The Sun Down Motel is a novel about haunting. The place is haunted by the ghosts of the town's horrific past, and Carly is haunted by the questions surrounding her aunt's disappearance. The two threads come together in a beautiful, albeit a bit rushed, conclusion that left me stunned at the sheer magnitude of emotions I was feeling. Simone St. James has a way of leaving me haunted by what I experienced at the end of her works to the point that I'll find myself reflecting on them for days and weeks after finishing. Count this one as another win from an author who is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
Beemer123 6 days ago
You've heard of off-off Broadway. The Sun Down is off-off-off the beaten path -- a roadside motel in Upstate New York that never had a heyday even when it was brand-new in the late '70s. If the rundown Sun Down could talk, what tea would it spill? Spoiler alert -- it sort of, kind of can, and tea isn't all that's spilled there. This is the second Simone St. James book I've read, with the first being Lost Among the Living. This author knows how to construct a creepy setting. The Sun Down Motel is itself a character and St. James develops this character with the creepiest imagery: "...the long leg of the L stretching away from her, the rows of doors, the feeble beams from the overhead lightbulbs, some of them burned out like broken teeth." Main protagoniste duties are split between Viv in 1982 and Viv's niece, Carly, in 2017. Both timelines are equally compelling, which makes for a page-turning mash-up of ghost story, murder mystery, thriller. [I received a copy of this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.]
WordsLikeStars 10 days ago
'The Sun Down Motel' by Simone St. James - ReviewTold through dual perspectives—the lead in 2017, and her long-lost, seemingly disappeared aunt in 1982—The Sun Down Motel is an atmospheric and intriguing read from the start. Carly, our 2017 main character, is on the trail of her aunt, Vivian, who vanished from the run-down The Sun Down motel in 1982 and was never heard from again despite searches. Searches that Carly soon realizes were rather cursory, especially as her aunt was on the trail of what Carly later realizes was a serial killer back in the day. As Carly searches for Vivian, and Vivian hunts the tracks of the murderer, the story closes in on its inevitable ending. I've always enjoyed the touch of paranormal factors that Simone St. James adds to her books since I read my first novel by her years ago, The Haunting of Maddy Clare. Just like with The Haunting..., the ghosts and apparitions in The Sun Down Motel not only help pull the story along, but help the characters piece together the loose ends of the plot. And without needing to lean on this, the author makes the connections easy to follow, smooth to flow together. It was as unsettling as it was meant to be, without it being creepy enough that it would distract from everything else that was occurring. The slow reveal and end result of the mystery was a very nice change of pace when we switch to Vivian's time in the story. I was pleasantly surprised to see her take the killer's fate in her hands, despite how it seems that things are going to end near the beginning of her search. She's a smart, spunky character without being loud about it—personality triats that are nicely mirrored in Carly later on in years, while Carly has her own quirks to make her her own individual. I'm only sorry that the two had so little time together once they were able to finally meet on even ground. I wouldn't say that the ending was explosive, since it does happen in stages, rather than in one harried single moment. It does lose momentum, ever so slightly, but it was still quite satisfying. Especially as one takes into account how “alive” the motel itself turns out to be at the end, and the role that it plays. It's an overall good novel, so easy to get hooked into. St. James' writing runs as seamlessly as it always has, and makes it that much more tempting to devour the book in one sitting if you have the chance.
pasqreads 15 days ago
Simone St. James absolutely nails another one. With her unique ability to incorporate paranormal elements that are at once unsettling, deeply emotional, and entirely believable she weaves a thrilling tale on the premise of a haunted motel and two generations of amateur sleuths. Don’t sleep on this one.
TeeP2 18 days ago
You won't find many classically styled ghost stories like this anymore, and then St. James doubles down with a nefarious serial killer - come on! This is a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish. If you can do it in one sitting, you won't regret it!
BrittsBookClub 19 days ago
Well, I definitely had to read this one with the lights on, and not only because I can’t read in the dark. The Sun Down Motel had all of the creepy, supernatural, and thriller vibes I could want. I absolutely love when a book gives me goose pimples and makes me look around the room to make sure I’m really alone. Simone St. James did an excellent job of creating a book that really threw you into the pages and made you feel like you were there, experiencing everything the characters were experiencing. The Story: This was such an incredible story from start to finish. It contained everything I love: paranormal events, murder, and people who investigate murders (where are my murderinos at?!). The story was well done and so captivating I had a hard time putting it down and reminding myself that I’m in the real world. I think that the paranormal happenings included in this book really helped it to stand out from most of the other thrillers that I read. The Flow: This book is fast-paced and transitions easily from one chapter to the next. It’s not an incredibly long book and I read this one in a minimal amount of time. The words seemed to flow seamlessly together to create an incredible story. The Characters: I liked the characters of Vivian and Carly because I was able to picture myself in them (hello, total true crime weirdo over here). I loved their naivety and innocence and found it a bit endearing when compared to most of the characters I read about. Simone St. James does an incredible job of creating likeable characters that we’re meant to like and cringey, unlikeable characters that we’re supposed to detest. The Writing: This story was told using two different time periods and perspectives. This is my preferred style of writing, and while I did enjoy it, I found myself getting confused between the two every once in a while, especially in the beginning. I would have to go back and check what happened with whom and during which time period. Towards the end, this became much easier to keep track of and I was able to separate the two fairly easily. Overall, I truly enjoyed this book and think that if you love thrillers you should definitely give this unique book a try! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Xkoqueen 19 days ago
In remote Fell, New York, the Sun Down Motel awaits weary travelers, and each night, the occupancy swells to include a few specters with unfinished business. Can anyone else smell the faint aroma of cigarette smoke or hear the doors opening and closing? In 1982 Viv Delaney finds herself in Fell, New York and takes a job as the night clerk at The Sun Down Motel. Some thirty-five years later, her niece, Carly, takes the same job at the motel. However, it is not a coincidence. Carly is searching for answers to her aunt’s disappearance. I enjoyed the two strong female lead characters in this dual- POV, dual-timeline mystery. The author created two similar characters but gave them each a distinct voice making them entwined and distinctly interesting. Simone St. James’ evocative writing creates an incredible sinister atmosphere. From start to finish the eerie sense of foreboding is palpable. The descriptions of upstate New York made me feel like I had visited the area. Gothic mystery or horror? The Sun Down Motel is a not-so-cozy cold-case mystery investigated by the missing woman’s niece more than thirty years after the fact.
scambra 20 days ago
The Sun Down Motel is the first book that I’ve read from this author. And it definitely won’t be my last! Carly heads to the last place her Aunt Vivian was known to be seen thirty five years earlier. She’s determined to find out what happened to her Aunt and ends up at the Sun Down Motel. This story was creepy and downright arm hair-raising AND totally sucked me right right in. I couldn’t put it down. I’m off to read everything else Simone St. James has ever written!
Marythelibrarian 23 days ago
Carly Kirk is a 20 year old woman from Illinois who finds herself fascinated by a cold case that happened in Fell, New York thirty-five years before. In 1982, a 20 year old woman named Vivian Delaney disappeared without a trace when working the night shift at The Sun Down Motel. She was one of several Fell women to go missing around that time. Carly travels to the town where Vivian disappeared, searching for clues about Vivian’s demise. In an ironic twist , Carly finds employment as the night shift manager of the Sun Down Motel. Carly soon discovers that The Sun Down is not a typical motel and the more investigating that she does, the more secrets that she uncovers. This novel is an intriguing blend of true crime, suspense, and supernatural. It alternates between 1982 and 2017, from the perspectives of Vivian and Carly. This book catches the reader’s attention in the first chapter and keeps their interest until the final page.
DoomKittieKhan 25 days ago
"We've got a lot of them." "What?" I asked. "Dead girls. We have a lot of dead girls." In Fell, New York there is a sleepy, unassuming, mid-century lodging called The Sun Down Motel. Its dated neon, dirty pool, and ancient amenities make The Sun Down a relic from another time. Even the town of Fell represents dreams cut short. Originally built up to be a destination spot around a promised amusement park, Fell was a late 70s boom town. However, the amusement park never came and Fell has been slowly dying since then. Lots of small towns have motels like The Sun Down. It's the place where locals go to hide their indiscretions, or commuters will stay on their way to someplace else. But something dark is stirring at The Sun Down. The lights flicker, the doors will open on their own, cigarette smoke follows you even if no one else is around, and some of the guests you encounter might never check out. In 2017, 20-year-old Carly Kirk leaves college for an extended time after the death of her mother and sets out for Fell. As an amateur true crime buff, Carly is drawn to Fell and The Sun Down Motel because in 1982 her aunt, Viv Delaney, vanished from there while working the night shift. Picking up where her aunt left off, Carly takes a job as the front desk night clerk at The Sun Down Motel, finds Viv's old apartment and begins living there, and throws herself into researching the town of Fell and what happened on the November evening her aunt vanished. Through alternating narratives between Carly in 2017 and Viv in 1982 we encounter Fell and The Sun Down Motel through the eyes of both women. Simone St. James perfectly blends supernatural thrills with real-life terror in "The Sun Down Motel". If you're already a fan of St. James and her take on ghost stories, you will not be disappointed. I was charmed that she dedicated this book to Murderinos and proudly displayed her nerd badge while unwinding the major plot points of the story. References to podcasts like My Favorite Murder and Michelle McNamara's I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer abound and true crime fans will adore the shared lingo. In addition to being another knock out story of a haunting, St. James delivers a biting look at women and true crime. She is critical and contemplative in a way that will give any fellow fangirl pause. While it can be easy to lose yourself in such a riveting story as "The Sun Down Motel", St. James takes time to philosophize about the women who are drawn to the genre. Using the narratives of Viv and Carly to illustrate these points, the reader is led to understand the different worlds that women occupied in 1982 and in 2017. It is a painful reminder that women speak another language known only to themselves. There is a reason that women are drawn to true crime and horror stories. In them we find each other. These alternating view points demonstrate how perceptions of societal pressures put on women have changed...and also how they have not. St. James ratchets up the tension by shifting the narrative between the ghosties, Carly's obsessive fascination with her aunt's disappearance, and Viv's armchair investigation into the real horrors of Fell and why it has "so many dead girls". I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
JuliW 26 days ago
"It could always be you.....'' Fell, NY. A small upstate town...quaint, not much going on....but a lot of secrets hiding in the shadows. In 1982, girls from Fell are being murdered. Vivian works at the Sun Down Motel. It's mostly boring. Nothing happens in Fell....until the murders. She decides to do a little investigating. She finds the killings to be strangely intriguing and exciting, could have been her. Or any other girl in town. It could have happened to anyone.....anyone could be the killer....anyone could be next. .....then Vivian disappears. Flash forward to 2017. Carly comes to town. She's Vivian's niece...and she wants answers. What happened to her aunt? She ends up working at the Sun Down Motel...just like her aunt back in 1982. And just like her aunt, she is in danger..... This book is so spooky cool! There are strange happenings in the motel....the weird vibe in Fell....Vivian's disappearance.... Loved it! I think the line "It could always be you....'' really grabbed hold of my brain and never let go. Because it's true. I watch way too much Discovery ID Channel. The stories of disappearances, random killings, murders....the stories are always about someone else...the unlucky person in a bad relationship or just the wrong place at the wrong time. But......nobody is immune. With one mistake or twist of fate, it could be ..... anyone. It could be me. It could be you. It could be someone I know....someone you know. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to shows like's intriguing and interesting because it COULD be me, but wasn't. I got sucked right into the atmosphere of this story. This ended up being a binge read for me.....I couldn't stop reading! Any book that keeps me reading until the wee hours of the night earns full stars from me! Very entertaining story! I enjoyed The Broken Girls by this author, so I'm not too surprised that I also enjoyed this newest book! I added another book by her, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, to my TBR list. I'm sure I will enjoy it too! **I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Berkley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
C-Rae 26 days ago
Creeped out is the best way to describe the feeling reading the Sun Down Motel. Stephen King aside, this is not my normal genre so was quite surprised to be so quickly drawn in with both characters, and how well written it is to keep them intertwined. Kept more than one light one when reading. Well done.!
Ratbruce 26 days ago
I loved this paranormal psychological thriller told from two perspectives 35 years apart. Well paced with great character development and surprise twists, this page turner kept me reading late into the night, Strongly recommended.
Bookswithjams 27 days ago
This was so freaking GOOD! And SCARY!! And I LOVED IT! First off, the dedication is to Murderinos. Whaaat?? You KNOW it’s gonna be good when this is how we begin. We are in Fell, New York, past (1982) and present day. Past - Viv's POV, she left home and is trying to get to NYC but gets diverted at The Sun Down Motel. She starts working, taking the overnight shift, and soon after begins to see things happen that are a little out of the norm.... Then Viv herself disappears, never to be heard from again. Present day - Carly is Viv's niece, and has recently lost her mother to cancer. Feeling lost, only having her brother left, she sets off to Fell, determined to find out what happened to her aunt all those years ago. Carly also begins working at the Motel, and starts to experience some of the same odd things that Viv did. Side note - I grew up out in the country, driving on dirt roads and used to get a wee bit creeped out at night as my mind would think of scary things that could happen. Oh hey, guess what? There is a scene in here that utilizes the hood of a car in the EXACT same way that I envisioned these creepy things happening. And yes, I freaked out when I read that in the book, but I loved it. The two different POV's, switching from past to present, that creepy as hell motel, the characters, the ghosts - it was all just brilliant, and terrifying!! I won't be able to stop talking about this one for a while, and will go ahead and call it now - Top read of 2020. I also will never be the same again if I ever witness a door opening on its own at night. Js…
blueberrygirl417 28 days ago
The Sun Down Motel was something I wasn’t expecting. I was hooked by the My Favorite Murder dedication to Murderinos. I thought I was going to be reading a psychological thriller...little I know I was stepping into a horror story. I don’t normally read this genre, but it lived up to it’s scary promise--murderous ghosts and all. The flashback between the decades made it all the more interesting. Recommended.
mtz1101 29 days ago
The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James is a haunting paranormal murder mystery you won't be able to put down. It's told in alternating timelines between 1982 Viv and 2017 Carly. The story will keep you on the edge of your seat for sure between the murders, the investigation by these two women, the haunted motel and its ghosts. There were times when I'd want to yell at them to "GET OUT OF THERE!!" lol ⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Highly, highly recommend it. It's eerie and awesome. Don't pass it up!⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ /
literarymuseVC 3 months ago
In upstate New York in 1982, Vivian Delaney takes a job as a night clerk at the motel in the small town of Fell after leaving home and her disagreements with her family. She intends this job to be temporary as she plans to make enough money to go to New York City to become an actress. However, this turns out to be a very complicated position. There are ghosts in the motel, all connected with disappearances, murder and other trouble. Years later, Vivian’s niece, Carly, travels to Fell determined to find out why and how her aunt disappeared. Carly is an untrained but intelligent young woman who uses her skills to track the past problems. Carly finds the job at the motel to be as creepy as her aunt did years ago. At certain moments she smells fresh cigarette smoke but never finds out the source of that smell. Doors in the motel randomly open and then slam shut. She sees an appearance of a woman that she knows is a ghost. There’s also a trace of a young boy who supposedly fell into the empty pool and died from the fall. The novel switches between Viv’s and Carly’s accounts, past and present. There’s a salesman who frequently stays over who signs a different name every time he appears. There’s a photographer who takes strange pictures that just might provide clues of a serial killer. There’s a policewoman who tries to get both women to stop playing amateur detective. There’s a man who’s trying to work through his very troubled past that involved his family’s violent past but who is very appealing to Carly. This novel will keep readers awake long past bedtime. It has ample eeriness, tension and mystery to hold any mystery lover’s interest. And most of all, it maintains a very credible ambience that makes the supernatural seem real but not frighteningly so! Nice read that’s well-crafted and highly recommended!
TheBookishHooker 3 months ago
Chilling and spine-tingling are the first two descriptive words that come to mind when I think back on this book. Going into reading The Sun Down Motel, I didn't realize it wouldn't be just a straight up mystery novel, but would have elements of the paranormal, as well. This briefly threw me a curve, but the story was so intense and compelling that I quickly let that go and just let the narrative wash over me. Simone St. James has a knack for storytelling and it's definitely seen here with this one. So let's get to the heart of the matter...the story. The setting was unbelievably creepy, yet so realistic. Who hasn't passed by an isolated, run-down motel while driving down the interstate and thought about how lonely and desperate a place such as that might be? I know I've seen quite a few in my travels. It's just such a place that the author takes us to, an old motel on a lonely stretch of road in a forgotten town. This sets the perfect scene for what is to come. St. James has a way of bringing emotions across the page in a dramatic way that made me feel such a connection to the characters, even the few who we weren't able to see much of a backstory on. I had to put the book down a few times due to it being a little intense in the moment just to pick it right up again because I HAD to know what happened. My husband thought I had lost my mind! Overall, this was a really good atmospheric read that would make a great book for snowy days or late fall nights. A huge thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy given in exchange for an honest review.
Caroles_Random_Life 3 months ago
I thought that this book was really good! I have wanted to try Simone St. James's writing for a while so I jumped at this book as soon as I saw it listed as a Book of the Month selection. I must say that I was really impressed by this author's ability to tell a story. I read this book over just a few days but I really could have read it cover to cover if little things like my job and family hadn't kept getting in the way. I was entertained from cover to cover and am so glad I decided to give this book a try. This book is told over two timelines. Viv worked at the Sun Down Motel back in 1982 when she disappeared. Her niece has always wondered what happened to her aunt and ends up working at the same motel in 2017. I was equally entranced by both timelines. I liked that there were some similarities including the setting and some characters but I also appreciated the unique story that each timeline had to tell. I did like the way that everything came together in the end. I loved the atmosphere in this book. I wouldn't say that I was ever frightened but I did enjoy the fact that there was a creepy feel throughout much of the story. I liked the fact that the author wasn't afraid to throw a bit of paranormal activity into the story which added to its appeal. I really liked the characters in this book. Viv and Carly were both strong individuals that were determined to get the facts that they were looking for. I liked the friends that Carly made in Fell and thought that their knowledge of the history of the town added a lot to the story. Some of the other characters, like the former night officer, also made a huge impact in both timelines. I would recommend this book to others. I found this book to be quite the page-turner and found it really hard to put the book aside until I learned what happened to both Viv and Carly. I can't wait to read more of this talented author's work.
Kristi_thebookfaery 3 months ago
The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James is quite possibly one of the best suspenseful ghost stories I’ve read in a long time. It jumps right in to the action and suspense, creating an eerie atmosphere combined with a chilling murderer and creepy things that go bump in the night. "Come on in the building seemed to say with its jagged up-and-down lights, its blue and yellow neon cheeriness. Get some sleep. Take it easy until the sun comes up again. And if you see someone sitting at the end of your bed, pay them no mind. That's just one of my secrets. And I'm not going to tell." Welcome to The Sun Down Motel located in Fell, New York. It’s 1982 and young Viv has started as night clerk to fund her dream of becoming an actress in New York City. But something just isn’t right at The Sun Down and as Viv digs deeper, she discovers the history it holds is ominous and dark. The night it all ended, Vivian was alone... She felt like crying. She felt like screaming. She felt sick. "I don't want to go in there. But I will. Because I always do." Jump forward to 2017 and 20-year-old Carly arrives in Fell, looking for answers to her Aunt Viv’s mysterious disappearance 35 years prior. A disappearance that was never solved and no one in Carly’s family ever talked about. Carly takes a job as The Sun Down Motels night clerk, the very same job her aunt held and starts to look for answers. Cleverly written in alternating timelines, The Sun Down Motel is so compelling I had a hard time putting it down. The characters are beautifully well-written and developed; I quickly became invested in their plight and worried for their welfare. The weaving of the paranormal into the story is done brilliantly and just so freaking creepy that I had chills for most of the book. This is a must read for any fan of thrillers, suspense, mystery, and a good ghost story! A big thank you to Netgalley, Berkley Publishing Group, and Simone St. James for providing a DRC of The Sun Down Motel in exchange for my honest review.
Stephanie Burdo 3 months ago
A real page-turner
QuirkyCat 3 months ago
The Sun Down Motel is Simon St. James’ latest novel, a paranormal thriller worth reading (and remembering. We’ve all read the story of a girl gone missing – this is that story, but with several dramatic and surprising twists. Carly has spent her whole life knowing that her aunt went missing one day. Even though this is an aunt she never got to meet – Carly is determined to solve the 35-year-old case. She needs the close. But more than that, she is enraged at the idea of her aunt just being forgotten so easily. That anyone could go missing and not be found. Or even searched for. Viv Delany had big dreams for herself. She wanted to get away from home. Maybe even get all the way to New York City. Instead, she ended up in Fell – a small town in the middle of nowhere. But there’s something captivating about Fell, even, or perhaps especially, considering the mysteries and murders of the area. “It wasn’t fair that Vivian was forgotten, reduced to a few pieces of newsprint and nothing else.” Warnings: The Sun Down Motel has a lot of typical thriller elements. But some are especially worth noting/warning about. There’s kidnapping, rape, and murder all within these pages. The Sun Down Motel was an intensely brilliant read. It has been a long time since I’ve read a paranormal thriller, and I had honestly forgotten how much I love them. So for that reason alone, I am truly grateful for this novel. But don’t worry! There are plenty of other reasons to love this novel as well. I promise. This is a tall full of mystery, intrigue, deception, and righteous rage. The town of Fell has been rife with mystery – from murdered girls to missing women. There’s a lot of tension in the air, and Carly is about to add to it. You see, Carly’s character is actually somebody that many of us can empathize with. She’s well and truly angry at the idea of anyone going missing, especially when nobody really bothered to look for her. She’s tired and hurt, and looking for resolution. There’s something poignant in her journey, something that I personally resonated with. I know that I’m not the only one that will feel that way, which is why I’m recommending this book so heavily. The Sun Down Motel is broken into two perspectives, set 35 years apart from one another. One is the story of Viv Delany – the aunt that goes missing. The other is obviously of Carly. Seeing the events unfold in this manner, bouncing back and forth each chapter, allowed for a steady buildup, as well as some creative twists along the way. Everything I’ve mentioned so far is enough to make this an interesting thriller. But I haven’t touched the paranormal elements. That’s part of what made this novel so unique – the inclusion of ghosts. It certainly made the run down motel a whole lot more interesting. It also added a fair amount of obfuscation, which was surprising – but very well done. I really enjoyed reading The Sun Down Motel. I can honestly tell you that I haven’t read anything like it in quite some time – though that is something I intend to fix. I foresee a whole lot more paranormal thrillers in my future.
DiiFL 3 months ago
And you thought the Bates Motel was creepy? Welcome to THE SUN DOWN MOTEL a rundown, secluded place where many checked in, but they didn’t all check out. That mystery would send two young women on a terrifying mission for answers, decades apart. Viv Delaney was the night clerk in 1982. It became her mission to uncover the dark secrets the motel held. Thirty-five years later, her niece would follow in her footsteps, perhaps unearthing the final mysteries, finding more answers than she bargained for. Simone St. James must have the heart of mystery greats deep within as she paints a dark tale of death, dirty little secrets and hidden truths concealed beneath decades of time. Feel the atmosphere that engulfs this tale in every page and revel in the brilliance of an ending that holds the final, unexpected twist of this riveting thriller. I received a complimentary ARC edition from Berkley! This is my honest and voluntary review.