The Third Twin

The Third Twin

by Dani Sinclair

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The Third Twin; Harlequin Intrigue #742 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jjmcgaffey on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Well. That's interesting. As I said in the review of The Second Sister, I've had this book for years and have read it several times. I had a vague idea how the story went and a firm idea that it was a good one. Well, it is good, and all the elements I remembered were in it - but it's not at all the story I thought it was. Now I need to hunt up that one. There is a big old house, with some suggestion of turning it into a hotel (but it's mostly a joke). There are hidden emeralds (but they've already been found in Second Sister). There is running while being shot at (sort of) - but in a maze, not on the edge of a cliff. Verrry interesting. I wonder if I understood what was going on in this book when I read it first? It seems to me now that in order to understand a lot of the references, I have to have read Second Sister. On the other hand, there were references to strange events in Second Sister that I would have understood (I presume) if I'd read Firstborn, and they didn't obstruct my understanding or enjoyment of the story. Anyway. Interesting story - poor girl has her worldview jerked out from under her several times in the course of events. It's amusing the way the cop is fighting what he thinks is her view of him, when she has no view of him at all (her sisters regard him with caution and his uncle with distaste - but she wasn't around for that). There are a few too many enigmatic characters - Jacob is confusing even when everything's explained. And he's emotionally a lot younger than I thought he was, given the explanation he gives. Kathy is pretty thoroughly confusing as well, though her reasons come up more sensible than Jacob's in the end. Interlink and weave and hey wait a minute - that can't be the end of the series. What about Kathy? And RJ? And Jacob, for that matter? And... The great revelation about their father kind of falls flat, to me. Especially for the girl who's been raised by loving parents who weren't related to her. I don't know - it just doesn't give him as much of an excuse as she allows. But if it gives them closure, it's good enough (he's been a pain for long enough, let him go and get on with your lives!). Interesting and a pretty good story. Good characterization - the main characters are strong and stay true to character - but the minor ones, as noted above, seem to vary in their attitudes a little too much to be convincing.
wyvernfriend on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Alexis Ryder's world crashes around her when she finds her father bleeding to death in her apartment and things get ever harder to deal with when she discovers that she was in fact adopted and that she is a triplet and a heiress.She gets to Heartskeep and finds herself mistaken for one of her sisters and attracted to Officer Wyatt Crossley (though she doesn't know that he's an officer at first)It's okay, nothing spectacular and the mystery definitely takes a serious back seat to the romance between the two characters. I only read it yesterday and I find myself trying to remember salient points of the plot and not really caring if I do or don't remember them.