The Way Home

The Way Home

by Anastasia Vitsky

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The Way Home 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Ameliah_Faith More than 1 year ago
Hide the Wooden Spoons! I liked how the book was broken into time frames. Some now then back to years ago, then to months ago and back to now. Not many book I have read do this. It made the story much more interesting and all the more complex, emotion wise. I eagerly started this book yesterday evening, I was truly enjoying it and when 1am passed by I thought I should stop for the night in spite of not wanting to. I even dreamed about this tale. When I went back to it this morning, I felt as if I were the one being punished! SO much emotional turmoil, I didn't know how to feel. Kat and Nat are no longer words on a screen, they have become real. I understand Kat, I get her, I might even be her. But there were times I just wanted to throttle her for being so clueless and fail able when Natalie needed her to be strong and disobey. I cried the first time and I cried again when I thought Natalie might be in trouble again. How blind can Kat be! I grow angrier and my heart bleeds for Natalie, I know she is all alone and is in serious trouble, it is so evident! I don't want to read anymore but I will not abandon Nat too! (I have been told I get far too involved with some characters. They stop being words on a screen and instead become friends.... I'd go to therapy but I am not usually unhappy with this) Things end on a happier note. After reading to the end things are not quite as dire as I had feared. I can't pretend I understood Nat's choices as Ms. Vitsky did not allow me to see into Natalie's thoughts, a disappointment but to be honest I am very interested in reading more to see if her point of view will be told. The important thing is that I know that both of these women age going to be alright. They have each other and that is all they truly need. I can not wait to read the next book in the series!! "originally posted at Prism Book Alliance"
Katy_Beth More than 1 year ago
Was surprised at the depth to this story.  This is no light weight read - spanking story.  It is the story of two intense women with their own needs.  They have so much to go through.  The story is from Kat's perspective and goes back and forth from present to past events.  Can't wait to read the sequel.  
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. I really wanted to give this book 5 stars! But I just had to give it a 4 rating only because I found myself sometimes lost as to what was going on. I have to say I love all of this author's covers! There are classy and fit the book. In The Way Home, you have two people who come together and become the best of friends! Then something tragic happens to Natalie even though you do not get the details you get the concept of what happens. From there on it seems to change the relationship of Kat and Natalie. You get the time frame of college, the years after college, the hospital stay. But will they ever get back to being where they were before? There was not too much spanking in here, it was more of a friendship type book with a bit of spanking when Kat needed "discipline". I did wonder about their relationship as though at times they seemed as they could have been closer than just friends but it was never written out in the book as that. Here are a few reasons on why I gave the book 4 stars. One part is where she is getting a package, and to ends where she says "and I never order by mail. I shrug." Then it breaks off and you are in the dorm. Was she back to day dreaming? Another part was Natalie and Kat are taking pictures with Natalie's family. Next thing you know it switches to Natalie having a temper fit, then Kat's mom shaking her (which her mom is not there), then her dad is giving her a pencil. After that Natalie is at her desk, then I guess at a bar? I was totally lost as to what this had to do with the story and why was it bouncing from here to there. Maybe it may make sense to others but it did not for me. I found myself going back about two times after I read it the first time to see if I could understand it better but I did not. Now the wedding? Okay Natalie got married, but why did she not want her family there exactly? She seemed really close to her family earlier in the book and now she is distancing herself? One thing that got to me a bit was the repetitive use of Catie-with-a-C.I can understand using it once or twice but the author used it seven times.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Way Home was a tale of love and friendship with well-developed, likeable characters and an engaging plot. I was immediately drawn in and ended up reading the book in one sitting. The story goes back and forth between the past and the present, showing glimpses of Kat and Natalie’s college years and also focusing on the present day where Natalie has shut Kat out. Kat and Natalie used to be best friends and in fact had a unique relationship that involved loving disciplinary spankings. I don’t want to put spoilers in my review, but let’s just say that the book ends happily enough, though there were several unanswered questions that have me especially looking forward to the sequel. Great book!
JessicaMae8 More than 1 year ago
I believe this is the first book in Anastasia Vitsky's Kat/Nat series. The only reason I say this is because I felt the book ended in a minor cliffhanger. Several threads of the story are still hanging at the end of the book, leaving the reader eagerly awaiting the next story. The Way Home is basically two stories that have been mixed and matched into one book. Large portions of the book explore the girl's relationship in present day, where Kat worries about why Nat is in the hospital and why she's been cut off from her best friend. Other chunks of the book are devoted to two different portions of the past and reveal a great deal about the pressures the girl's relationship has been constantly deal with. The story is told entirely from Kat's POV. The fact that Anastasia is able to smoothly connect the past and present scenes in a manner that doesn't make the reader feel discombobulated is a testament to her talents. Although there are times when Kat can be irritating, her relationship with Nat is fluid and interesting. Most importantly it's a very organic relationship that I feel most people will be able to relate to. The Way Home is a very quiet book I think most people will enjoy.