The Work of Art: A Regency Romance

The Work of Art: A Regency Romance

by Mimi Matthews


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The Work of Art: A Regency Romance 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Pokeybooboo 5 months ago
I am a voracious reader of historical romance. I believe Mary Balogh, Grace Burrowes and Lisa Kleypas are the queens of this genre. And now Mimi Matthews has joined that exalted group. Her beautiful novels draw me right in and I can't get anything done until I'm finished reading. This book is particularly engaging and so, so romantic! Phyllida Satterthwaite and her four beloved dogs now live in London with her stern uncle, hateful aunt and irritating cousins after the death of her grandfather. She has different colored eyes, which draw much attention. When her uncle has potential business partners at the home, she meets Captain Arthur Heyward, a former cavalry officer who was grievously injured in the war; he cannot walk without a cane and suffers severe pain. Philly really clicked with the gruff, unsmiling Arthur and they become friends. She didn't look at him with pity, and when she thought he needed help or was in pain, she helped him without being obvious and drawing attention to him. Her uncle wishes her to meet a Duke, who is interested in Philly because he believes she is a work of art with her unusual eyes. She didn't like this Duke at all. However, she finds her uncle has essentially sold her to him and demands she marry him. Frightened of the rumors about the Duke, she leaves her home with Arthur; he decides the only way he can protect her is to give her his name. The relationship between Philly and Arthur was just beautiful! They started as friends, with the intention that their marriage would be in name only. That was not to be; a quiet romance built quickly between them. Philly was a sweet, caring woman with a big heart, evidenced by the care she gave her wayward pets...and Arthur. Arthur still suffered from his pain and injuries, feeling frustrated that he couldn't do the things he used to do. When it appeared that someone was trying to hurt Philly, he would do everything he could to protect her. Though intimacies were behind closed doors, the story was still very sensual and the love palpable. I can't express just how much this book touched me. Ms. Matthews can't write fast enough for me. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
Vesper1931 5 months ago
Phyllida Satterthwaite, twenty-three, has lead a quite life with her grandfather Sir Charles of Satterhwaite Court in Devonshire, but after her time of mourning his death is over in 1814 she is taken to London by the only relations she has left. Edgar Townsend has agreed to give her season as she stays with him and her cousins Elizabeth and Abigail. But unknown to her the cruel and sinister Duke of Moreland, a collector of items, wants her for himself. Who can she turn to in her need. A delightful well-written romance. The main characters are quite lovely, especially the way they are able to interact with each other considering the period, and the story kept my interest right to the end. Once again Ms Matthews has written an enjoyable story.
CathyGeha 5 months ago
The Work of Art by Mimi Matthews Every time I pick up one of this author’s books I know I will be in for a treat! From the chaotic beginning flooded with dogs to the excellent happily ever ending I was interested and engaged with the characters and absolutely fell in love with them! AND as I had to find out what would happen...stayed up till nearly 3am to finish this book! Phillida “Philly” Satterthwaite was raised by her grandparents away from town and has simple tastes bred in the country life she has experienced. At twenty-three, after her grandparents die, she is taken in by the family of the man who inherits her grandfather’s title. With a season to look forward and a husband to find she is less than enamored with the choice her uncle has in mind for her. Taking things into her own hands she comes up with a much better solution than the Duke of Moreland...yes...she opts for Captain Arthur Heywood. The fact that nobody in town understand WHY she would choose a second son over a Duke is not of importance to her and it isn’t of much importance to Arthur either. This book has the young heroine in a dire situation with a dashing...well...perhaps not so nimble...hero that steps in to save her. There are some hurdles for them to overcome as they get to know one another and there is also someone out to cause trouble...perhaps more than one someone. I loved the relationship between Philly and Arthur and knew before the end of the story that they were well suited to one another with decades of happiness to enjoy with one another and a loving family. I have a smile on my face as I write this and am eager for whatever book Ms Matthews offers next! Thank you to NetGalley and Perfectly Proper Press for the ARC - This is my honest review. 5 Stars
Heidi_Reads 3 months ago
I've only recently discovered the stories of Mimi Matthews and I can't read them fast enough! I was thrilled to see that a new one was releasing this summer. I loved the vivid characters and the unique plot that made the story fresh and interesting. Marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes, and this one did not disappoint! There is an element of suspense as Arthur protects Philly from her mercenary uncle and the eccentric duke, which only continues as the danger follows them to their country estate. The genuine friendship they share blossoms into attraction, love and romance, with lovely chemistry. I appreciated that they share in each other's vulnerabilities and provide true encouragement and support. Philly's dogs are a fun addition to the story and play a vital role in the plot, as well as various society friends. A vibrant, well-rounded Regency! (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
RobinWillson 4 months ago
Very well written. Keeps you emotionally on edge right to the end. Sweet, clean romance. Philly is an orphaned young lady, put under the mercenary care of the male heir who inherited her Grandfather's estate. She was forced to go to London, only allowed to take her dogs, where she was to be presented. She meets a veteran of war who had been wounded, and also came under the attention of a powerful, wealthy Duke called The Collector. She had two different color eyes and was beautiful, getting her the nickname of the work of art. The Duke was ruthless in acquiring what he wanted - unusual things - like Philly. Slow tones of romance with building danger keep you engaged, making it hard to put down. It only takes a short time to feel for this damsel in distress and wish only for her simple happiness. She's strong, capable and practical, seeing the heart of every situation, animal and man. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher and NetGalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” #TheWorkOfArt #NetGalley #MimiMatthews #BooksYouCanFeelGoodAbout
Anonymous 4 months ago
I liked the characters. Matthews did a brilliant job reworking this older, unpublished work. It feels fresh but still has a classic regency air to it. This is the worst kind of story to start reading when you have other things to do, like going to work, because it's so hard to put down. Block out a few hours to enjoy this one.
bmrawlins 4 months ago
I loved this book! I was very curious about the title and how it would play out, and once again, Mimi does a thorough job of weaving together intriguing and fascinating plot lines. The creative look of an art collector, dominating the art world and collecting all rare pieces and this said rare piece, looking for safety in a marriage of convenience. Of course it is predictable because it is a Regency marriage of convenience, but oh, how I loved the unfolding of Philly and Arthurian's love story. I was captivated by Arthur's pursuit of Philly and her desire to bring healing and comfort to those around her. Her heartfelt compassion and his brave love for his new wife made for a sweet, engaging love story. A must read for all Mimi Matthews and Regency fans. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All comments, thoughts, and opinions are my own.
pinkcowlandreads 5 months ago
Mimi Matthews historical romance writing is a pure joy to read. She effortlessly entwines history around beautifully developed characters and creates a story that has you glued to the book from page one! In order to saved the beautiful orphaned Phyllida Satterthwaite from fearsome Duke of Moreland, Captain Arthur Heywood proposes a marriage of convenience. But with this marriage he will only be able to give her his name because he has been horrible wounded from the war and can not imagine what else he would have to offer. Miss Satterthwaite accepts and starts a journey of healing for both of them, both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend The Work of Art by Mimi Matthews for all lovers of historical fiction and romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Perfectly Proper Press through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. #TheWorkOfArt #NetGalley
SarahM-M 5 months ago
Phyllida (Philly) Satterthwaite's entire life has chnged since the death of her grandfather. Now she must rely on the hospitality of others, she has been taken into her uncle's household. But she soon begins to realize that he cares nothing for her happiness or safety, merely his own business schemes. She has been feeling isolated and stifled, the only person around her she can feel safe or understood around is Arthur Heywood and so she turns to him for help. Captain Arthur Heywood's life changed three years ago on a battlefield in the Penninsular War. He has lived a life of seclusion and of feeling incapable since returning home. His father is concerned for him and pushes him into handling some business in London in order to get him around other people once more. The business is a potential deal with none other than Philly's uncle. He is intrigued by her from their first and less-than-ideal meeting and he finds that he enjoys spending time with her. His interest in her grows with each meeting and so when Philly comes to him for help he is determined to do what he can to keep her safe. What follows is a marriage of convenience that sends them fleeing London and the alternate path her life could have taken. I loved this book so much, I started it after coming home from work and could not put it down. I refused to go to bed until I had finished it. I became so invested in  Philly and Arthur's story, I just wanted the best for them and for them to be happy. Mimi Matthews is such a phenomenal historical romance author, and this one has a mystery in it too. That's basically all my boxes checked. I've read almost all of her books so far and I think this one might be my favorite thus far. I highly recommend this book, you'll love it. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this book from Perfectly Proper Press via NetGalley, this is my honest review.
Anonymous 5 months ago
TheCompulsiveReader7 5 months ago
(5 stars) – wonderfully, thoroughly immersing This book’s cover is gorgeous – not just the lovely young woman, but the sumptuous colors. It caught my eye immediately. Once I began reading, I did not put it down, (except under moments of familial duress ), until I’d finished it. Events began immediately & the pacing of the story is steady enough that it never felt laggy. The story has a bit of a Gothic flavor to it. What if Jane Eyre had been a beauty? And coveted by a cold-hearted Duke that Rochester had to save her from? Mimi Matthews excels at tortured, broken heroes. Arthur may well be her best. At one point he tells his father it was a good thing his hand had been too damaged to hold a gun or he’d have blown his brains out. When he & Phyllida meet, he’s still a man who wants to despair at some level, but it’s not in his nature to quit, so he’s biding time, though without any real purpose. Phyllida connects with people similar to the way she connects with animals. She has compassion & understanding rather than pity, so she acts from an empathetic care & consideration of others. Despite Arthur’s initial irritation that he might be just another one of her strays, he feels that connection with Phyllida & their friendship begins. Phyllida & Arthur’s relationship development felt natural and entirely believable. The chemistry between them is palpable. It’s a clean romance with no graphic details yet the author successfully portrays the growing attraction & developing intimacy of the couple. And to the blessed relief of romance readers everywhere, they deal with their insecurities & misunderstandings like real life people. Despite the drama of the plot, the story felt believable all the way to the end. This book is definitely on my “Best of 2019” list! Clean romance level: passionate kisses, marital intimacy takes place but discreetly & without graphic detail. Religion: only topical to setting, use of the Lord’s Name in vain in typical Regency expressions (By G*d,for G*d’s sake, etc) but not cursing at least Language: a dozen or so “d*mn”s + a” h*ll” or two
MLH438 5 months ago
The Work of Art by Mimi Matthews is a marvelous Regency that was a joy to read. Having read and been impressed with Matthews' work set in the Victorian era, I was happy for the opportunity to read more of her work. From the gorgeous cover, you are drawn into the heartfelt, romantic story of Phyllida Satterhwaite and Captain Arthur Heywood. Phyllida had been living in the country with her grandfather and is offered a Season when his estate is inherited by Edgar Townsend, not knowing that "Uncle Edgar" has an ulterior motive in bringing her to London. Arthur had withdrawn from Society after being terribly wounded in the war and is only in town to handle business for his father, the Earl of Gordon. Phyllida and Arthur strike a chord in each other and form a true bond. War-damaged heroes and marriage of convenience are not new tropes, but Matthews deftly captures the society and manners of the era with well-defined characters and wonderfully descriptive prose. I highly recommend The Work of Art to anyone who appreciates fine Regency romance. I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
georgia1 5 months ago
Perfection. Yes, that describes this story of the heart that won me over quickly. This is the second story I have read by this author and I truly did not think it could top the other. But I am beginning to understand her writing has so much depth in her characters and insight into the emotions she builds on, I will always read her stories going forward! A lady that needs saving from a marriage to an evil man and a hero who at first thinks he is not good enough for anyone. A washed up wounded soldier who could not possible come to the aid of a lady. But oh, he does and an amazing friendship develops which smoothly falls into a romance for the heart. A stunning, emotional dance filled with suspense, a marriage of convenience and a sigh worthy couple that exhibit all that is good in matters of the heart. I highly recommend this book and thank the publisher, Perfectly Proper Press and NetGallery for letting me read and review. Lori D
clarkws 5 months ago
The Work of Art by Mimi Matthews is an incredible story. I fell in love with the characters from the start. Captain Arthur Heywood is a wounded warrior returned home from the war with Napoleon. He is a man with hidden inner pain as well as an injured leg. “He was much taller than the other gentlemen, with broad shoulders and a lean, athletic build that seemed at odds with his use of a cane. Whatever had happened to him in the war, he still had the proud, upright carriage of a soldier. His hair was jet black with the barest hint of gray at his temples. His suit of clothes was black as well; unnecessarily austere, as if he were in mourning. But it was his face that caught her notice most of all. It was solemn, almost to the point of harshness, and in it she had the distinct impression of pain.” Phyllida Satterthwaite is naturally drawn to hurting creatures. Once she meets Captain Heywood, she finds in him a true friend who is in need of her compassion. Phyllida is an uncommon beauty. She has dual colored eyes: one blue and the other amber. She is considered “The Work of Art” by members of the ton. But there is a sinister villain in the story that threatens to sweep away all of Phyllida’s happiness. I truly found myself captivated by this book. I couldn’t put it down. Matthews is an incredible writer. There are no sex scenes in this book - just some kissing. But the chemistry is very much there without it. I was gifted a copy of this work of art.
Anonymous 5 months ago
London - 1814 Captain Arthur Heywood, the second son of the Earl of Gordon, is visiting at the home of Mr. Edgar Townsend, a well-known financier. Suddenly, several large dogs come running through the room, causing a uproar. Mr. Townsend’s niece, Phillida (Philly) Satterthwaite, age 23, owns the dogs and rushes in to corral them while apologizing profusely for the disturbance. Mr. Townsend inherited Philly’s home when her grandfather passed away, so he brought her to live with his sister and his daughters, Elizabeth, 24, and Abigail, 18. Philly had insisted that she must bring her dogs with her. She is soon to make her debut. Arthur Heywood has to rely upon his cane to get around He had been severely inured in the war. When he returned home from the war, he found his fiancé had married someone else. Now, he swears he will never marry. When Philly is out walking her dogs, she meets Arthur sitting on a bench. Realizing his limitations, she is very kind to him and they enjoy chatting. Philliy’s uncle, Mr. Townsend, has big ideas for her. As she has one blue eye and one hazel eye, she is sometimes called The Work of Art by the arrogant, cold, and cruel Duke of Moreland, also known as The Collector. He wants Philly but she has no interest in him. To get away from him, Philly accepts Arthur’s proposal to marry him. They then go to live at his home in the country. They are perfect together and Arthur even starts to open up more and his walking improves. Ah, but the Duke of Moreland doesn’t take rejection easily and soon the evil man rears his ugly head. Will they be able to have a happy and safe marriage? This is a sweet, clean romance with a great hero and heroine, both able to show one another how devoted they are to the other. It made me smile to see their love and happiness. I think readers will love this book and I look forward to reading more by this favorite author of mine. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.