Tonight the Streets Are Ours

Tonight the Streets Are Ours

by Leila Sales


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Tonight the Streets Are Ours 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
R.I.P Hazel. I still remember your birthday. <br> Natsu x Amethyst. <p> I am at my knees in front of her coffin. Hi eyes filled with tears. All i can do is think of what i couldve done for her. What i shouldve done. I remember what Igneel had told me to do when crying. "Dont cry and scream about what you will do at the sky." I repeat quietly and stand. I stare at the sky but cant bring myself to go more than a whisper. "I will live for you, Amethyst. No matter what it takes, youll be in my heart forever. Ill miss you so much. And if it takes finding a cure to everything, to keep anyone from suffering like you did, i will do that." I look down at her as she is lowered inti the ground. "I dont think i can keep that promise though. I cried. I said i wouldnt, but i did." I lower my head. "Goodbye..." I turn and walk away, i couldnt turn back. I just couldnt, not without feeling like dying inside. I just keep walking until my feet cant take it anymore. <p> Hazel Diamond Bells, April 17th, 2001 - April 10th, 2015.
Evilous More than 1 year ago Rating: 4 Blank Checks This is a story of the recklessly loyal Arden. She is always taking care of everyone else, it gives her purpose and makes her life matter. Though as of late she's become a bit resentful of everyone, from her mother who abandoned them, to her best friend and even her boyfriend. She wonders something I think we all may have wondered at one point or another, 'Why does nobody love me as much as I love them?' This is how she stumbles upon a website/blog called Tonight the Streets Are Ours, an online journal of a NYC aspiring writer named Peter. His ramblings and thoughts have become a voice to things Arden has never known how to express herself. Though they have never met she finds in his writings understanding. Until one night after a road trip she finds Peter. Together they have one crazy night out on the town where anything can happen. Everything seems perfect, but what you see on the internet might not always be the whole truth. Maybe Peter isn't as perfect as she thought. Maybe she isn't who she thought she was. This story was a really interesting read. I went in not knowing much about it, just that it involved a road trip at one point and it was about self discovery. That's it. I kind of liked going in blind and just letting it unfold before me. It wasn't super happy or super sad, more reflective. It's about Arden and her journey in finding out how to deal with the world she is in. She cares so deeply for people and when they don't seem to care as much for her it hurts and makes her wonder why. I myself have always found that I am there and care for others many times more than they do for me. Some people are just more emotional than others. I found myself relating, in a small way I'm not nearly as nice as Arden, to her. I wanted her to figure things out and find a way to come into her own. There wasn't anything wrong with her as a person for caring just that she lets her devotion for others rule her world at times. When she finds the blog and begins to read it I instantly liked Peter and his writing. I was looking forward to when their lives would merge. I wanted to see what would happen. I found the characters to be pretty realistic, I've known people who could have easily been these people. While I didn't always agree with them, it was told in such a way that it seemed so real. I was caught up in the quest of self discovery. The journey is just as important as the destination. Peter, while not our main character felt like he was a bit as most of his story was told from a journal POV and as such we were in his head and heart. It's not a typical feel good happy RomCom but it made me happy. It also sheds light on what perspective can really mean. One persons view of how things happen could be vastly different when someone else recounts the same events. I liked that aspect. It makes you think about an story you tell and how the other parties involved might have viewed it. The epilogue sums it up pretty perfectly. That's all I have to share with you today. Anything more would ruin the journey I think. I enjoyed Tonight the Streets Are Ours and went through it pretty quickly once I sat down with it without constant interruptions.
Shelly_Z More than 1 year ago
I’m a huge fan of Leila Sales and when I saw she had a new book coming out, I knew I had to read it. I really enjoyed Tonight the Streets Are Ours but if I’m honest, I was expecting a bit more. Arden has always described herself as recklessly loyal. Her niceness and longing to help others, even if they can’t help themselves, is deeply ingrained in her. On a particularly rough day when she does a seemingly random Google search, she ends up finding Peter’s blog, Tonight the Streets Are Ours. The blog isn’t really a blog, it’s more like an online journal. He describes his family situation and his life. In particular, he discusses his recent heartbreak. After a particularly sad night of her own, Arden decides to track down Peter and meet him. But when she does, he’s not what he seems and Arden begins to question herself and her choices. The plot to Tonight the Streets Are Ours was a bit slow and Arden only gets to New York (where Peter lives) about halfway through the novel. I expected the majority of the novel to be set when Arden meets Peter but that is not the case. Even though this was the case, I really enjoyed the plot otherwise. The world-building was spectacular and I could really connect to Arden, despite the 3rd person POV. The writing was different from what I expected and I really liked it. The 3rd person POV was a bit distancing at times but by the end, I enjoyed it. I could really connect to Arden and her voice was definitely distinct and unique. The only other thing I was iffy about was the romance/lack of it. I’m still not sure how I feel about that since it worked for the novel, but not for my personal taste. Even though it wasn’t a romance, the novel was about love and the different types of it. So in that way, I guess the first line “Like all stories, the one you are about to read is a love story.” is somewhat accurate. Overall, I enjoyed Tonight the Streets Are Ours even though it wasn’t what I expected. I do recommend it for contemporary lovers and for fans of Leila Sales’ previous works, just to see its uniqueness.
Sarah_UK1 More than 1 year ago
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Macmillan Children's Books and NetGalley.) “Using all your awesome powers of self-reliance, you can find your own way home.” This story started out quite slow, but it improved towards the end. Arden really did put herself on the line for her best friend Lindsey in this story, and Lindsey seemed perfectly happy to let that happen. I felt quite sorry for Arden in this respect, because while she shouldn’t have put her future on the line for Lindsey, Lindsey really shouldn’t have let her do it! What kind of a best friend is she?! The storyline in this was pretty slow, and then we got a really quite random road trip happening, which was a little bit crazy really. Why Arden got this idea in her head I don’t know, but what she did was actually quite dangerous, going to try and find someone you have never met or spoken to before? She could have ended up dead! The book did improve towards the end though, and I liked how Arden’s ideas about a certain person proved to not be accurate at all, and she also learned something about herself and her relationships. I wouldn’t call this a love story though! 7 out of 10
MissPrint More than 1 year ago
"Like all stories, the one you're about to read is a love story. If it wasn't, what would be the point?" Seventeen-year-old Arden Huntley is recklessly loyal. She wants to be someone people come back for; to be someone who is not taken for granted. But that seems impossible when her best friend Lindsey is incapable of appreciating everything Arden does to keep her out of trouble and when Arden's own mother has chosen to walk out. Arden finds comfort and validation in an unlikely place when she comes across a blog called "Tonight the Streets Are Ours" run by Peter, a teenaged writer in New York City. Peter's blog mirrors Arden's own frustrations when Peter also wonders why no one loves him as much as he loves them. Arden is fascinated by Peter's musings and his life that seems to be filled with luxury, adventure and, of course, a beautiful girlfriend. Until she dumps him. When Arden reads about the breakup after her own disastrous day, she knows there is only one possible course of action: Road trip to New York City to find Peter. During one crazy night in New York City Arden will discover that Peter isn't exactly who he seems. And maybe Arden doesn't have to be either in Tonight the Streets Are Ours (2015) by Leila Sales. Tonight the Streets Are Ours is an obvious progression for Sales' writing and it is absolutely fantastic. The first thing readers learn about Tonight the Streets Are Ours is that it's a love story. And that is absolutely true. However this book also subverts preconceived notions about happy endings what love stories can actually be to deliver a story that is both perfect and empowering. Nothing and no one is quite what readers first expect in Tonight the Streets Are Ours. Everything here is muddy. Readers quickly learn that "truth" isn't always the same as "fact," in real life or online, as everything Arden thought she knew about Peter--and to some extent herself--is challenged again and again. Tonight the Streets Are Ours defies expectations in this story where friendships can bend but not break, family can mean all sorts of things, and sometimes perspective is all you need to change everything.