Toward a New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform

Toward a New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform

by James Carroll


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Toward a New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book, written by former Catholic priest James Carroll (Boston Globe), is an important book, especially in today's world of fundamentalism, religious pluralism and rumors of war. With election of Pope Benedict to the papacy, talk of where he will take the Church has been in the news and in scholarly journals. In this book, Carroll offers a nice summary of five issues the Church must address if it is to be relevant for a contemporary world. They are 1) A New Biblical Literacy 2) the Church and Power 3) A New Christology 4) the Holiness of Democracy and 5) Repentance. Carroll's book is a welcome addition to the reform-minded literature dealing with the Church's theology. It will also alarm traditionalists who want to maintain a biblical literalism, a high Christology, the substitionary atonement, as well as other orthodox teachings of the Church. Whether or not one agrees with Mr. Carroll he has raised important questions that, unless addressed, will continue to isolate Catholics and others outside the Church who long for transcendence but are unable to join the Church either for moral and/or intellectual reasons. Toward a New Catholic Church is a must read for all reform-minded Catholics who want a compact summary of what difficult issues lay ahead for the Catholic Church as it enters the twenty-first century. Highly Recommended.