Walking with Henry: Big Lessons from a Little Donkey on Faith, Friendship, and Finding Your Path

Walking with Henry: Big Lessons from a Little Donkey on Faith, Friendship, and Finding Your Path

by Rachel Anne Ridge


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Walking with Henry: Big Lessons from a Little Donkey on Faith, Friendship, and Finding Your Path 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
JViola79 6 months ago
In her latest book, Walking With Henry, Rachel Anne Ridge takes on Henry, a rescue donkey, as a friend to Flash. Thus begins another friendship with a donkey who becomes more than a companion for Henry, he becomes a teacher to the people who love him. “Walking with a donkey, as I learned, is not done with the purposeful strides of personal achievement, but rather with the humbled steps of one forced to go at the pace of an unhurried companion. Although I couldn’t yet see it, ahead of me on the paths was a whole new dimension of finding God’s presence, not only in His creation but also in the timeless prayers of the church—the voices of His people throughout the ages.” As she shares of developing her friendship with Henry, the author shares of the glimpses of God’s grace and hope she discovered along the way. Prayer becomes more than a few words shot up quickly, it becomes the means of deeply connecting with God and with ancient prayers which bring life and meaning. The author discovers of “The Book of Common Prayer”, and includes beautiful and meaningful excerpts throughout her own book, which brings added comfort and encouragement. She explains her discovery: “Liturgy is literally “a work of the people,” or even better, “a work for the people.” It’s simply an order of worship, laid out long ago, that helps people read, pray, and worship in ways that are constructive and formative.” A few of my favorite thoughts from the book were: “Just when you think it’s the end of your story, grace shows up in all its unexpected glory. Sometimes, grace arrives as a moment of joy in the middle of despair.” “I have discovered that something is awakened through failure, tragedy, and disappointment. It is a place of learning and potential creativity. In such moments you can get lost in despair or denial, or you can recognize the failure and run toward the hope of something new.” “A scarcity mind-set had prevented him from experiencing the abundance all around him … Watching Henry, I realized how easy it was for me to let the wounds of the past dictate my actions, even without realizing it.” ” … regular confession creates a posture of humility, a space that allows the Holy Spirit to gently remind you of short- comings and the opportunity to listen for His conviction. It lays your soul bare and exposes your wounds so that God can pour the healing balm of His mercy upon them. You just need to keep coming back and coming back, giving them to Him and giving them to Him . . . as long as it takes you. There’s no rush, no timetable for healing.” Every walk with Henry, every chapter, brings a fresh insight to both the author and the reader. As with Flash, I found myself not wanting to come to the last page of this endearing book. You will laugh and you will cry, and you will find yourself drawing ever so closer to Jesus as you take a walk with Henry. *As part of the launch team, I was provided a pdf of this book. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Nicnac63 6 months ago
Such a touching read and unexpected blessing. We all have supposed faults, like backward Henry the miniature donkey, but sometimes these ‘burdens’ are what strengthen us. Walking With Henry is a touching memoir filled with lessons of faith, friendship, and purpose. I didn’t expect to be so moved, but this book sifted me through many emotions. I rarely mark in a book, but found myself highlighting several passages. Whether you’re an animal lover or not, this story is sure to touch your heart. I’ve learned there is a previous book dealing with donkey Flash, and I’m sure there are wonderful life lessons in that book as well. First Line (Chapter One): Will our new donkey enjoy his new home? I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
ADelightfulGlow 6 months ago
Henry has to adapt to a whole lot of new things and he's often very cautious about it. Sometimes it's too much to face. Sometimes Henry simply turns around and backs into the situation he's unsure of. You know, Henry, I get it. There's a whole lot of times when I feel very unsure about the next step and the next decisions. And Flash. Well, Flash, I get your feelings too. Sometimes it takes time to adjust to change and the addition of something you're not completely prepared for. {or in Flash's case, a feisty miniature donkey} Rachel Anne Ridge once again shares her story and heart in a relatable, gentle way. If you've ever been afraid of change, mourning what was or wishing you could redo a situation, you'll find a friend in these pages along with encouragement and the refreshing power of prayer. This book is a beautiful, rhythmical, gentle weaving together of story, lessons and life.
EmilyBoyMom 7 months ago
"Walking With Henry," begins as a story about a donkey and the way it changed a woman's life. This simple act also ushers Rachel into a deeper relationship with Christ. I enjoyed this read, although I must mention it can be emotional for sensitive readers. Rachel Anne Ridge is an author who has already shared the story of Flash the donkey in her first book. This story connects to the prior read by bringing a few new characters into the pasture with Flash--namely, Henry. Henry is one donkey in need of a rescue! Abandoned and left to his own devices with lots of other donkeys in a large field, Rachel eventually talks her husband into letting them take Henry in. A miniature donkey with a big personality worms his way into their hearts, much to Flash's initial dismay. The book captures the reader with the simplicity of farming life, but continues to become a spiritual journey for both the animals involved and their human caretakers. In the midst of dealing with a now empty nest, lots of spiritual questions and accepting others' challenges as their own, Rachel and her husband traverse a very personal journey in this memoir. There is grief, there are questions, there is loss. But there are also fits of laughter, animals who have larger than life personalities, and lots of prayer among the paths. In deconstructing their faith, both Rachel and her husband find the Jesus who meets them right where they are, no matter their questions. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will not finish "Walking With Henry" without a smile. This is my first read of Rachel's, but it will not be my last. This book would be amazing for any animal lover or for someone who wants to learn more about faith, prayer and growth in their spiritual walk. This unassuming book is quite profound. I found myself taking notes, wanting to share it with others and felt encouraged to grow in my faith without fear of asking questions. I was thankful to be an early reader, thanks to Tyndale. All opinions are my own and I was not required to leave a positive review.