When Will I See Aunt Carole?

When Will I See Aunt Carole?


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When Will I See Aunt Carole? 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
NicoleAlder More than 1 year ago
When a beloved family member or family friend dies, explaining the concept of death to children for the first time can be both intimidating and painful. As in all serious discussions with children, parents need every tool possible to help them convey the concept. When Will I See Aunt Carole? is the perfect tool for explaining death to children, offering parents a gentle, positive spin on a dark topic. The story is one to which children who are going through a loss can easily relate: a child misses and thinks often of a loved one who has passed on. Children can see themselves in Mina, and in her story, they are able to find hope and peace. Mina’s mother has the words that many parents going through a similar situation with their children do not have: she tells Mina that Aunt Carole is still able to watch over her. By realizing that their loved ones are still able to be a part of their lives and that they are still in their loved one's thoughts, children are consoled. Mina’s mother also tells her that in heaven Aunt Carole is still able to do the things that she loves to do. Through these simple words and this simple story, children are able to understand a very difficult concept: though a soul might leave a body, that does not mean that the soul ceases to exist. M.L. Faircloth offers her words and Michael Ray's beautiful illustrations to guide both parents and children down the path to understanding and acceptance. While the experience is no less painful, Faircloth’s words take some of the sting out of the loss that children are experiencing. When Will I See Aunt Carole? is a story that children will want to read again and again, providing them with a renewed sense of comfort every time they start to miss their lost loved one.
Tracy-Whitney More than 1 year ago
Children often have trouble understanding and coping with the harsh realities of the world. For parents, the death of someone close to the family is traumatic enough, without compounding it with the difficult task of helping children to understand what is going on. M.L. Faircloth’s When Will I See Aunt Carole? helps parents to initiate a conversation about death with children. When Will I See Aunt Carole? offers more than just understanding: it also offers comfort to grieving children. The young girl in the story, Mina, thinks of her Aunt Carole often. Mina’s mother explains to her that, in heaven, Aunt Carole is still doing all of the things that she loves to do, and she is watching over her family. For children, this is a powerful message, letting them know that they are still in the thoughts of their lost loved ones and that, while earthly life may be over for them, their heavenly lives have just begun and are is just as fulfilling as the lives they led before their deaths. Knowing that, one day, they will be able to see their loved ones again helps children to realize that in loss there is also hope. By seeing death through the eyes of Mina and her mother, children will gain a new perspective on death. The concepts of death, heaven, and the afterlife are tough topics to breach, but with Faircloth’s help, they become incredibly simple. Parents who read this book to their children will, no doubt, find relief, both in their mission to explain these topics to their children and in their own grieving process. Reading When Will I See Aunt Carole? together is an incredibly therapeutic bonding experience that will, no doubt, make the parent-child bond even stronger than it was before, which is especially important in times of trauma that threaten to destabilize the dispositions of otherwise happy, healthy children.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When Will I See Aunt Carole? presents a positive, heart-warming approach to the loss of a loved one. Particularly in the wake of the recent school shootings, the book gives a glimpse of one mother's view of heaven where her sister lives and takes care of children who pass away much too early. It could also be applied to the loss of any family member or friend with whom a child might be acquainted.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
M.L. Faircloth's When Will I See Aunt Carole? touched my heart. As a young mother with small children this book clearly views the idea that life after death is both peaceful and spiritual. My children thought that it was great that people in heaven only know the good and happy deeds on earth. I feel that they now have an understanding of death. This book prompted a thoughtful discussion about death as my son learned of the death of a classmate over the Christmas break. He felt sure that Carole's character was greeting this young girl as she entered heaven last week. This thought eased the pain of a most difficult discussion.
Distantecho More than 1 year ago
M.L. Faircloth’s When Will I See Aunt Carole? is a children’s book that gingerly covers the topic of death for younger readers. Though we do not know what happened to the child's Aunt Carole, we see through young Mina’s eyes that her family thinks of her often and decorates a tree in her honor on her birthday every year. When Mina asks her Mother, “When will I see Aunt Carole?", her mother sits down and explains that Aunt Carole is in heaven. Mina wonders what, exactly, Aunt Carole does in heaven, and her mother tells her all of the things Aunt Carole loved to do in life that she is probably doing in heaven, too. She also reminds Mina that Aunt Carole is watching over her when she is happy and is proud of her when she is good. She tells her that if she is as good as she can be, one day they will all be reunited in heaven with Aunt Carole. That night, Mina goes to bed comforted by the idea that her Aunt Carole can see her from above and is looking down on her. She resolves to be happy as often as she can be to make her aunt proud of her. Dealing with the subject of death is something that most parents dread, and explaining that people die and outlining complicated beliefs for young minds is a difficult task. However, When Will I See Aunt Carole? deals with the subject in a very positive way that will be easy for young readers to understand. The colorful and beautiful illustrations by Michael Ray give children a visual representation of the story, enabling them to further process the idea of what may happen after death. An excellent book for any parent to read with a child, When Will I See Aunt Carole? is sure to spark important discussions among many parents and their children.