Windows 8 Hacks

Windows 8 Hacks

by Preston Gralla


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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Windows 8 Hacks Preston Gralia Published by O’Reilly The word “ Hack” immediately brings to mind the art of maliciously breaking in to computers and networks and changing files, codes and applications. This book is not about that, although many of the “Tips and Tricks” give us information about making changes that can simplify and enable better ways of using the Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft has hidden many of the files that are used to change appearance and customization in this new OS, but Windows 8 Hacks shows the way to quickly find them. It not only does that. It is a veritable manual that can help a novice learn how to navigate the important fields in computing such as the cloud, email, networking and performance. It helps an experienced user tinker with the registry, polish the syncing of files, or work with virtual machines. The steps are presented in few words, not the hundreds of pages usually found in a manual. The tips on modifying some of Windows 8 clunky ways of accessing startup adjustments, security and system tools can save a lot of time and aggravation. The Table of Contents is a gem, listing eleven chapters of categories from Startup to Registry, each with a dozen or so topics. We can easily find the exact solution to a problem or method to make a change. The format is great, brief and clear instructions walk us through the steps and the many illustrations show us what the results should look like. As we follow the steps, we immediately see if we are getting the correct results. It is like having an expert sitting next to us, giving us step by step instructions Preston Gralia has given us a valuable set of tools to confidently make changes to our computers that correct problems, make them faster and more efficient or just do more. Review by JoeK January 2, 2013