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Title: What Was the Holocaust?, Author: Gail Herman
Title: Who Was Theodore Roosevelt?, Author: Michael Burgan
Title: Who Was Princess Diana?, Author: Ellen Labrecque
Title: What Is the Declaration of Independence?, Author: Michael C. Harris
Title: Who Was Frida Kahlo?, Author: Sarah Fabiny
Title: Who Was Gandhi?, Author: Dana Meachen Rau
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Title: Where Are the Great Pyramids?, Author: Dorothy Hoobler
Title: Who Was Winston Churchill?, Author: Ellen Labrecque
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Title: Where Is Antarctica?, Author: Sarah Fabiny
Title: Where Is the Great Wall?, Author: Patricia Brennan Demuth
Title: Who Was Che Guevara?, Author: Ellen Labrecque
Title: Who Was Jane Austen?, Author: Sarah Fabiny
Title: Ce sunt Marile Piramide?, Author: Dorothy Hoobler
Title: George Ferris, What a Wheel!, Author: Barbara Lowell
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