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Title: Righteous Brood: Making the Mission of God a Family Story, Author: Hugh Halter
Title: Once You See: Seven Temptations of the Western Church: A Novel [With Discussion Guide Included], Author: Jeff Christopherson
Title: ReJesus: Remaking the Church in Our Founder's Image, Author: Michael Frost
Title: Ordinary Disciples, Extraordinary Influence: Stories to Fuel a Life of Unshakable Faith, Author: Galen Burkholder
Title: Your Part in God's Story: 40 Days From Genesis to Revelation, Author: Steve Addison
Title: MOVIMIENTOS QUE CAMBIAN AL MUNDO: Cinco Claves para Extender el Evangelio, Author: Steve Addison
Title: Leading a Department: Developing the Character and Competency to Lead a Ministry, Author: Mac Lake
Title: Reflex: The Natural Way to Live the Christian Life, Author: John Harding
Title: 5Q: Att återaktivera den ursprungliga intelligensen och kapaciteten i Kristi kropp, Author: Alan Hirsch
Title: Spacemaker: How to Unplug, Unwind and Think Clearly in the Digital Age, Author: Daniel Sih
Title: Leadiagrams: 52 Visuals to Help You Thrive in Your Faith and Lead Effectively, Author: Andy Frost
Title: Red Skies: 10 Essential Conversations Exploring Our Future as the Church, Author: Alan Hirsch
Title: Positively Irritating: Embracing a Post-Christian World to Form a More Faithful and Innovative Church, Author: Jon Ritner