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Title: Clear To Close, Author: Quiana Watson
Title: Do That Sh!t, Author: Ashley Silva
Title: The Essence of Time, Author: Stephen Norman
Title: Pass Interference: History of the Black Quarterback in the NFL, Author: Wisdom Martin
Title: Profit Without Oppression, Author: Kim Crayton
Title: WOKE, Author: Stevie  Jr. Baggs
Title: I Forgive Myself for Forgetting Myself, Author: Shatiera Porte'e
Title: The Invisible Women: Addressing the Intersection of Pay and Racism In The Workplace, Author: Melody Simmons
Title: Keep it 100, Author: Clark C Michell
Title: The Whitewashing of Christianity: A Hidden Past, A Hurtful Present, and A Hopeful Future, Author: Jerome Gay
Title: A Letter of Love, Author: Kailyn Lowry
Title: NWB, Author: Elijah Steele
Title: The Pain Behind My Smile, Author: Melissa Trinchet
Title: Surviving COVID-19: How did I get here?, Author: Jameel McKanstry
Title: Crazy Faith, Unexplainable Peace: A Lesson My Mother Taught Me, Author: Romona Jackson
Title: Know Your Worth: You Are Not Your Past, Author: Romona Jackson
Title: I Understand Why You Would Want Me But Why Would I Want You?, Author: Tiffany Smith
Title: The Menacing Red Dragon: God of War, Author: Ryan King Scales
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Title: Let's Get Married & Do Everything Except Make It Last: A Heart-to-Heart with Men on Loving and Leading, Author: Adrian N. Carter
Title: Step Up, Step Out, and Shine, Author: Africa Miranda

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