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Title: Tribespotting: Undercover Cult(ure) Stories, Author: Harmon Leon
Title: Finishing Touches, Author: Ricardo Quinones
Title: Isle of the Amazons in the Vermilion Sea, Author: Gregory MacDonald
Title: The Will To Resist, Author: J.D. Tulloch
Title: Hypnotizing Lines: Road Rhymes, Volume One, Author: j.d.tulloch
Title: To Act Is to Do: Six Classes for Teachers and Actors Based on the Uta Hagen Technique, Author: Richard Alan Nichols
Title: A Sorting of the Ways: New and Selected Poems, Author: Ricardo Quinones
Title: Where Water Meets the Rock, Author: Lindsey Martin-Bowen
Title: Dumpster, for God's Sake, Author: Ben Stoltzfus
Title: Through The Years, Author: Ricardo Quinones
Title: Undiscovered Paladins: Westward Rhymes Revisited, Author: j.d.tulloch
Title: Alliecats: 53 Graphic Tales & Fun Puns About Cats, Author: Ben Stoltzfus
Title: Fringes, Author: Ricardo Quinones
Title: Meet the Deplorables: Infiltrating Trump America, Author: Harmon Leon
Title: The Life and Times of José Calderon, Author: José Faus
Title: Ghost Sign, Author: Al Ortolani
Title: Desolate Country: We the Poets, United, Against Trump, Author: j.d.tulloch
Title: A Secret History of the Nighttime World, Author: Jason Ryberg
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Title: Romoland: A Pictonovel, Author: Ben Stoltzfus
Title: Corazón y una lengua peregrina, Author: Latino Writers Collective

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