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Title: I'm in Love with Mothman, Author: Paige Lavoie
Title: The Devil's Day, Author: Megan Mackie
Title: The Finder of the Lucky Devil, Author: Megan Mackie
Title: Antique Magic, Author: Kait Disney-Leugers
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Title: The Saint of Liars, Author: Megan Mackie
Title: My Wedding Date: Tales from the Tables, Author: 4 Horsemen Publications
Title: Not My Time, Author: Jessica Salina
Title: Secrets & Photographs, Author: A. K. Ramirez
Title: The Prince's Priest, Author: V.C. Willis
Title: By Moonlight, Author: Chelsea Burton Dunn
Title: Paranormal Incorporated: The Offices of Supernatural Being, Author: 4 Horsemen Publications
Title: I am a Superhero Expert: Growing up with my Autistic Brother, Author: Josh Stehle
Title: Hidden Love, Author: Eskay Kabba
Title: Waking Up Dead, Author: Amanda Fasciano
Title: The Syphon's Daughter, Author: M. E. Batt
Title: The Book of Werewolves with Illustrations: History of Lycanthropy, Mythology, Folklores, and more, Author: Sabine Baring-Gould
Title: The Author's Accountability Planner 2023: A Day-to-Day Guide for Writers, Author: Inc. 4 Horsemen Publications
Title: Steel & Thunder, Author: Dominic N. Ashen
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Title: Secrets & Spires, Author: Dominic N. Ashen
Title: The Roma's Claim, Author: Shae Coon

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