Title: Grandfather Tang's Story, Author: Ann Tompert
Title: Conociendo a Abraham Lincoln: Una Biografía de Lectura Rápida sobre la vida del Decimosexto Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Author: Cynthia A. Parker
Title: True Murder Mysteries of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Author: A. Parker Burroughs
Title: Cannabinoids and the Brain, Author: Linda A. Parker
Title: Father to His Country - George Washington: A Quick-Read Biography About the Life of The United States' First President, Author: Cynthia A. Parker
Title: Planning Clinical Research, Author: Robert A. Parker
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Title: Piano Starts Here: The Young Art Tatum, Author: Robert Andrew Parker
Title: Washington County Murder & Mayhem:: Historic Crimes of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Author: A. Parker Burroughs
Title: Taking Flight: Making Your Center for Teaching and Learning Soar, Author: Laura Cruz
Title: Invasion of the Killer Tapeworms, Author: T. Allen Parker
Title: Quantitative Diagenesis: Recent Developments and Applications to Reservoir Geology, Author: A. Parker
Title: Ecological and Distributional Databases for Neotropical Birds, Author: Theodore A. Parker III
Title: Wonderous Flights: A coloring book for the young and young at heart, Author: Josie A. Parker
Title: Neotropical Birds: Ecology and Conservation, Author: Douglas F. Stotz
Title: Trip To The West And Texas, Author: A. A. Parker
Title: 17 Stories and 5 Poems, Author: Robert A. Parker
Title: Sediment Diagenesis, Author: A. Parker
Title: Decision in Child Care: A Study of Prediction in Fostering, Author: R.A. Parker
Title: The Crimson Site, Author: Thomas A. Parker
Title: Analytical Chemistry of Molybdenum, Author: G.A. Parker

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