Title: Colin Powell: A Biography, Author: Richard Steins
Title: Building Parent Engagement in Schools, Author: Larry Ferlazzo
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Title: Reference and Information Services: An Introduction, 6th Edition, Author: Melissa A. Wong
Title: Diversity in Couple and Family Therapy: Ethnicities, Sexualities, and Socioeconomics, Author: Shalonda Kelly
Title: Planning and Managing School Facilities, 2nd Edition, Author: Theodore Kowalski
Title: NASCAR Nation: A History of Stock Car Racing in the United States, Author: Scott M. Beekman
Title: Librarian's Guide to Online Searching: Cultivating Database Skills for Research and Instruction, 6th Edition, Author: Christopher C. Brown
Title: Library and Information Center Management, 9th Edition / Edition 9, Author: Barbara B. Moran
Title: Daily Life of the New Americans: Immigration since 1965 (Daily Life Through History Series), Author: Christoph Strobel
Title: Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries, 5th Edition / Edition 5, Author: Donald E. Biederman
Title: NATO Divided, NATO United: The Evolution of an Alliance / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence Kaplan
Title: The Mind of a Murderer: Privileged Access to the Demons That Drive Extreme Violence, Author: Katherine Ramsland
Title: Sexuality and Addiction: Making Connections, Enhancing Recovery, Author: Raven L. Badger
Title: Children's Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide, 3rd Edition / Edition 3, Author: Sylvia M. Vardell
Title: The Story of the Chippewa Indians: From the Past to the Present, Author: Gregory O. Gagnon
Title: The Columbian Exchange: Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492, 30th Anniversary Edition / Edition 30, Author: Alfred W. Crosby Jr.
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Title: Tiger Woods: A Biography, 2nd Edition, Author: Lawrence J. Londino
Title: The Organization of Information, 4th Edition / Edition 4, Author: Daniel N. Joudrey
Title: Walt Disney: A Biography, Author: Louise Krasniewicz
Title: Introduction to Cataloging and Classification, 11th Edition / Edition 11, Author: Daniel N. Joudrey

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