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Title: Slapstick Comedy / Edition 1, Author: Tom Paulus
Title: Endangering Science Fiction Film, Author: Sean Redmond
Title: Masculinity: Bodies, Movies, Culture, Author: Peter Lehman
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Title: New Media: Theories and Practices of Digitextuality / Edition 1, Author: Anna Everett
Title: Cinema of Exploration: Essays on an Adventurous Film Practice, Author: James Leo Cahill
Title: Fantasy/Animation: Connections Between Media, Mediums and Genres, Author: Christopher Holliday
Title: Black American Cinema / Edition 1, Author: Manthia Diawara
Title: Classical Hollywood Comedy / Edition 1, Author: Kristine Brunovska Karnick
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Title: Teaching Transnational Cinema: Politics and Pedagogy / Edition 1, Author: Katarzyna Marciniak
Title: Rediscovering U.S. Newsfilm: Cinema, Television, and the Archive, Author: Mark Garrett Cooper
Title: Cognitive Media Theory, Author: Ted Nannicelli
Title: Psychoanalysis and Cinema, Author: E. Ann Kaplan
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Title: East European Cinemas, Author: Anikó Imre
Title: Westerns: Films through History, Author: Janet Walker
Title: Color and the Moving Image: History, Theory, Aesthetics, Archive / Edition 1, Author: Simon Brown
Title: Ecocinema Theory And Practice, Author: Stephen Rust
Title: Black Women Film and Video Artists, Author: Jacqueline Bobo
Title: Ecocinema Theory And Practice / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Rust
Title: European Film Theory / Edition 1, Author: Temenuga Trifonova
Title: Arnheim for Film and Media Studies, Author: Scott Higgins

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