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Title: Magical Images (Color): A Handbook of Stereo Photography, Author: Geoff Ogram
Title: A Bird in the Deep: The True Story of the USS Partridge, Author: James Christopher Krouse
Title: A Bird In The Deep, Author: James Krouse
Title: Discovering Digital Humanity: A Practical Guide to Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Technology, Author: Tom Haymes
Title: Tales from the Locker Room: An Anecdotal Portrait of George Szell and his Cleveland Orchestra, Author: Bernette Jaffe
Title: Encore: A Collection of Verse & Song Poems, Author: Marjorie E Potter
Title: Encore, Author: Marjorie Potter
Title: Their Paths Are Peace, Author: Clara Lederer
Title: Fallen Virtue, Author: RJ Benson
Title: Voices from the Reichstag Fire, Author: Albert Borowitz
Title: The Sunken Restaurant And Other Verse, Author: Philip Taylor
Title: Their Paths Are Peace: The Story of Cleveland's Cultural Gardens, Author: Clara Lederer
Title: Death Play, Author: Albert Borowitz
Title: Rosepetals, Author: Nina Freedlander Gibans
Title: Celebrating the Soul of Cleveland, Author: Nina Freedlander Gibans
Title: No Life But This: A Novel of Emily Warren Roebling, Author: Diane Vogel Ferri
Title: The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour Murder, Author: Albert Borowitz
Title: An Eighteenth Century Tragedy: The Execution of a Portuguese Jew, Author: Albert Borowitz
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Title: More Studies in Art and Literature, Author: Helen Osterman Borowitz
Title: The Present Past, Author: Leonard Ross

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