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Title: Girls Like Me, Author: Valerie Thompkins
Title: Noble Nyela And Her Power To Create, Author: Sedara Burson
Title: Enlightened Elijah and His Power to Preserve, Author: Sedara Burson
Title: Nurturing Naasir and His Power To Share, Author: Sedara Burson
Title: Sejal Sinha Battles Superstorms, Author: Maya Prasad Pre-Order Now
Title: The Day I Became a Big Brother, Author: Keyona Reid
Title: Mathsketball: A Story of Test Anxiety, Author: Erainna Winnett
Title: Sejal Sinha Swims with Sea Dragons, Author: Maya Prasad Pre-Order Now
Title: Ved And Friends Celebrate Dussehra And Diwali, Author: Diksha Pal Narayan
Title: The Christmas Clue Coloring Book, Author: Nat Bickel
Title: The Christmas Clue, Author: Nat Bickel
Title: Sarah's Sick Day, Author: Erainna Winnett
Title: Dee Dee Builds A Hidey-Hole (Lao edition) / ???? ???????????????, Author: Janie  Busby Grant
Title: El Ganador, Author: Sigal Adler
Title: Learning About The Forest, Author: Jasmyn Lynch
Title: Dean La Maquina Del Canto, Author: Jeanna Maria Zivalich
Title: The Torch of Peace, Author: Doron Erez
Title: Kyle Klepto Shares and Cares, Author: A.M. Shah
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Title: Children's books: Man of Darkness, Author: Carmela Ben-Nun Moshe
Title: Girl to the World: Akua's Masterpiece, Author: Oladoyin Oladapo

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