Title: BUNDY: A Clinical Discussion of The Perfect Storm, Author: Roberto DePaolo
Title: The Plagues of Pharaoh, Author: David Shaw
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Title: Highlander Imagine: Beyond Infinity, Author: Wendy Jones
Title: Ghost, Author: Teah Hunter Knorr
Title: Misquoting Calculus: What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman, Author: Chris Queen
Title: The Church That Miracles Built, Author: Bob Hampton
Title: The Monster and Freddie Fype, Author: Larry Trivieri
Title: MEDICINE WOMAN AWAKENING: A Story of Soul Retrieval, Author: Laura Lander
Title: Daisy Doyle, Author: Madonna Ball
Title: Coping with Life: A Study in Adaptation, Author: Harry Gael Michaels
Title: My Life In Siberia, Russia, Author: Anya Mowry
Title: MISERY IS THE NEW HAPPINESS: The Neurotic's Guide to Living - Book 2, Author: John DeBellis
Title: Lucia, Author: Ty Spencer Vossler
Title: Earth's Miracle Through the Paradigm Shift, Author: Sean McCleary
Title: AN INTRODUCTION TO SYNCROMYSTICISM: Understanding the Generative Principle, Author: William Antony Ortiz
Title: Managing The 5 Most Challenging Childhood Behavioral Health Conditions Of Our Day, Author: Dr. John Carosso
Title: MISERY IS THE NEW HAPPINESS: The Neurotic's Guide to Living - Book 1, Author: John J DeBellis
Title: Vexed to Nightmare, Author: Robert Fredericks
Title: DORK, Author: Will Winkle
Title: Diary of an Imprisoned Mind, Author: Jennifer Orsak

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