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Title: Queen Alexandra, Author: Frances Dimond
Title: Theory test for car drivers and guide to passing the driving test, Author: Malcolm Green
Title: The Eschatology of the Restoration of All Things: The dawning of the age of enlightenment, Author: Mike Parsons
Title: The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism and Nudists: Everything You Need to Know About Nudism. (And why you should try it), Author: Liz Egger
Title: Recovering with T3: My Journey from Hypothyroidism to Good Health using the T3 Thyroid Hormone, Author: Paul Robinson
Title: The Restoration of all Things: My continuing journey beyond beyond, Author: Mike Parsons
Title: Down Syndrome and Dementia: A Guide for Family Members, Social and Health Care Staff and Students, Author: Bob Dawson
Title: The Remarkable Effect: The Essential Book for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission, Author: Ton Dobbe
Title: Michael Rutter: The Life of a Racer, Author: Michael Rutter
Title: Teacup: Lives in the Philippines, Author: Chard
Title: Best of British Cryptic Crosswords: Volume 2, Author: Professor Malcolm Smith
Title: Getting Trump: How the media hurts itself chasing the Donald, Author: Charles  Davies
Title: Bartending (How to...and What's it Like?), Author: Mick Brown
Title: The Thyroid Patient's Manual: From Hypothyroidism to Good Health, Author: Paul Robinson
Title: Surgery in Turbulent Mesopotamia: Work and Life in Erbil, Iraq, one of the most Ancient Cities on Earth, Author: Amir Al-Dabbagh
Title: A Life's Canvas: On changes, chances and choices, Author: A M Gutierrez Jeffe
Title: The CDL Study Master Skills Guide: Passing The Knowledge Test, Passing The Driver's Tests & 'How To' Handbook, Author: Malcolm Green
Title: Highway 61: Crossroads on the Blues Highway, Author: Derek Bright
Title: Never Been Punched, Author: Neil Bird
Title: Sleeping with one eye open: My memoirs of childhood abandonment and emotional neglect, Author: Helen Coneyworth-Smith

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