Title: Bliss: Forever Elusive & Unique, Author: William M. Natale
Title: Mark's Way, Author: Thomas Willis
Title: Fragile Saints: A novel, Author: Claire Ibarra
Title: The Other Side of Sanctuary: A novel, Author: Cheryl Crabb
Title: Zahara and the Lost Books of Light: A Novel, Author: Joyce Yarrow
Title: Continue Breathing: A Novel, Author: Josh Greenfield
Title: Booted: A Novel, Author: Richard Bader
Title: One Night With Lilith, Author: Martin Golan
Title: The Commune, Author: Erica Abeel
Title: The Unicorn, the Mystery: A novel, Author: Janet Mason
Title: Penance: A Novel, Author: Edward Daniel Hunt
Title: The Mirrored Palace: A Historical Novel, Author: David Rich
Title: No Regrets: A novella, Author: Juliana Nicewarner
Title: Salt of the Nation: A novel, Author: Matt Bloom
Title: New Twists, Author: Don Tassone
Title: Stephen's Landing: A novel, Author: Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Title: The Heart of the Century, Author: Eugene Christy
Title: Look Back to Yesterday: A novel, Author: Tara Lynn Marta
Title: The Mary House: A novel, Author: John D. Ballam
Title: MY FEATS IN THESE SHOES: A Solely Original Memoir, Author: Ronda Beaman

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