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Title: ON LOVE: Poems - Second Edition, Revised and Updated, Author: Rita Baker
Title: 140 Miles of Life: A Remarkable Journey to Self-Acceptance & Love, Author: Veronica Carrera
Title: And So I Walked: Reflections on Chance, Choice, and the Camino de Santiago, Author: Anne Gardner
Title: Notes Going Underground, Author: Joram Piatigorsky
Title: ESTRELLAS: Moments of Illumination Along El Camino de Santiago, Author: Suzanne Maggio
Title: The Whims of War, Author: Don R. Sampen
Title: No Regrets: A novella, Author: Juliana Nicewarner
Title: The Path of Rainwater, Author: Lawrence Weill
Title: Continue Breathing: A Novel, Author: Josh Greenfield
Title: Truth Hurts: A collection of short stories, Author: David Boyle
Title: NINCOMPOOP: A Novel, Author: John C. Picardi
Title: Time and the Tree: A novel, Author: Róisín Sorahan
Title: Adelaide Books Children's Literature and Illustration Award Anthology 2020, Author: Adelaide Franco Nikolic
Title: Roger's Thought-Particles: A novel, Author: Joram Piatigorsky
Title: Verdant Grounds, Subtle Boundaries: A Collection of Short Stories, Author: Anders M. Svenning
Title: The Speed of Dark, Author: Joram Piatigorsky
Title: Unconscious: Short Stories, Author: Gerald Arthur Winter
Title: The Fire This Time, Author: S. Frederic Liss
Title: Big Sky: A Novel, Author: Timothy Ryan Day

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