Title: The Daredancers: A Novel, Author: Douglas Alan Walrath
Title: Bliss: Forever Elusive & Unique, Author: William M. Natale
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Title: The Other Side of Sanctuary: A novel, Author: Cheryl Crabb
Title: Continue Breathing: A Novel, Author: Josh Greenfield
Title: Booted: A Novel, Author: Richard Bader
Title: The Commune, Author: Erica Abeel
Title: No Regrets: A novella, Author: Juliana Nicewarner
Title: Fragile Saints: A novel, Author: Claire Ibarra
Title: Stephen's Landing: A novel, Author: Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Title: The Heart of the Century, Author: Eugene Christy
Title: The Mary House: A novel, Author: John D. Ballam
Title: MY FEATS IN THESE SHOES: A Solely Original Memoir, Author: Ronda Beaman
Title: Tales from the Woods: Short Stories, Author: Donny Barilla
Title: LOVE: A story, Author: Bill Smoot
Title: Dawn: Poems & Thoughts, Author: Mr. Pierre Sotér
Title: Comrades: A novel, Author: Barbara Borst
Title: The Burning People, Author: Andrea Dreiling
Title: Out of Empire: A Novella, Author: Christopher Aslan Overfelt
Title: Sadjio: A Novel, Author: Fatoumata Nabie Fofana
Title: Echoes from a Falling Bridge: A Novel, Author: Toni Morgan

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