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Title: Swahili Made Easy. A Beginner's Complete Course, Author: J. F. Safari
Title: Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol, Author: Okot p'Bitek
Title: Africa: Facing Human Security Challenges in the 21st Century, Author: Tatah Mentan
Title: Kings, Priests, and Kinsmen: Essays on Ga Culture and Society, Author: Marion Kilson
Title: History of Indigenous Slavery In, a (P), Author: Akosua Adoma Perbi
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Title: Tale of Tamari, Author: Shimmer Chinodya
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Title: A Dictionary of the Yoruba Language / Edition 2, Author: Nigeria University Press
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Title: Medicinal Plants of East Africa. Third Edition, Author: John O. Kokwaro
Title: A Grammar of Contemporary Igbo. Constituents, Features and Processes, Author: E. Nolue Emenanjo
Title: Slavery and Slave Trade in Nigeria. From Earliest Times to The Nineteenth Century, Author: J.F. Ade Ajayi
Title: Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade. Paul Erdmann Isert's Journey to Guinea and the Carribean Islands in Columbia (1788), Author: Selena Axelrod Winsnes
Title: Swahili/English Pocket Dictionary, Author: Jospeh Safari
Title: Odun Ifa. Ifa Festival, Author: Abosede Emanuel
Title: The River and the Source, Author: Margaret A Ogola
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Title: How to be a Nigerian, Author: Peter Enahoro
Title: African Literature: Gender Discourse, Religious Values, and the African Worldview, Author: Safoura Salami-Boukari
Title: Philosophy in Culture: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, Author: Mbih J. Tosam
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Title: Kings of Disaster: Dualism, Centralism and the Scapegoat King in Southeastern Sudan, Author: Simon Simonse
Title: Pio Gama Pinto: Kenya's Unsung Martyr. 1927 - 1965, Author: Shiraz Durrani
Title: The New World Order Ideology and Africa. Understanding and Appreciating Ambiguity, Deceit and Recapture of Decolonized Spaces, Author: Tatah Mentan

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