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Title: Nine African Plays for Radio, Author: Gwyneth Henderson
Title: White Man of God, Author: Kenjo Jumbam
Title: Secret Lives, Author: Ngugi wa Thiong'o
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Title: Ride on the Whirlwind, Author: Sipho Sepamla
Title: Kagiso's Mad Uncle, Author: Keith Whiteley
Title: Gold Diggers, Author: Kwasi Koranteng
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Title: Of Chameleons and Gods: Poems, Author: Jack Mapanje
Title: Tribaliks: Contemporary Congolese Stories, Author: Henri Lopes
Title: The House of Hunger, Author: Dambudzo Marechera
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Title: Striving for the Wind, Author: Meja Mwangi
Title: To Every Birth Its Blood, Author: Mongane Serote
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Title: The Case of the Socialist Witchdoctor and Other Stories, Author: Hama Tuma
Title: Godhorse, Author: Kojo Laing
Title: The Old Man and the Medal, Author: Ferdinand Oyono
Title: Every Man Is a Race, Author: Mia Couto
Title: Man Who Lost His Shadow, Author: Fathy Ghanem
Title: No Longer at Ease, Author: Chinua Achebe
Title: Zambia Shall Be Free, Author: Kenneth Kaunda
Title: Trial of Christopher Okigbo, Author: Ali A. Mazrui
Title: Seasons of Thomas Tebo: A Vivid Allegory Of Modern Uganda, Author: John Nagenda

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