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Title: Civil Economy: Another Idea of the Market, Author: Luigino Bruni
Title: Chessays: Travels Through The World Of Chess, Author: Howard Burton
Title: The Price of Football: Understanding Football Club Finance, Author: Kieran Maguire
Title: Seeing Ourselves: Reclaiming Humanity from God and Science, Author: Raymond Tallis
Title: Freedom: An Impossible Reality, Author: Raymond Tallis
Title: Angrynomics, Author: Eric Lonergan
Title: Inside the Deal: How the EU Got Brexit Done, Author: Stefaan De Rynck
Title: A Matter of Energy: Biology From First Principles - A Conversation with Nick Lane, Author: Howard Burton
Title: The Doreen Massey Reader, Author: Doreen Massey
Title: Herculaneum Uncovered - A Conversation with Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Author: Howard Burton
Title: The Pull of the Stars - A Conversation with Claudia de Rham, Author: Howard Burton
Title: The Physics of Banjos - A Conversation with David Politzer, Author: Howard Burton
Title: In Defence of Philanthropy, Author: Beth Breeze
Title: Sovereign Wealth Funds: Between the State and Markets, Author: Adam D. Dixon
Title: The Caretaker, Author: April C Royer
Title: One Magic, Author: April C Royer
Title: Cryptocurrencies: Money, Trust and Regulation, Author: Oonagh McDonald
Title: The Economics of Music, Author: Peter Tschmuck
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Title: The Magic Money Tree and Other Economic Tales, Author: Lorenzo Forni
Title: Of Time and Lamentation: Reflections on Transience, Author: Raymond Tallis

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