Title: Paris Coloring Book: Paris Fashions Coloring Book, Author: Alexandrine
Title: Memoirs of Mlle. Des Echerolles: Being Sidelights on the Reign of Terror, Author: Alexandrine Etiennette Des Echerolles
Title: Great White Shark: Myth and Reality, Author: Alexandrine Civard-Racinais
Title: L'ethique du sage chez Plotin: Le paradigme du spoudaios, Author: Alexandrine Schniewind
Title: Memoirs of the Count of Comminge and The Misfortunes of Love, Author: Claudine-Alexandrine Guérin De Tencin
Title: Nouveaux contes pour les enfants, Author: Alexandrine-Sophie De Bawr
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Title: The music of the waters. A collection of the sailors' chanties, or working songs of the sea, of all maritime nations. Boatmen's, fishermen's, and rowing songs, and water legends, Author: Laura Alexandrine Smith
Title: El saber de la Psicomotricidad en primera persona: Entrevistas entre colegas, Author: Dalila Molina de Costallat
Title: Through Romany Songland, Author: Laura Alexandrine Smith
Title: La Tour d'Ivoire, Author: Marie Regnier Alexandrine Dubois
Title: Nouveaux Contes pour enfants, Author: Alexandrine-Sophie de Bawr
Title: Cambodia: A Shattered Society, Author: Marie Alexandrine Martin
Title: Les malheurs de l'amour, Author: Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de Tencin
Title: Le siège de Calais, Author: Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de Tencin
Title: Aerial Imagination in Cuba: Stories from Above the Rooftops, Author: Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier
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Title: MZmoires authentiques d'une sage-femme, Author: Alexandrine Jullemier
Title: A Life Worth Saving, Author: Alexandrine Lewis
Title: Fashion Coloring Books For Adults: Classy Chic Designs Fashion & The Best of Paris Street Style, Author: Alexandrine
Title: The Magpie & the Wardrobe: A Curiosity of Folklore, Magic & Spells, Author: Sam Mckechnie
Title: A Life Worth Fighting For: A Second Chance for Shawn, Author: Alexandrine Lewis

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