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Title: Pavement, Author: Andrew Davie Pre-Order Now
Title: Last Year's Man, Author: Paul D. Brazill
Title: Countdown, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Accidental Outlaws, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Prodigal Sons, Author: Mike Miner
Title: Nine Toes in the Grave, Author: Eric Beetner
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Title: Diesel Therapy, Author: Greg Barth
Title: Gravy Train, Author: Tess Makovesky
Title: Man Standing Behind, Author: Pablo D'Stair
Title: Fatboy, Author: Paul Heatley
Title: Manifesto Destination, Author: Alec Cizak
Title: A Taste of Shotgun, Author: Chris Orlet
Title: Strangers in a Strange Land, Author: Katherine Tomlinson
Title: Welcome To HolyHell, Author: Math Bird
Title: Route 12, Author: Marietta Miles
Title: Debt Crusher, Author: Michael Pool
Title: Cleaning Up Finn, Author: Sarah M. Chen
Title: The Last Laugh: Crime Stories, Author: Paul D. Brazill
Title: Selena, Author: Greg Barth
Title: Uncle Dust, Author: Rob Pierce

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