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Title: Cutthroat, Author: Paul Heatley
Title: To Bring My Shadow, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Person Unknown, Author: Michael Penncavage
Title: Fatboy, Author: Paul Heatley
Title: Guillotine, Author: Paul Heatley
Title: True Dark, Author: Mike Miner
Title: Manifesto Destination, Author: Alec Cizak
Title: Helen Topaz, Henry Dollar, Author: Pablo D'stair
#3 in Series
Title: Three Kinds of Fool, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Accidental Outlaws, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Man of the World, Author: Paul D. Brazill
Title: All Due Respect 2021, Author: Chris Rhatigan
Title: The Good Book, Author: Tom Leins
Title: Trigger Switch, Author: Bryon Quertermous
Title: Nine Toes in the Grave, Author: Eric Beetner
Title: The Girl with the Stone Heart, Author: Scott Grand
Title: Cleaning Up Finn, Author: Sarah M. Chen
Title: The Things I Love Will Kill Me Yet: Stories, Author: Rob Pierce
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Title: Road Carnage, Author: Greg Barth
#4 in Series
Title: Crooked Roads: Crime Stories, Author: Alec Cizak

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