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Title: Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest, Author: Ragnar Redbeard
Title: A dictionary of the Gaelic language, in two parts. 1. Gaelic and English. - 2. English and Gaelic, Author: Norman MacLeod
Title: Aunt Jane of Kentucky, Author: Eliza Calvert Hall
Title: David Crockett, Scout Small Boy, Pilgrim, Mountaineer, Soldier, Bear-Hunter And Congressman; Defender Of The Alamo, Author: Charles Fletcher Allen
Title: Four American Naval Heroes Paul Jones, Admiral Farragut, Oliver H. Perry, Admiral Dewey, Author: Mabel Beebe
Title: The family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Author: George A. Perkins
Title: Early days in New England. Life and times of Henry Burt of Springfield and some of his descendants. Genealogical and biographical mention of James and Richard Burt of Taunton, Mass., and Thomas Burt, M.P., of England, Author: Henry M. Burt
Title: Origines Islandicae: A Collection of the More Important Sagas and Other Native Writings Relating to the Settlement and Early History of Iceland Volume 1, Author: Gudbrand Editor: Vigfusson
Title: Irish fairy and folk tales, Author: W. B. Yeats
Title: The Abc And Xyz Of Bee Culture; A Cyclopedia Of Everything Pertaining To The Care Of The Honey-Bee; Bees, Hives, Honey, Implements, Honey-Plants, Etc. Facts Gleaned From The Experience Of Thousands Of Bee-Keepers, And Afterward Verified In Our Apiary, Author: A. I. Root
Title: In Search of the Castaways; Or, The Children of Captain Grant, Author: Jules Verne
Title: The path of purity; being a translation of Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga (Part I) Of Virtue (Or Morals), Author: Pe Maung Tin
Title: The journal of Christopher Columbus (during his first voyage, 1492-93) and documents relating to the voyages of John Cabot and Gaspar Corte Real, Author: John Cabot
Title: Observation: every man his own university, Author: Russell Herman Conwell
Title: Fishing and Shooting Sketches, Author: Grover Cleveland
Title: The Campaner Thal And Other Writings, Author: Jean Paul Friedrich Richter
Title: British family names; their origin and meaning, with lists of Scandinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman names, Author: Henry Barber
Title: The Four Books: The Great Learning, The Doctrine Of The Mear Confucian Analects The Works Of Mencius, Author: James Legge
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Title: A practical course in wooden boat and ship building, the fundamental principles and practical methods described in detail, especially written for carpenters and other woodworkers who desire to engage in boat or ship building, and as a textbook for schoo, Author: Richard M. Van Gaasbeek
Title: The fourth book of Maccabees and kindred documents in Syriac, Author: R. L. Bensly

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