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Title: Tools of War: History of Weapons in Ancient Times, Author: Syed Ramsey
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Title: Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783, Author: A T Mahan
Title: China Pakistan Economic Corridor Needs a Counter Strategy of India, Author: Arlen Clemens
Title: Charles Darwin: A Biography, Author: Emery Denson
Title: Global Power Revelry and South China Sea Dispute, Author: Lester B Stone
Title: Civil-military Relationship: Now and Then, Author: Jonatan Rudolph
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Title: Shifting Equations in India's Neighbourhood, Author: Clay Schrader
Title: Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction, Author: Sybil Foreman
Title: Ten Great Events in History, Author: James Johonnot
Title: Afghanistan: A Country Guide, Author: Maci Valerio
Title: The History of Napoleon Bonaparte, Author: John Gibson Lockhart
Title: Nuclear Weapons and Warfare and China's Grand Security Challenges, Author: Leonida Weatherford
Title: Modernisation of India's Defence: Power and Policy, Author: Jonatan Rudolph
Title: Constitutional History of India, Author: M S Ishshan
Title: The Dragon in Lhasa: Tibet's History & China's Invasion, Author: Dr Suresh Chandra
Title: Diplomacy of South Asia Security and China's Security Environment, Author: Arlen Clemens
Title: Future of India's Neighbourhood Amidst the Geopolitical in Stability, Author: Emery Denson
Title: History of Classical India - 322 BCE to 550 BCE, Author: Bailee Skeen
Title: Speeches of 10 Great Military Leaders of the World, Author: Terra Pitta
Title: The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World - From Marathon to Waterloo, Author: M.A Sir Edward Creasy

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