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Title: Handbook of Parapsychology, Author: Maci Valerio
Title: Great Military Commanders - Erwin Rommel: A Biography, Author: Evelyn Stone
Title: Treasure Island (World Classics, Unabridged), Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: Pathology of Lying, Accusation, and Swindling: A Study in Forensic Psychology, Author: William Healy
Title: Across The Reef: The Marine Assault of Tarawa, Author: Joseph H. Alexander
Title: Macbeth (World Classics Shakespeare Series), Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Elsie's New Relations, Author: Martha Finley
Title: The Arctic Prairies: A Canoe-Journey of 2,000 Miles in Search of the Caribou; Being the Account of a Voyage to the Region North of Aylemer Lake, Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
Title: The House of the Wolfings, Author: William Morris
Title: The Green Eyes of Bâst, Author: Sax Rohmer
Title: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the World, Author: Vannesa Pitts
Title: Outstanding Sportsman's Biography: Michael Jordan, Author: Nevaeh Melancon
Title: Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout: The Speediest Car on the Road, Author: Victor Appleton
Title: Dalai Lama: A Biography, Author: Tisha Pond
Title: 100 Famous Women from Around the World, Author: Estefania Wenger
Title: In Search of the Okapi: A Story of Adventure in Central Africa, Author: Ernest Glanville
Title: Tools of War: History of Weapons in Ancient Times, Author: Syed Ramsey
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Title: Heidi (World Classics, Unabridged), Author: Johanna Spyri
Title: Little Dorrit (World Classics, Unabridged), Author: Charles Dickens
Title: History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1991 and its dissolution, Author: Terra Pitta

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